This Is My Story!

Hello friends! 23rd of December, 2014 was my birthday and my 14th wedding anniversary. I went down memory lane and I discovered it has been God all along and all the way!

Find below the compilation of the  tweets I posted on twitter on that faithful day. It is my story. I hope it will bless you as much as I felt blessed tweeting them.

1)Wonderful morning folks! It’s #MyBirthday. I have always love new beginnings and I see 2day as one. Its also my 14th Wedding Anniversary! Yippee!

2)New beginnings – A chance to start all over again. I always covet this. Not only for me but for others too! #MyBirthday

3)New beginnings – a time to correct mistakes and retrace steps taken in the wrong direction. Times like these are precious #MyBirthday

4)I desire it for all that have messed up in one way or the other. For their messes to turn into messges #ANewBeginning #MyBirthday

5)A new beginning to turn our tests into testimonies and our trials into triumphs. That’s why I love every Jan 1st too!  #MyBirthday

6)I have always believed your birthday is the most impt day of your life. I guess that’s why it’s often accompanied with much fanfare! #MyBirthday

7) Peeps! Not anymore! The best gift u can give me today #MyBirthday is 2read & RTs these tweets

8)I was ‘cured’ of this belief by a nameless&faceless guy that sat in front of me in class one day, decades ago  #MyBirthday

9)He asked me a question that changed the course of my life forever! This happened in 1990! #MyBirthday

10)I have always believed myself to be a Christian from a Christian home. Though my mum used to be a Muslim #MyBirthday

11)My mum was the daughter of an Alhaji! An Alhaji with seven wives! You can imagine, all hell broke loose #MyBirthday @Bunmi_Sobowale

12)Through thick and thin, my parents stuck together. But are now ‘true’ Christians for they now know who they believe #MyBirthday

13)Unlike then when they were Christians in name only. Mere church goers. This is my story! #MyBirthday @iamisaacola

14)That was my background. Then came the era of being ‘Born Again’ #MyBirthday @olatunjiLegend @Grace_Festus @NikeAdedokun @AlrightsPassion

15)I made sure I raised my hand at any gathering where altar call were made just to justify my Christianity #MyBirthday @Yemisi_Akere

16)And so I sail through life ready to defend and even fight anyone that want to insinuate that am not a ‘true’ Christian #MyBirthday @4LaH

17)I was ready to justify myself by the number of times I have answered the call and given my life to Christ #MyBirthday @titithedynamite

18a)Until that faithful day! The day I met the faceless and nameless young guy in class #MyBirthday @praisefowowe

18b)He turned to me and engaged me in a polite conversation. Few minutes later, he asked the question #MyBirthday @fobayomi @LANIOA

19)”Excuse me. Pls are you born again? Do you know Jesus as your Lord and saviour?” #MyBirthday @iamemekanobis @stephenakintayo @yomitheprof

20)Oh oh! I thought to myself. I was ready for him. I was ready with my answer. I told him boldly, “YES” @ayodaniels @AkoniAraba @DDAdejumo

21)He wanted to know if I’m sure of my salvation. I told him av done it over and over again not to be sure. Lol! #MyBirthday @LagosMums

22)He asked me what I understand by being ‘Born-Again’. I told him it’s a spiritual phenomenon of a new birth #MyBirthday @PGwins @PGeeman

23)He was pleased! He then asked when it occurred and what led me to that experience.
#MyBirthday @solaadio @sisi_OPE @LLynn_J @LagosMum

24)That was when he lost me! I was tongue-tied. Couldn’t remember any occurrence or experience that led 2it #MyBirthday @iambankole @JimiTewe

25)He noticed my agitation. He asked when #MyBirthday was. Without hesitation, I told him 23rd of Dec @sam_adeyemi @NikeAdeyemi @FFAdejumo

26)He asked softly, “which do u think is more impt? Your physical birth or your spiritual birth?” #MyBirthday @pastorbolaji @yinkanubi

27)I know it’s my spiritual birth because without it am doomed. I knew I was a sinner #MyBirthday @SuperBidemsy @SuperSoulLifter

28)I was a sinner.  You are too! Not just by virtue of the sins you commit but by the mere fact that you are born #MyBirthday @trueonyinye

