Wants To Be Heard? Speak Louder With Actions! (MYL 102)

Hello friends! Wow! Its nice to be here again! We are still on our series MIND YOUR LANGUAGE(MYL). If you truly want a lasting relationship with others, paying particular attention to how you communicate your feelings, observations, advice, criticisms etc is key!

Today, we will be examining the Love Language, ACTS OF SERVICE! If you want to be heard and wants a better intimacy, especially with someone whose love language is the ACTS OF SERVICE, talking about it is not enough! YOU HAVE TO SHOW IT BY YOUR ACTIONS!

You have to consciously and continually look out for services you can render to assist your person of interest. Things you can do for he/she to ease his/her path. Doing this, I bet you, whenever he/she remembers that particular deed, tender thoughts of you are inevitable!

What is your spouse's LOVE LANGUAGE? You want to get closer to your sibling, parent, colleague, friend etc ? Find out their Love Language and 'speak' accordingly! Surprise them by speaking their 'dialect' and you will be surprised at the outcome!

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