You wanna propose or accept a proposal?

Hi everyone! Happy Mothers’ Day! Yes, my goodwill message goes to everyone! Lol! Mothers, prospective mums and all men that have been touched positively by one woman or the other in their lifetime.

This post will round up a series of posts that I have dedicated to our Singles thus far. In consequent posts we will be examining what marriage is and I believe this will benefit both Singles and Married alike.

Today’s post enumerate the most essential ‘thing’ you need if you are thinking of popping the question or accepting that marriage proposal. And this is CONFIDENCE! My mentor couldn’t have put this important criterion; confidence in a better light. Do read on!

Confidence is a belief in one’s own or another’s abilities. It is also defined as faith or absolute trust. We rise or fall to the level of our confidence. Confidence attracts miracles. It attracts the right kind of people into our lives. It enables us to attempt great things. And when we attempt great things we achieve great things. On the other hand, fear, worry and doubt are ingredients of failure. They attract negative people and negative circumstances into our lives. They guarantee defeat.

To build confidence, you must get rid of fear, worry and doubt.
You see, those who talk with confidence get meaningful results. For prayers to be effective, it has to be said in faith or confidence. Confidence commands the flow of God’s supernatural power on our behalf.

The enemy of confidence is inferiority complex. Once we perceive ourselves as being inferior to others or to situations and circumstances, we become victims. You are not a victim, you are a victor. You are created in the image of God. You have the God-given ability to overcome every challenge. Whatever is confronting you today, rise up and confront it.

Now, to build confidence, the first thing to do is to live right before God. If your lifestyle is right with God, nothing can harass you.
Perhaps you may have done something wrong and you are feeling guilty. All you need to do is ask for forgiveness from God and who ever you may have wronged. Forget those past mistakes and move on.

Another key to confidence is The presence of God.
Knowing that God is with you boosts your confidence just like when a child knows that his father is standing right behind him. God’s presence makes it impossible for you to be scared. It gives you courage to dare things you would not dare under normal circumstances. Let the presence of God become more real to you today, than the presence of your spouse, children or friends. Talk to God today, He is your very present help in the time of trouble.

Another key to confidence is the knowledge of God.
The more you discover about God, the stronger your confidence grows. When He makes a promise, it is inevitable that the promise will come to pass. What looks like an impossible situation to you is a very cheap case for God. He makes a way where there seems to be no way. He can turn your lack into abundance.

Fear is one of the enemies of faith or confidence.
Do not expect the worst to happen. Expect the best. God has not given you the spirit of fear but of love, of power and a sound mind.

Another enemy of confidence is worry.
Worry ruins people’s health and leads some to suicide. EVERY CHALLENGE IN YOUR LIFE IS AN OPPORTUNITY FOR A MIRACLE. The more you worry, the farther miracles move away from you because without faith or confidence, it is impossible to please God.

Finally, dominate your doubts.
Doubts are not altogether bad. They bring caution and lead to careful examination of the facts at hand. However, we must not allow doubts to become mountains in our minds, paralyzing our initiative. Doubts can be destructive. Eradicate doubts by focusing on the word of God about your situation. Act on your dreams. Do the things that you are afraid to do, but which you know will lead to your breakthrough. God is on your side. Take the giant step.
You will succeed

Sam Adeyemi

So Singles, do you have it? Guys, do you have the confidence to go ahead and pop the question after reading this? Ladies, do you have the confidence to say ‘Yes’ believing God is with you? If your answer is yes, please go right ahead and God will honor your commitment! But if after having read this post and given yourself time to pray, your answer is ‘No’, I will advice you break it off.

Friends, let’s note however, that this post doesn’t apply to Singles alone! We all have need of CONFIDENCE! As this month of March comes to an end today, let’s not stop marching towards our goals!

Till my next post…let your confidence be in God!

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