Your Time: A Valuable Investment!

Time is a resource! A very valuable one at that, if well invested in our relationships. Everybody have a Primary Love Language; one that is sure to hit their soft spot whenever 'spoken' in the relationship. It is in our best interest not only to know ours but that of our person(s) of interest(POI) as well if we want to enjoy a deeper level of intimacy and happiness in our relationships!

Principally, we have five major LOVE LANGUAGES – Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, Quality Time and lastly, Receiving of Gifts. If spending Quality time with him/her is your person of interest's love language, you have to be ready to sacrifice your time to be with him/her.

Quality Time is not necessarily in the number of hours devoted to the person(s) of interest(POI). It is rather the level of attention shown in your time spent together. Exclusive of distraction like answering of phone calls, conference calls, watching a football match on tv, chatting with friends, watching Tele Novellas/Super Story etc

Take for instance if you are a career oriented spouse, fiance(e) or even parents, that have limited time at your disposal. It is essential you make that time count if you want to establish a greater level of intimacy in your relationship! Let him/her know they take priority over all other commitments or obligations you may have.

Till my next post where I will be talking about the last LOVE LANGUAGE, pleeeease MIND YOUR LANGUAGE! (MYL)

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