#MySexuality : Is Submission A Woman’s Duty Only?


1. Hi everyone! I count it a rare privilege to be on #mysexuality this evening. Kudos to the team and the guest who shared with us last week.

2. We will still be examining the issue of SUBMISSION from a different perspective tonight on #mysexuality . IS SUBMISSION A WOMAN’S DUTY ONLY?

3. From the topic and the thorough analysis and presentation from @TedTheLaw last week on #mysexuality…

4. …it is not in doubt that SUBMISSION IS ONE OF THE WOMAN’S DUTIES as a married woman if she desires a peaceful home #mysexuality

5. However, the crust of tonight’s discussion on #mysexuality is, Is the word SUBMISSION coined for the womenfolk only?

6. Definitely not! Maybe the ‘resistance’ from some men about ‘submitting’ to their wives has to do with their interpretation of the word #mysexuality

7. #DearHubbyNG if you are fond of creating the impression that you are the Lion of the tribe of your house…#mysexuality

8…kindly check out synonyms of the word SUBMIT: DEFER, YIELD, ACCEDE, BOW, COMPLY, CONFORM #mysexuality

9. To talk about SUBMISSION in MARRIAGE is to talk about the institution of MARRIAGE and He that instituted it #mysexuality

10. Marriage is a covenant relationship and not a PATNERSHIP as most of us seem to think. More like a MERGER. #mysexuality

11. You are a team! And for your team to always be on the winning team, you have to complement each other #mysexuality

12. For your marriage to be functional and peaceful, you have to defer to each other in the areas of your strength #mysexuality

13. For you to harness the real potential of SYNERGY in your marriage, it is in fact a necessity to defer, yield, accede, comply…#mysexuality

14….or bow to your spouse in his or her area of strength and competence. You are a team! #mysexuality

15. It doesn’t really matter who kicked the ball into the net in a football match as long as your team won the match #mysexuality

16. I remember @praisefowowe saying he has since released the financial aspect of his marriage to his wife @tosinpraise #mysexuality

17. Why? @tosinpraise is a Chartered Accountant and a financial guru! He @praisefowowe realised this is not his area of strength and so conceded to her superior knowledge #mysexuality

18. Find out what works in your own home! Leverage on your spouse’s strengths for better result. It is not a sin to do this! #mysexuality

19. #DearHubbyNG Submission takes nothing away from your masculinity if your #DearWifeyNG is better at ‘it’ than you are #mysexuality

20. Enough of the competition and rivalry between spouses! Submit to one another in the fear of the Lord, so says the good book! #mysexuality

21. Yes, the MAN is the head, for the purpose of order. That is the way He that started the institution made it #mysexuality

22. Let’s use the analogy of our physical body. I strongly believe also that the wife is the NECK on which the HEAD is anchored #mysexuality

23a. Imagine how limited the HEAD will b without the NECK. Imagine if the HEAD is directly anchored to the shoulder…Not funny #mysexuality

23b D freedom of turning 2d right or left is gone. Looking up&down will be an impossibility. In oda words yr options r limited #mysexuality

24. #DearHubbyNG Yes, U are the HEAD, I concede. U av the brain, eyes, ears, nose &d mouth. All dat aid decision making. Great! #mysexuality

25. Without your NECK or with a STIFF NECK, #DearHubbyNG you will be seriously limited! But with a GOOD NECK, you are limitless! Lol! #mysexuality

26a. Submitting to one another in marriage doesn’t mean it’s a full proof way of not making mistakes. If mistakes do occur…#mysexuality

26b …take it as part of d learning process. Shun D blame game. U are a team! Take responsibility. It’s feedback. Not failure #mysexuality

27. Being a husband is not synonymous to being the Lord & Master 2be served by a glorified servant you call wife #mysexuality #ListenUpNG

28. For your marriage to ‘work’ not just ‘exist’, you have to both work from the position of mutual consultation and compromise #mysexuality

29. You have 2make your spouse know/feel that her contribution matters even though your decision eventually prevails. #mysexuality

30. It will b wise of u as the hubby to deal with your ego and concede/submit/comply/yield/bow 2her better idea when necessary #mysexuality

31. Finally, SUBMISSION is not demeaning! Haven’t you heard? SHE STOOP TO CONQUER. In quietness&strength shall yr strength be #mysexuality

32. There is power in the place of SUBMISSION. YOU can choose to keep your relationship than win an argument. Your choice! #mysexuality

33. I hope I have been able 2encourage&enlighten some1 tonight that SUBMISSION is not just a woman’s duty. It’s a sign of love #mysexuality

34. Thank you for hosting me on #mysexuality tonight. Do have a good night rest.

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