Hello friends! A friend wrote this concerning the recent BB broadcasts doing the rounds in relations to the ‘purported’ plan to islamize Nigeria, our dear nation. I decided to give her a voice via this blog as I am passionate about my nation too! 
I believe we all as responsible citizens of Nigeria need to desist from playing the Ostrich. 
Who are the brethren?  I guess the ones washed by the blood of the lamb are the ones being referred to.  Is our president in Aso rock one of us?  if we say he is, has he represented Christ in his speech, association and body language? 
Have we as a nation fared better under his watch? Has he made any attempt to exalt righteousness in our land?  Has he shielded the weak and punished the corrupt?  Has he formulated policies that demonstrate purposeful leadership? Can we boldly say he has led us with integrity of heart and skillful hands?  What happened to the billions of dollars declared missing by the former CBN Governor?  Did we hear his voice when Oduah the former minister was being called upon to resign?  Did he do anything when the Minister of Petroleum was being called upon to justify the purchase of a private jet and other excesses?   
Can anyone tell we the brethren what happened to the subsidy thieves?  Was the privatization of PHCN done the way privatization is handled in other progressive nations of the world?  Let us not even talk about the Chibok issue or we will need to understand why so much has supposedly been spent on Defence and our soldiers are still ill equipped and our President is demanding no explanation.   
When last in our nation did heads roll for the failings, shortcomings or outright incompetence and corruption of public office holders?  Have we not noticed a glaring lack of leadership and direction?  Are we aware that Alamaiyeseigha, the convicted former Governor of Bayelsa State got a state pardon from Mr President,  Convicted Chief Bode George got a National Honour (if I am not mistaken)?  I would have thought the peddlers of this propaganda should have called one of their own to order a long time ago, if indeed he is a “brother” 
When did religion become the yardstick for the measurement of competence and good governance? The last time I asked, Fashola, the governor of Lagos state was still a Muslim.  I understand Aregbesola, the governor of Osun state is also one.  I am not making a case for Muslim leaders. There are loads of Christian men and women in leadership, pulling their weight and making a difference.  I only think it is insulting to the intelligence of many Christians clamouring  for change from the misery and hopelessness that is so glaring in the malady called joblessness afflicting our youths and the curse otherwise known as corruption that is so openly and actively nurtured by our Christian president, to be told that a vote for the much needed change is a sale of our birth right. 
The threat of Nigeria becoming islamized apart from being a prayer point and mission focus, should also be tackled by a deliberate, active mobilization and encouragement of the brethren to get involved in governance, join political parties, seek elective offices and push for change.  the church should take the lead, speak out and support platforms, both existing and aspiring. 
Let us all remember that the change we are clamouring for is for good governance and accountability.  It is not the reserved perogative  of Christians.  There are many leaders the world over who lead their nations with a sense of purpose and direction and many of them I dare say, are not Christians.  We all see what the Arabs have used their Oil proceeds to achieve in the United Arab Emirates.  Is it because they are Christians? No! Rather, it is because they have good heads sitting on their shoulders.  They have LOVE for their people and they have citizens who will not tolerate or excuse mediocrity, using religion and tribe as convenient excuses. 
If all the time and resources spent on this propaganda and other equally absurd ones were spent brainstorming on how to alleviate the sufferings of the teeming throng of jobless men and women in our dear land, then maybe notice would have been taken of the fact that we do not have a National Carrier, yet we have had for the past two decades full time Ministers in the Federal Ministries of Aviation and Transportation.  Can we imagine the employment opportunities this will throw up?  When was the last time you took a train from Lagos to Akure, Kano and Abuja? Yet the newspapers are agog with bogus claims in advertorials that the railways have been revamped.  Do we know what employment potentials are locked up in the irresponsibility of our leaders? How can any propaganda then deter us from seeking change and getting out of our comfort zones to make it happen? 
It has been said that the definition of madness is doing something the same way all the time and expecting a different result.  Anyone asking us to vote for a man just because he claims to be a Christian, irrespective of his ideological leanings is labeling us mad men and women.  I refuse to be one and will therefore vote my conscience.  I enjoin us all to do same.  May the lot of the wicked not fall upon the righteous. 
Bisi Adebayo

Bisi Adebayo is a Legal Practitioner based in Lagos.

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