Locating your Significant Other

1. Hello everyone! It’s nice to be here to discuss a subject close to my heart no less. Lol! #AlrightsPassion

2. A HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout out to @AlrightsPassion Yippee! It’s really your birthday. Greater you bros!

3. Kudos to all guests on THE COUNSELLORS. Glad to be part of this great initiative. Your sessions were the bomb. #AlrightsPassion

4. I will be tweeting on LOCATING YOUR SIGNIFICANT OTHER. By that I mean who you intend to marry.@AlrightsPassion

5. I strongly believe there will be a change in our perspectives at the end of this session @AlrightsPassion

6. Locating connotes the fact that you are looking for or searching for something or someone which you eventually found@AlrightsPassion

7. For today’s purpose SIGNIFICANT OTHER is that person you have purposed to spend the rest of your life with in a marriage relationship @AlrightsPassion

8. So to locate your significant other, the major task lies with you…your mindsets…your beliefs…your values @AlrightsPassion

9. You need to know yourself. Who you are. What your values and purpose is. You need to know your needs @AlrightsPassion

10. Your significant other is someone to complement you. Your help-meet. Help that is suitable to you and your purpose @AlrightsPassion

11. You have to believe you aren’t deficient or helpless. You have to believe you are an asset and not a liability. @AlrightsPassion

12. It’s often said like begets like. You attract YOU per time. So if you want a better version of YOU…@AlrightsPassion

13… as your significant other you need to be a better version of YOU too @AlrightsPassion

14. Locating your significant other has been made to look like rocket science in our present time and I wondered why @AlrightsPassion

15. To locate your significant other, the place of friendship can’t be overemphasised too @AlrightsPassion

16. Singles tend to go from ‘dating’ or equate it to having a relationship. You now have 2 people playing the date game. Not 2 friends @AlrightsPassion

17. 2 people with no clue of each others’ love language or Temperament. To them, ‘Dates’ are just moments of whispering sweet nothings @AlrightsPassion

18. No wonder before long, in the absence of serious topics or deliberate effort to learn to be each others friends, sex becomes the order of the day @AlrightsPassion

19. To locate your significant other, growing friendship should be a top priority. You will be amazed at what you can discover in the place of friendship @AlrightsPassion

20. Funny enough, your significant other may just be amongst your current circle of friends. @AlrightsPassion

21. You know how difficult it is to see things right in front of you at times? Be deliberate. Move back a little and check your circle of friends @AlrightsPassion

22. Be deliberate in cultivating friendships. He or she may not be the one but one of his or her friends may be @AlrightsPassion

23. The way you handle yourself in friendship will go a long way in the recommendations you get in the process of ‘due diligence’ @AlrightsPassion

24. If you are on the habit of ‘washing down’ a suitor just because he or she doesn’t meet your specs, desist from this @AlrightsPassion

25. Everybody deserve to be respected. If you have to say NO, say it nicely taking into consideration your suitors’ feelings @AlrightsPassion

26. During due diligence, let your POI (person of interest) find out you are a lady/guy of good repute #AlrightsPassion

27. You need to have the mindset that not all your friendships with the opposite sex has to end in a serious relationship @AlrightsPassion

28. He that wants a friend need to appear friendly. Be approachable. Don’t go into friendship with the mind of ‘what’s in it for me?’ #AlrightsPassion

29. Go in with the mindset that you want to make an impart in his or her life. You are either in it for a season or a reason @AlrightsPassion

30. In friendship, it’s so easy to discover if you have common interests, goals and vision. @AlrightsPassion

31. It’s a time to follow your heart but taking your brain with you as well. Love is more than mere feelings @AlrightsPassion

32. I shy from referring to your choice of a life patner as your better half as I believe YOU are or can be complete in God.@AlrightsPassion

33. Frienship help you know each others uniqueness and shortcomings. You know which one is an absolute no no for you @AlrightsPassion

34. During this period it’s easy to determine if you can see her or him in your future.

35. Its a time to determine if there is any sexual attraction…any chemistry beyond being mere friends@AlrightsPassion

36. In proposing, esp in our climes, and according to nature & the good book, the male species makes the move. Lol! @AlrightsPassion

37. He is a natural hunter and the good book put it like these…He that finds a wife finds a good thing…@AlrightsPassion

38. However, due to so many other factors that we can’t begin to go into here, some seems never ready to pop the question @AlrightsPassion

39. Some guys just cruise along in the friendship/dating/relationship and unconsciously refuse to make a commitment @AlrightsPassion

40. The onus falls on the lady in question to DEFINE THAT RELATIONSHIP. If he is your friend, you can ask probing questions

41. Especially if you think your affection for him is beyond mere friendship. Define the relationship. @AlrightsPassion

42. Ask him where he thinks ‘you guys’ are headed to. Note…this is not a difficult question to ask if you guys are friends @AlrightsPassion

42b. That was my story in the 80s. I summoned courage and asked my friend. Our marriage will be 16 years this year @AlrightsPassion

43. Most ladies have found to their shock that who they were waiting for wasn’t necessarily waiting for them

44. Same goes for the guy…ask questions. Especially if you know your feelings are ‘crossing’ the boundary of frienship @AlrightsPassion

45. All these can happen within 3 months or less. You don’t need to ‘date for like 2yrs before you know you guys aren’t headed no where @AlrightsPassion

46. Some settle for an open ended relationship???? You can’t specifically say if he or she is into you or not @AlrightsPassion

47. This is an error of the highest order. Define that relationship! If you cant, introduce him/her to your coach @AlrightsPassion

48. If you are a believer, the place of God, counsellors and mentors can’t be undermined. They help you put things in perspectives @AlrightsPassion

49. Let your coach or mentor help you do the work. You get to know where you stand. Move on with your life if it’s not meant to be @AlrightsPassion

50. God knows the hearts of all men and can reveal them to you if you ask Him. To ask Him you have to have a relationship with Him @AlrightsPassion

In our days, 80s you hear of single guys ‘receiving’ a lady and telling her of the great revelations God gave them @AlrightsPassion

Some ladies are cowed by these revelations and said yes to their detriment. God is not an author of confusion @AlrightsPassion

He won’t ‘tell’ the bros and not ‘tell” the sis.

51. He won’t force two people to live together under any guise. He gave us the power of choice and He wants us to exercise it @AlrightsPassion

52. In the Garden of Eden, God brought Eve to Adam. If he had rejected her, the search continues. The power of choice @AlrightsPassion

53. Did you notice Adam had rejected all animals brought to him before then? No suitable help-meet for him @AlrightsPassion

54. If you have a relationship with God, He will put a conviction in your heart about your intended. He will give you a specific word to hold on to @AlrightsPassion

55. Marriage is a covenant and an institution set up by God. His standard and requirements is key to its success @AlrightsPassion

56. This topic is ‘deep’ and no one cap fits all. You need to discover who you are & work on yourself to be who you need to be @AlrightsPassion

57. Work on your relationship with God to get the best. Get a relationship coach if necessary. This will give you clarity @AlrightsPassion

58. There is no specific place or particular way to meet your significant other.

59. The process(due diligence)… and the friendship period is crucial in locating him or her @AlrightsPassion

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65. Get other books, attend seminars, get a coach etc. These will go a long way in helping you locate your significant other @AlrightsPassion

66. It’s a wrap for me. Thank you @AlrightsPassion for having me on your platform. Once again, HAPPY BIRTHDAY @AlrightsPassion

67. @AlrightsPassion Keep on imparting your generation for good and for God. I honour and appreciate you #AlrightsPassion

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