Sam Adeyemi Speaks On The Peaceful Election

Hello friends! I was so excited to see the numbered tweets of my mentor and spiritual father as he  welcomes us to the month of April and speaks on the just concluded Presidential and NASS Elections.
Read tweets below:
Happy New Month!
This month, you will fly like an eagle; you will fly above limitations and barriers.
Your life will be filled with renewed strength and vigour. Unending joy will fill your life in this new month and beyond.
All the resources you need to complete your project will be made available to you this month.
Those who laughed at you before will rejoice with you and even come to you for help.
1. We thank God and congratulate contestants and Nigerians for the peaceful elections for President and National Assembly.
2. This will deepen democracy in the country as citizens assert their rights to choose leaders who seek public to serve.
3. The destination must remain clear: to build a developed Nigeria where all citizens can dream and achieve their dreams.
4. Governments at all levels are only vehicles and we must be able to change them when needed to enable us make quick progress.
5. As we set about effecting change in the country, let us remember that it will require sacrifice by all.
6. Some who have been compelled to feed their families from illegitimate sources of income and the greedy will resist change.
7. We must restructure the economy to create opportunities for citizens to prosper legitimately while we limit corruption.
8. We’ll contest over many issues through dialogue and legislative bills between now and 2019. Development must win each time.
9. Let’s remember that we still have elections for Governors and state legislature. Please vote for development.
10. The elections divided us along ethnic and religious fault lines. Now is the time to forgive, heal, and build the country.
11. Let’s remember that change begins with freedom from the nature of sin: man’s greatest problem.
12. With freedom from hatred, selfishness, greed, envy and the like, God gives us capacity to love and serve one another.
13. I pray that God will help us all. GOD BLESS NIGERIA!!!

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