Happy New Month! March is here and its the International Women’s Month! I am glad you made it! Such awesome sessions we had on the FEBRUARY EDITION!

Do check out all past posts on #ListenUp. They are simply Motivating, Educating, Encouraging, Empowering and often times, Entertaining! That’s what ‘Me4 Initiatives’ is all about! Our Special Guests were awesome! Such inspiring counsels!

For the month of March, we will be featuring four speakers. These are as usual, men and women of #Faith #Experience and such #Depth! They will be bringing these and their expertise to bear on the Real Life Issues we will be discussing! And this month, we will be discussing ABUSE AND RAPE in commensuration of the International Women’s Month.

Our 1st Guest is @iamemekanobis. He is a writer, Life Strategist and Thought Leader. His tweets are life transforming and has been a guest on so many platform to share profound truth with his audience. He will be taking the topic: CHILD ABUSE AND RAPE – HOW VIGILANT ARE YOU?

Our 2nd Guest is @Bunmi_Sobowale. She is the Founder of KICK AGAINST RAPE GLOBAL. She hosts a weekly twitter session tagged AAR TALK(ABUSE AND RAPE TALK). She helps rape survivors, the physically and emotionally abused get their self-esteem and confidence back. She will be sharing her true life story amongst other things in the topic: RAPED! WAS I TO BLAME?

Our 3rd Guest is @CessoKay. She is a Forensic Interviewer, Criminal Justice Psychologist, Sexuality Minister and Counsellor. She is also a mother, an activist and works in Sexual Violence Response. She will be sharing with us in her professional capacity  and as a counsellor on the topic: WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL ABOUT CHILD SEX ABUSE AND RAPE?

And our last but not the least Guest is @DDAdejumo. He is a Real Time Support Engineer at Schlumberger Nigeria, with a BEng in Information and Communication Engineering from Covenant University. He’s going to be sharing with us on the topic: MINDING YOUR CHILD’S BUSINESS. David is the first of four children to Bishop Felix Adejumo & Rev. Mrs. Funke Felix Adejumo. He will be using his mum @FFAdejumo as a case study; a mother that truly minds her child’s ‘business’ ensuring they keep to the straight and narrow way! Lol!

See? March promises to be great! Don’t miss any session! And please, spread the word! We and ours will not be victims of whatever ABUSE in Jesus name!

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‘Kemi Odutayo, a graduate of University of Lagos, Nigeria is a Practitioner of NLP, a blogger, an author, a counselor and a media consultant. She is the Head of Operations, Me4 Communications, a publishing, marketing and communications outfit specializing in publishing books/eBooks, managing and offering training for social media accounts for individuals and organizations. Kemi and her husband of many years, Kayode Odutayo have a beautiful family blessed with three lovely children.