listen up

#ListenUpNG is a weekly mentoring event on twitter which came live on the social media in January 2015. Men and women of faith, experience and expertise in their area of influence were invited on board to coach and mentor the audience on real life issues we daily encounter in relationships.

Relationships in this context goes beyond the male-female relationship. It includes our relationships with our fellow men(colleagues, friends, subordinates, in-laws, children, spouse etc), our nation(being a responsible citizen) and God.

This mentoring event has also evolved to featured #RandomGist. Here, Kemi Odutayo via her twitter handles @KemiOdutayo and @Me4Counselling tweet on current and pressing issues in the society, relating to relationships.

#ListenUpNG holds every Friday by 4PM GMT +1 for a duration of 60mins. Participants are encouraged to engage our guests in conversation during and after their sessions. Questions, comments, retweets, mentions etc are also encouraged to help clarify their(participants) concern.

#ListenUpNG is for everyone above 15years of age.

The topics discussed are for the Just married, Singles, Parents and other niche specified.

To Participate

  1. Follow the host on twitter @KemiOdutayo  twitter
  2. Log on to twitter every Friday by 4pm to join the conversation

If you missed the live tweetcast, just search for the #ListenUpNG on twitter, read, comment, ask your question and retweet.