Me4 Communications as the name depicts is a communication company involved in publishing, marketing and sales of books, communication accessories. It is fully registered under the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) and was initially set up to publish the Triple G Series; books written by the Founder/CEO, Kemi Odutayo.

Our Vision: To help people build healthy relationships.

Our Mission: To publish, publicize, market and distribute materials in print and digital formats that motivates, enlightens, empowers, encourages and entertain the society especially as regards relationships.

Our Core Values: Compassion, Love, Integrity, Persistence, Simplicity

Social Media Manager

Now, from the comfort of your room, you can leverage on your social media platforms and impact your life and those around you positively. Again, i say, here is where my team and i at Me4 Communications come in. We are here to make it happen for you!

We take the daily stress of managing your social media accounts off you! We also train you to be better equipped to manage them yourself if you so desired. With our help, we help you maximise your time, give you the much needed online visibility, ultimately exposing you and your activities, businesses and services to your prospective clients or audience. Your success (sales) is our ultimate goal! We are your social media managers!

THE AIM OF SMM:Our aim is to offer qualitative support service for your Social media platforms. We promise to save you valuable time, take the stress off you so you can focus on your business and other equally important activities that you simply love!

OUR MISSION: We plan TO EXPOSE YOU AND WHAT YOU DO, be it your business, ministry or NGO. WE will be posting (on Facebook and Instagram) and tweeting (on twitter), tailored content for your audience via your social media accounts.


Instagram Bio Package

Developing a magnetic bio on INSTAGRAM that is sure to make you stand out from the pack!

Features include:

  • Setting up a powerful profile
  • Preparing and setting up your insta stories. Your audience are sure to follow your stories and emotionally connect with you. Your profile visit will definitely increase as more people check out your page which happens to be your ‘online shop/office’.
  • Setting up the highlights of your page and website to subtly direct your target audience to key areas e.g your current promo, products or event in your page/website
  • Professionally designed and customised highlight covers to suit your product/services.




ALSO BY SPECIAL REQUEST: We can also help to:

a. Open a linktree account to showcase the content of your website in easily accessible links via your instagram page i.e. at least 5 strategic links on your bio that can easily be clicked on to access your website or other social media accounts.

b. To link your linktree account to your instagram account. This will be visibly showcased on your bio for easy access for your prospective clients. You can equally have this on your instagram bio.

Special Package on Instagram (only for Corporate Organisations)

A post per day for 30 days on Instagram.

In addition to the regular posting, we will take the entire stress off you by:

  1. Developing content
  2. Designing picture images to post
  3. Posting inspirational quote in line with your feed
  4. Open a linktree account to showcase the content of your website in easily accessible links via your instagram page
  5. Help you link your linktree account to your instagram account. This will be visibly showcased on your bio for easy access to your prospective clients
  6. Maximally utilise Highlights and Stories on your Instagram page
  7. Advice and assist with online adverts and promo
  8. Generate hashtags that’s sure to aid your visibility
  9. Monitor your insights and engagements and call your attention to enquiriesAnd much more.* We will derive most of your content from materials given to us by you. Our Research & Development team will also be actively involved to source content in your peculiar field. (Terms and Conditions Applies).

    * We will also, on our own, generate the daily posts (subject to your approval and the materials sent to us) for the whole 30 days

Package Cost: N49,999

Combo Package

  • A post per day for 30 days FOR PERSONAL ACCOUNTS on TWITTER, INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK: N34,999
  • A post per day for 30 days FOR NGO , SME & CORPORATE ACCOUNTS on TWITTER, INSTAGRAM & FACEBOOK: N49,999


Single package

A post per day for 30 days FOR PERSONAL ACCOUNTS on:

  • Twitter Only ~ N9,999
  • Facebook Only~ N14,999
  • Insta Only ~ N14,999

A post per day for 30 days FOR NGO ,SME & CORPORATE ACCOUNTS on:

  • Twitter Only ~ N14,999
  • Facebook Only~ N19,999
  • Insta Only ~ N19,999


2-Day Personalised Social Media Management Training For Beginners At Your Convenience

At Me4 Communications, we can teach you to fish by training you or your staff the rudiments of how to manage your social media accounts to gain the online visibility to strategically position you to meet your target.

NOTE: A whooping 50% discount applies for training a group of 4 

Time: 10am – 3pm daily (Days and time on your schedule can be negotiated)

This is for persons that will like to learn the rudiments of opening and managing their instagram and twitter accounts by themselves. Or you may want to send in one of your staff for training so they can take over the management for you.

Training Cost: N49,999

T & C: Me4 Communications reserves the right to amend it's services and prices/fees whenever necessary.