Secret Passion

secret passion


This book is dedicated to singles and depicts what single men and women go through in the search for a life partner. It teaches practical and contemporary methods of handling yourself in a male-female relationship.

It pays to read about your secret passion before you experience it. Don't be caught off-guard!


The society we live in can be tough on women who are of marriageable age but still single. It is especially worse when the woman is a bible believing Christian and her family and the society expect her to bring a man home.

This is the story of Dolapo, a woman in her mid thirties, who found God and decided to worship Him with her life.

She yearned to find the man God promised her. There were pressures and temptations and marriage prospects from men but Dolapo was unsure. Even when Segun came along, she loved in secret, afraid to let it show for different reasons. Then work took Segun away from town…….


" Don't you understand? Apart from the fact that I don't love you in that way, I have to be convinced within me that you are the man meant for me and I'm not." She tried to make him understand.

Discomfort prickled her neckline and she wondered how she got herself into this situation.

He continued to plead with her. His hand played over her back urging, cradling and seeking. Suddenly, as if he was possessed, he grabbed and kissed her on her slightly parted lips - lips parted in surprise. He forced her lips further apart. It was the kiss of a desperate man. She could feel how fast his heart was beating under her palms pushing against his chest.

She realized he teetered dangerously close to losing control completely. She clutched at the hands holding her so fiercely but to no avail. She then dealt him a blow by the side of his face and felt his hold on her slacken and she was free. He looked at her in a daze.

“Are you out of your mind? Can't you take NO for an answer?” She said through gritted teeth, rubbing her already bruised lips, slightly swollen from his forceful kiss.

He looked as flustered and as shocked by what just happened as she was. She felt sorry for him. His eyes were hard and filled with frustration. He felt there was no point talking to her any farther. He was confused, miserable and felt as guilty as hell. He knew he deserved the slap. His stomach coiled. His head throbbed. What have I done? He wouldn't have believed himself capable of such an unruly display of emotion. His face contorted with pain.

“Tunji, are you alright? I'm so sorry but…"

“Get out of my car before I do something I will eternally regret!" He said it so coldly that she scrambled out quickly.

She watched as he fired the engine and zoomed off at a neck-breaking speed.

Review by Omiko Awa

FED up of her excesses, Dolapo turns a new leaf, leads a new lifestyle and moves closer to her God. She accepts the precepts of Jesus Christ and maintains the Christian tenets. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sodipe, were initially not bothered about this change, but become apprehensive when at 35, the men that used to visit their daughter, Dolapo, had stopped coming; yet, no one insight to hold, as a potential suitor. They are eager to see Dolapo give them a grandchild, as they are getting no younger any more.

Dolapo’s firmness to her belief gets to the point that her boss in the office, who uses her as a bait to get contracts from his numerous male friends like the parents wish she returns to her old lifestyle for the gains — car, marriage and other pleasures — which the likes of Mr. Demola, a man about town, is promising. Standing at a crossroad the lady takes her plight to God in prayers. She fervently prays for hours until she gets the assurance that her saviour and guide has answered her pleas. But was her prayers truly answered?

The 176-page thriller written by Kemi Odutayo and the first in the Me4 Communication Triple G Series lucidly unwinds the challenges matured singles face before marriage.

Hunted by his failed past relationship, where he had allowed his flesh instead of the spirit of God to lead him to propose marriage to a sister, Segun treads with caution with Dolapo; a lady whose virtues matches his. They met by chance and ever since he has not let her go of his mind; though he observes her from a distance. Learning from his past mistakes, Segun presents the matter to God in prayers. Both develop fondness for each other without showing it until Segun summons courage to tell his secret admirer, his desires.

An answer to Dolapo’s earlier prayers, Segun truly is. Though, she would have missed him, had she allowed the pressure mounted on her, by the society, family and friends, take the better side of her. In fact, the daredevil almost made Tunji, a brother in the Church, who was infatuated with her, to derail the wish of God for her, but God delivered her from him.

Secret Passion tells the youth that the period of waiting should not be dedicated to grooming body beauty alone, but to develop the inner beauty, build career, make positive impacts, move much closer to God and plan for the future.

Creatively linking each phase together, Kemi through Segun depicts how mature Christians could bring up young ones through exemplary lifestyle and correcting those involve in secret and open sins with love. She also unveils that the youth need mentors that would expose the dangers of their excesses to them. This, she shows with Anne, a professed Christian who wanting to be like others, lusts after Tolu, one of the twins, who seizes the opportunity of his elder brother’s absence to cohabit with her in his brother’s apartment. Caught in the act, Tolu had expected the worst from his elder brother, Segun, who through love, brotherly counsel and exemplary lifestyle makes the two lovebirds learn that sex is meant to be consummated in marriage and doing it outside of it, means incurring God’s wrath and bringing harm to themselves.

Despite man’s weakness to sin, Kemi admonishes her readers to avoid trading on danger zones as such areas could lead to perpetual fears and future regrets. She also cautions the youth against allowing the fear of tomorrow and the unknown to rule their lives or make them give to the demands of the flesh as an assurance to overcoming such fears or protecting their tomorrow. She upholds that premarital sex is not a guarantee to marriage, but an avenue to sow seed of hatred and sadness.

The 176-page thriller serves as a guide for matured singles to make the right choice in marriage. It urges this class of singles to put their trust on God, irrespective of their age, because with God no time is late.

Secret Passion fills the gap between a secular romance and a religious novel. The storyline is simple and clear. In fact, Kemi’s lucid style of writing would make readers to see each chapter as a moving picture with the characters coming so really and captivating that you may not want to drop the book till you finish it.

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This novel, secret passion has really touched and blessed me. I really love the book 0706450964

I’ve read both books by Kemi Odutayo i.e Secret Passion and Secret Anguish. I greatly appreciate the story lines and the Christian values and teachings. Keep up the good work and God bless you. - 0803078566

I just finished reading the Secret Passion. It’s a great blessing to me. Just wanted to ask when the next edition is coming out?- 0803064036

I want to appreciate God in your life for this book, Secret Passion. It was my Christmas gift and has been a comfort to my broken heart. The almighty God will increase your anointing.0813010153

I read your book; Secret Passion and was blessed beyond what words can express. I know I can’t miss it maritally. I am reading Secret Anguish now. God bless you! 0807650382

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