The Gift And The Giver.

Hi, KOB readers! In case you're wondering *winking* KOB is my acronym for Kemi Odutayo's Blog! Lol! Yes, am back. Making up for lost time I guess.

Today, I will be talking about the last but definitely not the least of the Love Languages – Receiving of Gifts! If this is your love language or that of your spouse, fiance(e), friend, employer, child, colleague etc, receiving of gifts will definitely touch your hearts like no other gesture does!

The gift(s) may not necessarily be expensive! It might not even make much sense to those around you; probably an offshoot of an inside joke. But just the thought of the giver having you in mind to warrant such a gift is aphrodisiac!

To ensure the closeness you desire in your relationships, be sure to know your own love language and let it be subtly communicated to your loved ones. And if 'receiving of gifts' is your person of interest's (POI) love language, you will have to do your 'homework' very well. This will ensure you continue to surprise him/her with thoughtful gifts that are sure to communicate your love and commitment to the relationship.

I have really tried to explain these LOVE LANGUAGES as simply as I can. These posts are by no means exhaustive on the subject matter. They only serve as pointers towards discovering yours and that of your person(s) of interest's Love Language.


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