Welcome! It’s another exciting and inspiring session on #ListenUpNG Wk7 by Bidemi Mark-Mordi. And truly speaking, these are the kind of words we need right now in our nation, Nigeria – West Africa. In view of the economic tension and uncertainty pervading our nation, we all need to look inward and S-T-R-E-T-C-H. Join me to go over the compilation of today’s session on #ListenUpNG

#ReadRestRelaxAndReflect on these…

1. Hello all, it is a great honour to be here. Thanks #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo for having me. Focus is The Law of the Rubberband

2. This law is not original to me, it is a John C Maxwell law that I am certified to teach. #ListenUpNG. Full disclosure

3. I will teach it from my story of growth in the last 18 years thereabout. #ListenUpNG

4. Growth stops when you lose the tension btw where you are and where you are going. “only a mediocre person is always at his best” W.S. Maugham. #ListenUpNG

5. Tension is an application of force n an object to stretch, enlarge or loosen it. You grow when you deploy your tension. #ListenUpNG

6. Once I graduated, I needed a job and one fast, but I wanted a particular type of job. The raves jobs at the time were finance houses and banks. #ListenUpNG

7. I wanted something in publishing. This meant very little or no pay at all, and yet it was a scarce job. I went looking. #ListenUpNG

8. I finally had an interview scheduled for 12 noon on a particular day. I ended up waiting till 9.00 pm to see the Editor that day. I waited. Didn’t even take a bathroom break, #ListenUpNG

9. Just waiting that long, got me the job. No interview was further required. That began my journey. Today I run my own publishing house. #ListenUpNG.

10. You have to stretch to grow. A rubberband is most useful when it is stretched. #ListenUpNG

11. Stretching keeps you sowing and consequently, your harvest is kept going too. Want more? Then stretch. #ListenUpNG.

12. It is proven that most of people use only a small fraction of their ability and there4 rarely reach their full potential. #ListenUpNG

13. The greatest enemy of growth is average, the law of the rubberband detests average. S-T-R-E-T-C-H #ListenUpNG

14. Stretching starts from the inside out. First stretch in your mind. Can your mind handle it? Is it possible to you? #ListenUpNG

15. Some people don’t stretch because they have the power to choose. Stretching is not allowing the ability to choose to hinder you. #ListenUpNG

16. Instead deploy the power of choice to the advantage of your growth goals. #ListenUpNG

17. You can only stretch as far as what you are able to see on the inside. I always knew I would run a media and communications outfit. It is taking a lot of stretches but it is coming together. #ListenUpNG

18. You cannot stretch except you know WHY. Question, do you have a strong WHY for your growth? Get a WHY. #ListenUpNG

19. Stretching requires change. Change is uncomfortable, do you want change bad enough? Then stretch! #ListenUpNG

20. To do this, take your focus off the past. Let your present and future be different from your past. Your history is not your destiny. #ListenUpNG

21. Develop your reach muscle. Break monotony, be calculatedly reckless. Overly careful people don’t stretch and never grow. #ListenUpNG

22. Risk taking has its advantage. You learn more and faster than those who don’t take any risks. #ListenUpNG

23. When you stretch, you are set apart from others. You are not satisfied by mediocrity. Mediocrity is a personal concession to do less than our best. #ListenUpNG

24. Stretching makes even those around you look better. Improve yourself and those around you become better. #ListenUpNG

25. Nature has a law against idleness, everything created is meant to grow, to be able to grow, it all has to stretch. If you don’t grow you work against nature #ListenUpNG

26. Growth is to be better. If you won’t be better tomorrow, what do you need tomorrow for then? #ListenUpNG. Please stretch!

27. Some have stopped stretching because they succeeded previously. Don’t let yesterday’s success stop you from growing today. Life is dynamic. #ListenUpNG

28. When you stretch, it gives you a shot at being significant. That is an ability to live beyond your days on earth. Growth births legacy. #ListenUpNG

29. The gap btw good and great can be filled with a stretching. If we all did what we could do rather than what we want, most of the world’s problems will be solved. #ListenUpNG

30. A possibility is a hint from God, we must follow it. Every possibility begins as an idea, execution takes stretching, and that births growth. #ListenUpNG

31. Our capacity is the root of our significance. When you focus on your capacity instead of your perceived ability, you grow faster. Ability can be learnt. #ListenUpNG

32. Stretching and growing is about being rather than doing. Wake up each day ready to be your own growth. #ListenUpNG

33. Growth is a reflection and manifestation of the change within. Growth comes with tension, don’t avoid it. Use it! #ListenUpNG

34. A lack of tension is an indicator that you are no longer growing. Embrace your tension. #ListenUpNG.

35. Make sure you stretch to the end. You can’t stop in the middle of the race and expect a medal. It is he that endures to the end that is saved. #ListenUpNG

36. Can I make bold to say that the economic tension right now is an opportunity for who are growth conscious? Step out and stretch for your significance. #ListenUpNG

37. Growth is the difference btw who we are and who we are capable of becoming. Don’t die as a lesser version of you. Stretch! #ListenUpNG

38. A lack of stretching is a lack of growth. A lack of growth is the beginning of dying. Don’t just exist. Live! #ListenUpNG.

39. To grow, spark tension by asking the right questions. Answers enhance growth. Do you have any answers? #ListenUpNG

40. Thanks so much for having me. It has been a pleasure. While this isn’t exhaustive, I hope it helps. Well done #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo. Blessings!


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