2017 #ListenUpNG Wk8: OFFICE ROMANCE


Hello friends! Welcome! Its another friday! Its exciting being with you again. Today’s session on #ListenUpNG marks the end of the February Edition!

Shout out to all our special guests on the February Edition of #ListenUpNG @praisefowowe @deleagbogun and @kemiiseedy. Thank you!

Join me as I host @kemiiseedy, our last special guest for the #Love series on today’s session on #ListenUpNG

#ListenUpNG Kemi Seedy is a HR Professional that is passionate about getting it right in relationships! A mum of two, wife of one and lover of God #ListenUpNG @tolaseedy @kemiiseedy

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Over to you, @kemiiseedy Welcome on board #ListenUpNG It’s a privilege to have you. Thanks for honouring my invite. I know it was a bit tight for your but you pulled through????

1. Shout out to @KemiOdutayo Thanks for the invite. #LoveSeries #OfficeRomance Interesting topic I must say. #ListenUpNG

2. Office romance, simply put is emotional involvement with one’s colleague or team member in the same office. #ListenUpNG

2b. Particularly in the same geographical location. #OfficeRomance #ListenUpNG #Love series #RealLifeIssue

3. For singles,
I am of the opinion that it’s a matter of personal preference to be emotionally involved with a colleague.#ListenUpNG

4. Some organizations frown at or outrightly doesn’t condone spouses in the same organization…#ListenUpNG

5…hence their need usually to keep their relationship under wraps.#ListenUpNG

6. If you are dating a colleague however, it should be kept professional at work. No unnecessary PDA (public display of affection)…#ListenUpNG

7…and compromising on work ethics should be a no no! infact should be a red flag of integrity.#ListenUpNG

8. Some are not adverse to relationships but the moment it becomes legal, one of the parties have to leave the company. #ListenUpNG

9. Usually it is a form of control and or corporate governance.#ListenUpNG

10. While all the above is no news, what is really interesting about this topic is when it involves a party that is married or both are married.#ListenUpNG

11. Office romance is common everywhere in the world considering (a) the number of hours we put in at work #ListenUpNG

12(b) the unemployment rate in this part of the world people are desperate so the romance can be used to pay for favors or intimidate coworkers.#ListenUpNG

13. Office friends and colleagues are second to family considering the number of interactions #ListenUpNG

14. Lets do a little mathematics; we spend an average of forty(40) hours a week in the same location and with the same set of people. #ListenUpNG

15. Another Fifty six(56) hours sleeping on the average of eight hours a day. Just these two activities are over fifty percent (50%) of our hours in a week. #ListenUpNG

16. Not to mention Traffic time, extended work time (banker’s e.t.c). All these hours are spent away from Spouses and family in general.#ListenUpNG

17. Since all this time is spent at work or in transit (especially in Lagos Nigeria), then there is ample opportunity for Love and/or Lust to grow and thrive.#ListenUpNG

18. Most of these relationships start subtly/ innocently at work; in the lunch room, project meetings even during team building activities. #ListenUpNG

19. Usually, it’s just a friendship connection at first then it grows to going for lunch at the same time & stopping by his/her desk during the day. #ListenUpNG

20. Even commuting to and from work together can instigate a kind of bonding since those times are not usually spent in silence. #ListenUpNG

21. The emotions start to build, the person’s opinion start to be something to be considered whenever the other party makes decisions…#ListenUpNG

21b…. even in decisions that relates to their respective spouses. #ListenUpNG

22. Eventually, sad/vulnerable/happy moments are first shared with the colleague. At this point, there you have the red flag. #ListenUpNG

23. You know those days you are looking good, you deliberately walk past that particular desk, seeking attention.#ListenUpNG #OfficeRomance

24. All these are red flag moments! #ListenUpNG #OfficeRomance #LoveSeries #RealLifeIssue

25. Office romance just like any extramarital affair doesn’t end well .Either the spouses get to know and it became an absolute mess even at the expense of their careers. #ListenUpNG

26. I heard the story of two executives in a renowned bank that were seeing each other, one was married and the other wasn’t. #ListenUpNG

27. It became a big mess when the woman involved, a single lady got pregnant and the wife of the man in question showed up at a board meeting. #ListenUpNG

28. It was an horrid scene. They were both asked to leave on the grounds of corporate values and culture.#ListenUpNG #OfficeRomance

29. As Christians; married & single individuals are not to be anti-social or unfriendly, but God requires that you FLEE every appearance of evil. #ListenUpNG

30. And not just as Christians, but as people with values and utmost respect for our fellow human beings, we need to desist from all destructive relationships #ListenUpNG

31. Guard your hearts my friends! For out of it comes the Issues that Govern Life. We sincerely know when the handshake has passed the elbow. #ListenUpNG

32. Indeed, we do unless we allow our emotions to cloud our conscience and choose to live in self denial and deceit #ListenUpNG

33. For those that usually wait out the traffic situation, why not use the time productively? Take a course online or continue your education #ListenUpNG

34. Be gainfully engaged and occupied. I know people who even engage in fellowships while waiting for the traffic. #ListenUpNG

35. An idle mind is the devils workshop may seem like a cliché but trust me, it’s the plain truth! #ListenUpNG

36. Hanging out with the boys or the girls can have its cons too especially if they are of negative influence. So you may want to choose them carefully if you must “Hang Out”.#ListenUpNG

37. Office romance is completely avoidable! Our love for God and our spouses should make us deliberate in the kinds of relationships we build #ListenUpNG

38. We should also note that most evils, in this case #OfficeRomance that is not leading nowhere or hurtful to spouses thrives in secrecy #ListenUpNG

39. Incase you find yourself getting unnecessarily close and attached to a colleague, and you know the relationship is not that which you are proud of…#ListenUpNG

40…an #OfficeRomance you must at all cost keep from prying eyes, then you need a breather. Confide in someone and be accountable #ListenUpNG

41. Nip it in the bud! Stop it before it stops you! Yea, follow your heart but be sure to take your brain with you! #ListenUpNG

42. Think of the consequence of yr actions. Look @ the big picture! Don’t be enticed by the temporary pleasure of illicit affairs #ListenUpNG

43. On this note, i draw the the curtain on today’s session. Thanks for letting me into your phones! #ListenUpNG God Bless you! @TolaSeedy

Wow! ???????????? Awesome tweets from @Kemiiseedy on #OfficeRomance today on #ListenUpNG A must read for everyone!

Till I come your way again next week on the March Edition of #ListenUpNG let’s aim to be intentional in our relationships #OfficeRomance

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