Ife broke from the embrace and hugged herself tightly as she sat down.
“Honey what’s wrong?” Femi was puzzled at her withdrawal.
“Nothing, love. I’ve just been thinking.”
“About what?” He lounged on a seat after removing his jacket.
“About us, Femi. We have been dating for the past eight months, where exactly are we heading? You know I love you but I’m beginning to doubt your love for me.” She observed dejectedly.
Femi had been enjoying his affair with Ife but was not ready to give up his independence. There was no way he was going to tie himself down with one lady until he was good and ready to do so. And this, was definitely not the time. In fact, there was no way he could ascertain whether Ife had been faithful to him; both emotionally and sexually. What was there to stop her from having affairs behind his back? He wondered.
Admittedly, she had played hard to get at first but her capitulation had been damn too easy. When and if he was ready to settle down he would make sure the lady in question was chaste and beyond censure; she would be a young undergraduate and also a virgin at that. He wouldn’t want to have any man’s soiled goods.
“Ife, you’ve said it! Just eight months. I don’t think that is enough time to get to know each other.” He commented indifferently.
“Femi, what if I get pregnant?” She tried to appeal to his emotion.
“Don’t you dare! What kind of a question is that? Have you gone off your pills? If you think you can trap me, you are in for a surprise!” Femi shouted angrily as he stood to his feet. Ife was taken aback by his angry outburst. She stared at him, half frightened.
“Calm down, of course I haven’t gone off the pills but you know these things happen.” She said, trying to soothe him.
“You better don’t allow it to happen. Not in our case.” A film of perspiration appeared on his forehead and he wiped it off with the back of his left hand completely forgetting the face towel in his pant pocket.
“Femi, you are scaring me. Would it be such a disaster? Is that why you are so worked up?”

Scene culled from the book, SECRET ANGUISH BY KEMI ODUTAYO.

Hello there! This wishing you all a HAPPY VALENTINE! Its an honour to be a guest blogging here today. Thanks for having me! And yay!???? Love is in the air! Today, we will be talking about LOVE AND SEX. I mean the act of LOVING AND LUSTING especially in this valentine season. Today’s post is targeted at the singles.

A teeming population of our youth will be indulging in sex at this season. Some will do it an act of love to their partner. Some will be taking advantage of the season and the naivety of tge patner involved. While yet another group just want to have a memorable Val day. Even some adults involved in extramarital affairs can’t left out!

In our society today, LOVE is taken to be synonymous to SEX.  This is a big lie!  Although, sex could be one of the many ways of expressing love but it is definitely not the ONLY way. Beware of anyone who tells you that unless you sleep with him or her, he or she won’t believe you truly love them! This literally means you are not meant him or her!

I don’t believe in singles having sex before marriage. NO! I don’t! Sex is more that the physical act. It binds. It blinds. And it has a purpose. Love is sef less.  Lust is selfish. Love is about giving and how to make someone else happy. Lust is about taking and how to make yourself happy.

In the scene above, we can see Ife trying to win Femi’s love by giving him her body whenever, wherever and however he wants it. All in the bid to convince him to pop the question. However, she failed to realise that having given herself to him have cheapen her ‘value’ in his thinking. Femi wouldn’t just believe she isn’t giving ‘it’ to someone else too. Can we say Ife was in love? Nooo! She too was in the relationship for what to get! A ring on her finger. Sex was just a means to end.

Femi was having the time I’d his life or so he thought. He desires to get married one day but definitely not to Ife. Not to a girl that couldn’t keep her laps closed. What a double standard. He could sleep around but for her to do it too is a crime. Many men, infact the society feels this way too!

But we need to stop the double standard. IT IS NOT A MAN’S WORLD! IT IS OUR WORLD! We need to disabuse the male gender of this entitlement mentality. If we, as a society frowns on girls opening their laps for sex, we should start crying out LOUD AND CLEAR for the guys too to ZIP UP! Chastity is not gender based.

Why in heavens will you be DATING when you are not even considering marriage at all, at least not in the nearest future? It’s a recipe for a disaster. You will be putting unecessary strain on your emotions and it will be only a matter of time before both of you begin to indulge. I recommend DAM – DATING WITH A MISSION. You can read up on this via this link

I want to beg you my dear young lady, this Val is not for listing,  it’s for loving. Loving is the reason why a father will be giving his daughter a Val gift, a protégée will be giving a gift to his or mentor, an employee a gift to the boss and a pupil to a teacher irrespective of gender. NO SEX INVOLVE. NO EXPECTATION OF GETTING ANYTHING BACK!

This season, LOVE AND NOT LUST!

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