Saying it as it is! (MYL 101)

Hi friends! Yeah, we are still on the topic : Mind Your Language and today we will be discussing AFFIRMATION as a Love Language. I tagged it MYL 101!

To have an enjoyable and cordial relationship, be it romantic or otherwise, we need to 'mind' this language – Affirmation! You need to find out if this is one of your spouse's (or any person you are relating with at that point in time) love language. If it is, it will be in your best interest to learn and 'mind' how to use this for effective communication.

Affirming someone is not just limited to uttering words of affirmation. It also reflects in your overt support and encouragement given to him/her. To affirm, even if the person is in the wrong, you don't attack the person but rather addresses the issues.

Some believe in 'saying it as it is'; calling a spade a spade. I tell you this won't be to your advantage if you are dealing with someone whose language is AFFIRMATION. You have to use the 'sandwich method' to get your point across.

This simply means, your use of the different dialects of affirmation – verbal compliments, encouraging words, kinds words, words of forgiveness and humble words before you actually state your your point. This would ensure that he/she is not defensive and will actually listen to you. You can then end your conversation with more affirmation to take the sting off your comments and constructive criticism. Lol!

So friends, the next time you want to say it as it, please MIND YOUR LANGUAGE! Till my next post when we will be discussing another love language, stay blessed.

NB : For more reading on this topic, check out Dr Gary Chapman books on Love Languages.

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