29)I know that by a man, sin came 2the world and we inherited it #MyBirthday @samosalau @IAmSteveHarris @praisefowowe @TosinFowowe @akanski

30)And I know also that by another man, Jesus, God has made provision to restore us back to himself #MyBirthday @PRAISEWORLD_  @omojuwa

31)Back to story. I know there and then I have to make a genuine commitment to Christ. Enough of all the self justification #MyBirthday

32)I made the decision right there and then! I was convicted! My faceless and nameless ‘friend’ prayed with me #MyBirthday @Bukkyshonibare

33)I received Christ that day and I never forgot the experience. The soul searching. The genuine commitment. The peace #MyBirthday @Sunmbo

34)My desire to know more about my new birth increased. My hunger to know about my new father intensified #MyBirthday @DavidOAdeoye @Apexlaw

35)I know He wrote a lot of letters packaged in a book known as the scriptures; The Bible in modern day term #MyBirthday @DeleAgbogun

36)I believe you can get to know a person (that is not physically present) via his/her writtings and the work of his/her hands #MyBirthday

37)So my journey with my heavenly father began! I learnt from His book that am a new born baby in the family #MyBirthday @tundeadisa3

38)I need to grow! I learnt I shouldn’t be discourage by my teething pains. It will pass #MyBirthday @uwabeloved @gogbechie2 @Jedishola

39)I learnt I need a clean environment if I must avoid infections. I therefore pick my friends with care #MyBirthday @LadyAriyike @opy_bee

40)I learnt I will sometimes fall flat on my face in my bid to walk as a toddler. But it’s a necessary part of growth #MyBirthday…

41)I learnt that as I grow, I will need more than the ‘milk of the WORD’ for sustenance. I prepared for weaning #MyBirthday @HenshawKate

42)I learnt to eat meat and crush the bones of the WORD. To pick out bones from the fish of the WORD so I won’t choke on them #MyBirthday

43)Am still learning! Still growing my spiritual muscles! Not for my father, God! But 4 myself! #MyBirthday @SuperGirlTimidi @LaraKudayisi

44)I am already accepted in the beloved! He died 4me when I was still a sinner. I put on His righteousness daily #MyBirthday @dehighflyers

45)Living an holy life is not to seek God’s approval! Rather, it’s to grow 2d full stature of manhood like the first born Jesus #MyBirthday

46)It’s to have maturity so you won’t be toss to and fro by every wind of doctrine! This can only come via the study of His Word #MyBirthday

47)It’s so you won’t be cheated out of your inheritance. Those things that have been freely given to us #MyBirthday

48)It’s so we will not remain ignorant of our rights and privileges in our new family #MyBirthday @Nadesanya @gaisebaba @Funto_I

49)It’s so we won’t live as slaves even though we are princes and princesses, heirs to the throne! #MyBirthday @mayokunoreofe @olorisupergal

50)Gal 4:1-3 says it all! “Now I say that the heir, as long as he is a child, does not differ at all from a slave… #MyBirthday @TolaSeedy

51)…though he is master of all, but is under guardians and stewards until the time appointed by the father #MyBirthday @RSegundada

52)Even so we, when we were children, were in bondage under the elements of the world” #MyBirthday @hephzyone @oluwoleinspires @BukkiLabel

53)So, friends! The best gift you can give me today, my birthday is to retweet these tweets
#MyBirthday @iamisaacola @titithedynamite

54)Join me in winning more souls into the Kingdom of our dear Lord. I am truly yours, a sinner saved by grace! #MyBirthday @IjeomaAjibola

55)And a big shout out to my hubby @KayodeOdutayo on this #MyBirthday that doubles as #OurWeddingAnniversary Many more blissful years ahead!

56) And above all, Daddy, it could only have been you on my side, on our side! To you I give all the praise, honour and adoration! #MyBirthday

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‘Kemi Odutayo, a graduate of University of Lagos, Nigeria is a Practitioner of NLP, a blogger, an author, a counselor and a media consultant. She is the Head of Operations, Me4 Communications, a publishing, marketing and communications outfit specializing in publishing books/eBooks, managing and offering training for social media accounts for individuals and organizations. Kemi and her husband of many years, Kayode Odutayo have a beautiful family blessed with three lovely children.