#MyNLPStory – Neuro Linguistic Programming(NLP) With InnocentMINDS


1.There is NO FAILURE, only FEEDBACK. So don’t be afraid to dream big, think big, talk big and dare to do big things #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

2.Nothing means anything except the MEANING you attach to it! U can actually change the meaning U give to incidents in yr life #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

2b.I learned that LIFE is about PATTERNS. And patterns can be broken! #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

3.The way you do 1 thing is how you do everything…check your daily habits and u will see how they have come to shape your life #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

4.I can break bad, unproductive habits & limiting beliefs that had hindered me thus far by putting my mind to work #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

5.There is a part of us though unseen but given to us by the Almighty God that society/religion led us to under utilise #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

6a.No wonder the good book said I am wonderfully and fearfully made! My brain is part of my body #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

6b.It is meant to be used just like any other part. REAL & LASTING CHANGE occurs in my unconscious mind #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

7.Often time in the name of religion, we have abdicated our responsibility back to God cos of laziness & ignorance #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

8.We forget there is a place 4 divinity & a place 4 humanity. We now wonder why hard working atheists seem to make more progress #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

8b.These and many more are what I learned during my NLP training with InnocentMINDS #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

9.I have always hated following the crowd. When others go this way, i want to know why not the other way? #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

10.Society, culture & environment made me feel asking questions is rude and unbecoming. But I always wanted to know why? #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

11.Growing up wasn’t so easy. I felt I was different and society let me think this is bad. But I discovered otherwise. I am unique #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

12.My ‘deliverance’ started when I gave my life to Christ. This increased my hunger to understand myself, my purpose and the essence of life… #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

13.Most people were however uneasy cos I asked too many questions. But I wanted to make sense of salvation and our culture #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

14.My present place of worship is a big help! For me it is a place that helps your ‘tyres meet the road’ #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

15.I didn’t quite understand it then but after my NLP training, it all made sense. It provided the missing link in my life #MyNLPStory

16.The scriptures came to life. I learned about PRINCIPLES. From the very book I have been reading for years #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

17.Fast forward to this year when I learnt about NLP with InnocentMINDS. I have seen people being addressed as Practitioners of NLP #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

18.And trust me, I want to know what this means! Curious me. Lol! I read up a bit about it but I still didn’t get it #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

19.Fortunately I attended a seminar. SELF DEVELOPMENT is one of the principles I have learned will give you a PUSH #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

20.The early years of my marriage were tense with issues that seem so irreconcilable. #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

20b.We almost called it quit. It was our obedience to God’s word that saw us through #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

21.Surviving this phase of our lives got me fired up to help marriages esp women passing through stuffs #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

22.Coupled with my passion for Singles and youth. I want to motivate, encourage, empower, enlighten & entertain them~Me4 Initiatives #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

22b. Yes, entertain! NLP reinforced that too! Removing fun from learning makes it a chore! Fun keeps you in a resourceful state; open to ideas #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

23.I have learnt in my relationship with God that you sometimes pass through stuffs so you can later help/comfort others passing through same #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

24.I thought I was just lucky and that God favoured me. So I wanted to bring comfort to others as well #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

25.NLP with InnocentMINDS showed me that not only can I offer a sympathetic ear to my counsellees, I can actually do much more #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

26.I can help them break limiting beliefs and habits. That my ‘deliverance’ from the brink of divorce wasn’t just luck #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

27.It happened cos we had followed some basic principles from the scriptures that can be applied in every home to get the same result #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

28.That truly as the scripture says God is not a partial God. In church slang…He is not a respecter of person???? #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

29a.NLP with InnocentMINDS brought me to a greater awareness of SELF & how to harness my God – given gifts; and help others to do same #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

29b.I started #ThisThingCalledMarriageNG a support group for married women on facebook and whatsapp. The response was massive. #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

30.I became aware of limiting generational/societal beliefs/habits being passed down to my kids unknowingly #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

31.I became more deliberate about my words/actions & their far reaching effects in the lives of my kids, my hubby & others #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

32.I discovered how to create rapport with people and get them to like and want to listen and read what I have to offer #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

33.I realised why I behave the way I do & also learned 2understand & respect other people’s map of the world(perspectives) #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

34.I used to brag about being a blunt person…calling a spade a spade until I heard about the ‘sandwich method’ in church! Lol! #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

35.I read the scriptures where the principle came from. Remember Prophet Nathan and King David????? #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

36.Read it up if you can’t. Lol! NLP with InnocentMINDS further reinforced this and many more! #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

36b.You can pass across your opinion without making the other party look stupid. PRINCIPLES are key! #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

37.To enhance your productivity in 2016, I highly recommend you go for NLP trainings with InnocentMINDS #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

38.You won’t regret it! I didn’t! Above all, I recommend you get to know HE that had beautifully and wonderfully made you – God #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

39.There is no way we can talk about the innate power in our minds and brains without talking of He that created it #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

40.He alone made NLP make sense to me. I see Him in every tool I was taught. I understand Him more. You will too! #MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar


42. YOUR SPIRIT IS RENEWED BUT YOUR MIND IS NOT! I can assure you that NLP is a sure fire way to learn how! @#MyNLPStory @InnocentUsar

43.It was nice sharing my #MyNLPStory with the InnocentMINDS team with you this morning. Do have a great day! Thanks @InnocentUsar for this privilege.

@KemiOdutayo you were pounding this #MyNLPstory edition with passion and zeal. As a good writer it’s no wonder you came across easily

@KemiOdutayo thanks for sharing like you always do. Thanks that the world would always learn from the lessons of your life #MyNLPstory

@KemiOdutayo may God bless your sincere desire for healing in families, marriages and singles in a way that honours God always. #MyNLPstory

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‘Kemi Odutayo, a graduate of University of Lagos, Nigeria is a Practitioner of NLP, a blogger, an author, a counselor and a media consultant. She is the Head of Operations, Me4 Communications, a publishing, marketing and communications outfit specializing in publishing books/eBooks, managing and offering training for social media accounts for individuals and organizations. Kemi and her husband of many years, Kayode Odutayo have a beautiful family blessed with three lovely children.