Triple G Series

TripleG series is the print unit of the Me4 Initiatives. All media are based on the real life issues encountered during counselling and are woven into stories that motivate, enlighten, encourage, empower and entertain the readers. It’s been discovered that stories have a unique way of driving salient points home better than any preaching or counselling ever does. People see better in pictures! No wonder Nollywood, Bollywood and Hollywood are multi trillion businesses.

triple g

The Triple G Series simply means Great, Gratifying and Godly Literature.

In a world where godless materials that do nothing to promote our faith and beliefs abound, the Triple G Series seeks to provide a viable alternative. Three of such books, SECRET PASSION, SECRET ANGUISH and THE HORRIBLE SECRET are published and marketed by Me4 Communications. The print version is currently out of print but the e-book version is available through the Shop.

The first two titles were solely written by Kemi Odutayo while she co-authored the the third one, THE HORRIBLE SECRET with her co-author, Taiwo Aroyehun who is a fantastic and budding fiction writer.

Triple G Series as an initiative also seeks to encourage budding authors whose vision and core values are in line with the Me4 Initiatives, by bringing their works to limelight.