Hi friends! Recently, I was privileged to do a tweetcast on the platform of #BreakingBarriers, a motivational initiative on twitter. See below a compilation of the tweets. I believe it will be a blessing to you. Do read and reflect on them. It will change your perspective about life, about ‘WHO YOU ARE’, ‘WHOSE YOU ARE’ and your place in the big picture! It changed mine! THE POWER OF IDENTITY.

1/Good evening everyone! I count it a privilege being on #BreakingBarriers Thanks to @dayus4heaven for the invite

2/I pray via this tweetcast, we will be #BreakingBarriers in our minds and come to realise that WE ARE LIMITLESS

3/Our topic today on #BreakingBarriers is the POWER OF IDENTITY. I urge that we follow with an open mind and SEE what we need to know

4/I will like to start with this quote from Lao Tzu ~ “Knowing others is intelligence. Knowing yourself is true wisdom…#BreakingBarriers

5/Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power”. #BreakingBarriers requires knowledge and wisdom

6/When it comes to #BreakingBarriers in our lives, we need to know who we are! WHO ARE YOU?

6b/Do you know JACKIE CHAN? The actor with the death defying stunts and hilarious moments…

7/Until you know who you are, you can’t begin to master your uniqueness or harness your innate power #BreakingBarriers

8/WHO YOU ARE is literally your IDENTITY! It is the distinguishing characteristic/personality of an individual #BreakingBarriers

9/Knowing your identity is the beginning of your journey in fulfilling your life purpose #BreakingBarriers

10/Oh yes! You exist for a purpose! Your life is too small to be the whole essence of your existence #BreakingBarriers

11/Your IDENTITY is closely linked to your SELF-IMAGE(the image you have of yourself)… BreakingBarriers

12/…SELF-ESTEEM(how you feel about yourself)…#BreakingBarriers

13/…and SELF RESPECT(how you treat yourself) BreakingBarriers

14/Note this, the knowledge of who you are will not only determine the level of your authority and influence… #BreakingBarriers

15/It will also determine your mastery of self! Don’t work with people’s opinion of who you are! #BreakingBarriers

16/Embark on a journey of self-discovery! If you don’t know who you are, people will label you anyhow #BreakingBarriers

17/An understanding of your identity gives you a picture of your future! That is the power of identity! Vision. #BreakingBarriers

18/It is unfortunate that in this part of the world, the journey of self-discovery is seen as a frivolous pursuit by some #BreakingBarriers

19/Psychologist Abraham Maslow explains why. He defined a hierarchy of needs, with the particular revelation that… #BreakingBarriers

20/…when lower level needs are not met, then higher-level needs will be abandoned in favor of shoring up the deeper needs #BreakingBarriers


21/We can clearly see that the upper three levels are about the person and their sense of self; your IDENTITY #BreakingBarriers

22/This is in contrast to the bottom two levels, which are about control and survival! Which majority are still battling with #BreakingBarriers

23/My encouragement this evening is, YOU ARE MORE THAN THIS! There is a higher purpose and it is linked to your identity #BreakingBarriers

24/Want to be #BreakingBarriers? See how…It starts in your mind. With your belief. With your mindset. With who/what you believe yourself to be #BreakingBarriers

25/Who you are is related to where you came from! You are a creation of a creator! #BreakingBarriers

26/All things have the same components and essence as their source ~ Myles Munroe #BreakingBarriers

27/I believe in God and so should you! Lol! The evidence is just too glaring! He is the creator of the universe. Even you! #BreakingBarriers

28/Want to know your identity? Go to God. He created you! He knows your purpose and uniqueness #BreakingBarriers

29/Even the ‘Bing-Bang’ would have been caused by a greater being! #BreakingBarriers

30/In the good book, when God wanted plant he spoke to the dirt

31/When He wanted fish, He spoke to the waters #BreakingBarriers

32/When He wanted animals, He spoke to the ground #BreakingBarriers

33/Whatever He spoke to became the source of the creation. But guess what? When God wanted to create you and i, He spoke to Himself! #BreakingBarriers

34/Voilà! You and I came out of God and so we bear His image and likeness. Some of His potentials are in us! #BreakingBarriers

35/Our potentials are much greater than who/ what we are at the moment. We can accomplish great feats. Believe it! #BreakingBarriers

36/Friends, not only are things composed of that from which they came from… #BreakingBarriers

37/…they must also remain attached to that source in order to live! #BreakingBarriers

38/So, if you want to know your true identity, look to God your source. Stop believing what people are calling you #BreakingBarriers

39/Stop believing the lies of the devil that you won’t amount to anything; that you are a failure, a nonentity etc #BreakingBarriers

40/Who we are; our identity depends on what our creator sees. We have to align ourselves to see as He sees

41/Natural parameters and your five senses are too inadequate to measure who you are! #BreakingBarriers

42/Your identity is not derived from what you do or have done. Not from your possessions or achievements! #BreakingBarriers

43/Neither is it defined by what had happened to you or what people have called you! You are not a failure nor a mistake! #BreakingBarriers

44/You are who God says you are and there is power in that knowledge. What you believe is what you become #BreakingBarriers

45/Don’t define your identity by your educational background, social status or your family background #BreakingBarriers

46/You are WIP! (work in progress) Don’t give up on yourself cos God has not given up on your! #BreakingBarriers

47/Dare to belief you are who God says you are! Work at it! If you have it on the inside, it’s only a matter of time! #BreakingBarriers

48/And so, the power of identity is the capability to achieve purpose based on the knowledge of who your maker says you are!

49/Thanks so much @dayus4heaven for having me on #BreakingBarriers. It’s an honour!

50/ And thank you all for following and retweeting! We will discover purpose and impart our generation for good & for God! #BreakingBarriers

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