You wanna endear yourself to wifey ? (1)

Hello everyone! My last post on how to endear the heart of your hubby was quite popular especially among my male readers! I guess most of them wanted to be sure the points stated can really work on them! Lol!
It was nice getting all the nice feedbacks and I decided, hey, won't it be nice to do a follow up? And write on how the husbands can easily endear themselves to their wives! In this post I will try and give hubbies a sneak peek into their spouses' psyches as it relates to lovemaking. I hope hubbies will take special note.As we earlier established the number one reason for infidelity in men is sex but this is not so with women! Men can be easily moved through sex or anything visual that suggests sex eg. Porn, nude pics etc. Again, not so with women!If you truly want to emotionally connect to a woman, wife or not, the quickest way to reach her is through her feelings, thoughts & desires using words and actions with deliberate intent. We, women, process love through our emotions and instincts. Though facts and logical reasoning are equally important to us, making us feel good aids the acceptance of these 'facts'.*rolling my eyes* Ever heard the saying in Yoruba that, 'inu didun lo n mu ori ya?' Literally meaning 'a merry heart is a great motivator!' That is the exact case with women.The subject of sex cannot be over flogged! Women don't have sex as their number one priority like men do except for some few exceptions. Our heart and brain are our major sex organs. When we perceive all is well with our world, sex becomes a thing to be enjoyed; a source of intense pleasure! However, if our feelings have been hurt either by your talking down on us or shouting at us or we just had an argument and we feel our point of view are considered highly irrelevant, or you didn't stand up for us with your family etc. The list is endless! These marital conflicts, if not wisely and maturedly handled, kill our spirit and consequently make any form of intimacy especially SEX repulsive and un welcomed! It becomes something to be avoided at all cost! A chore that you just have to psyche yourself as a woman to go through with gritted teeth and bated breath waiting for hubby to get it over with! An act of marital RAPE! Oh yes! Some women feel that strongly about it! No wonder most men thought women are not interested in sex!
Take it from me, we are very much interested! Sex is enjoyable especially when it's guilt-free; done in the context of marriage. It's the highest form of intimacy between a man and his wife; a re enactment of the covenant entered into the day they both said 'I do'! When you hear a woman make a statement like, 'Is sex food?' Or she refers to sex as 'much ado about nothing', take it as an indication that things are not totally 'ok' in her world. It doesn't necessarily mean you are not doing 'it' right so don't take it personally. It just means there are other things about her you need to pay attention to.
I once read a book titled 'Men are like waffles and Women are like spaghetti' by Bill and Pam Farrel. Take a minute to think about it. A woman's life, just like a man's comprises of several spheres. Whereas, men find it easy to 'compartmentalised' their lives; I mean they process life in boxes! Men's thinking is divided up into boxes that have space for one issue at a time.
Not so with women. Every aspect of our lives is intertwined. We process life like a plate of spaghetti! Spaghetti is made up of lots of individual noodles that all touch one another. It takes an exceptionally disciplined and professional breed of women, and I assure this percentage is below 5, that can attain this level of detachment as the male counter parts. Guys, this is just how we are wired and why we are typically better at multitasking than you are!
So guys, do you want to enjoy a satisfying sex life with wifey? You want a love-making that is out of this world? Lol? When and where you want it? Then it will pay you to understand her reasoning about sex. No amount of time devoted to foreplay can do the trick!
To learn and read more on how to make her continue to profess her undying love for you, look out for my next few posts. Till then…I will like to hear your feedbacks especially from the ladies. Ladies, let's do this together! You can drop your comments, experiences anonymously or contact me via my twitter handle @kemi_odutayo. What do you want your hubby to know that will help your sex life?
You can also send me a text via 08070990856 to ask for my BB Pin or email address. I will also entertain comments, questions etc from my male readers! Its the dawn of a new day. We shall enjoy a blissful marriage in Jesus name!

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