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1. Good evening everyone. #ListenUpNG
I am privileged to be on this platform that has hosted great & iconic People world-wide. #ListenUpNG

2. Thank you @kemi Odutayo for giving me opportunity to serve on this platform. #ListenUpNG

3. Let’s go everyone. My Temperament: A plus or minus. #ListenUpNG
Temperament is in-born. #ListenUpNG

4. Temperament is different from Personality. #ListenUpNG

5. Temperament cannot change but personality does fluctuate in accordance to life situations. #ListenUpNG

6. Temperament can get damaged and transformed. #ListenUpNG
Temperament is the ‘IN’ YOU. #ListenUpNG

7. Personality is the ‘OUT’ YOU. #ListenUpNG

8. Temperament Dictate Personality. #ListenUpNG

9. What you do, face, handle, friends, environment, level of your creed, your job, your marriage and life situation in general will impact your Temperament for Good or Bad. #ListenUpNG

10. Temperament is the unseen you that convey the seen you to actualize purpose. #ListenUpNG

11. Temperament & Personality interfaces every aspect of Life. #ListenUpNG

12. In a nutshell Temperament & Personality drives your Life. #ListenUpNG

13. Temperament is never a minus. #ListenUpNG

14. Living your life without the knowledge of your behavioral makeup is living your life to chance. Like lottery you may hit a 50/50 Life jackpot from time to time. #ListenUpNG

15. Temperament becomes a plus for you when you maximize your own Behavioral uniquiness. #ListenUpNG

16. A Pinch or Palm knowledge of your Temperament per time can become a piviotal. #ListenUpNG

17. You need to deliberately Discover, Develop, Deploy and Maximize your unique Temperament & Personality. #ListenUpNG

18. Pls take a Temperament / Personality profiling test first. #ListenUpNG

19. You can take the test on www.true101.com or any other platform of your choice. #ListenUpNG

20. When you take advantage of Temperament in marriage it becomes a plus for you. #ListenUpNG

21. If you replicate the same in parenting, corporate life, governance, ministry, leadership, relationships, and all other aspect of Life, it becomes a Plus for you. #ListenUpNG

22. Temperament should be part of the criteria to consider in the choice of who to marry. #ListenUpNG

23. It will help you even if it was not a criteria in the first place. #ListenUpNG

24. When you have a situation in your marriage Temperament deployment is critical. #ListenUpNG

25. Temperament is vital in the choice of who you employ. #ListenUpNG

26. A child or teenager that is very talky should not be engourage to study any course / Trade that will keep him or her in the office most of the time. #ListenUpNG

27. Such children with vocal prowls should be develop to talk their way to the top on the field [outdoor]. #ListenUpNG

28. There is no child or adult that is talkative. Take it or leave it you are simple out of touch with their wiring. #ListenUpNG

29. A bullying child is most likely tomorrows’ power spot player. Politician or an entrepreneur. You just and must do your own part to develop them. #ListenUpNG

30. There are 4 basic Temperament types: Sanguine, Choleric, Melancholy and Phlegmatic. #ListenUpNG

31. There are other broad classifications with profiling outcomes like: Counselor, Promoter, Perfectionist, Professional, Developer, Inventor and many more. #ListenUpNG

32. The Phlegmatic and Melancholy are Introverted people while the Sanguine & Choleric are extroverted #ListenUpNG

33. The Phlegmatic & Sanguine are People and relationship oriented while Melacholy & Choleric are Work and task oriented. #ListenUpNG

34. The Phlegmatics are cool, calm and gentle with ‘smilelly’ face. They sleep easiest, likes food hardly take personal decisions on time. #ListenUpNG

35. Phlegmatics climb the corporate latter fastest. #ListenUpNG

36. Parents of Phlegmatic children are calm @ age 0-7, concern @ 7-13, Agitate @ 13-15, becomes police & ‘mai-guard’ till they are married. #ListenUpNG

37. Phlegmatic wives submit naturally most of the time, the husbands are ‘loving’ on the average most of the time. #ListenUpNG

38. Melancholies are strongly introverted, converse internally, with seemingly worrying and penetrating look, intellectually gifted the most, has the largest memory bank. Investigative, procrastinates. They are picky eaters. #ListenUpNG

39. They are sacrificial employee. #ListenUpNG

40. Parents of melancholy are at peace @ age 0-12, concerned @ 12-20, pray more till they are married. #ListenUpNG

41. Melancholy wives and husbands are naturally sacrificial, though hardly expresses it, husbands are natural loving most of the time. #ListenUpNG

42. Choleric are strongly extroverted, eat mechanically, takes leadership roles, persistent, are sarcastic, and want to do all and takes risk the most. #ListenUpNG

43. They are creative as employee but get kicked out [by employer or self] mostt of the time. #ListenUpNG

44. Choleric wife are very active and seemingly want to take the lead. Choleric husband is a workaholic. #ListenUpNG

45. Parents of cholerics work and shout @ age 0-8, concern @ 8-13, eager from 14 uwards. #ListenUpNG

46. Sanguine are voluble and verbose, work is fun & Fun is work, socialize @ the expense of time, can encourage others well but self encouragement is always challenging. #ListenUpNG

47. Sanguine Husbands & Wives are mostly committed but outdoor fun must not be lacking. #ListenUpNG

48. Parents of sanguine shouts @ age 0-14, worry @ 13-17, Give-in & relax @ 18 upward. #ListenUpNG

49.  Take hold of your behavioral uniqueness so as not to be in darkness of possible outcomes of your moves. #ListenUpNG


Profound! #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect on these. Stay tuned for another #RealLifeIssue titled BREAKING LIMITING BELIEFS by INNOCENT USAR.

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