Why I write!


Hi friends! Welcome back. Yesterday I posted the Forward of my book – SECRET PASSION – written by my ‘mum’ Nike Adeyemi.

Today I present the First Words from the author (yours truly) lol!


It is my desire to pen words that will make a difference in the lives of my readers. Basically, i share my thoughts, insights and revelations. I try to relay meaningful experiences while at the same time challenge my readers to stretch and grow.

My words are meant to be thought provoking;driving us to examine our lives in the light of the love of God so that we might seek to change the course of our lives.

I strongly believe that significant changes in lifestyles don’t only come via what we often call ‘Serious Books’. Changes can come sometimes when we least expect them;they can certainly come while you are Resting, Relaxing and Reading Fictions(Novels) too!

So, in the Triple G Series(Great, Gratifying and Godly) I strive to dramatize the Good News by presenting it as it relates to our everyday life.

In SECRET PASSION specifically, I try to present the heart of God on how to deal with the secret passions, desires and fears Single men and ladies experience in relationship be it in courtship or mere friendship.


I’m just adding this in this post. In case you are interested in getting copies of my books (which I hope you are ) I will be posting the names of some of the bookshops where you can get them in my next post.

Till we meet again, let’s live a life that counts!

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