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Join me to warmly welcome, AKPOVETA, Valentine ‘t on #ListenUpNG Wk6: IS IUR GERATION REALLY DUSADVANTAGE? Over to you, sir!

Thank you @KemiOdutayo

I consider it an honour to be here and thank you for the opportunity to share.

“IS OUR GENERATION REALLY DISADVANTAGED?” is the topic I shall be sharing on.

1. When we look around the world as it exists now, there is the tendency to conclude that we are in a disadvantaged generation. #ListenUpNg

2. The family unit is facing its greatest onslaught and seems to be losing in the fight for values. #ListenUpNg

3. The world seems to be in chaos. #ListenUpNg

4. “Marriage” used to mean a union between a man and woman. That is not so any longer. #ListenUpNg

5. Parents used to be “Father” and “Mother”. Now, your parents can be both “mothers” or both “fathers”. #ListenUpNg

6. It used to be that if you were born a boy, you would die a man. Now, you can decide to legally re-assign your sex. #ListenUpNg

7. The religious institutions which used to be a refuge from the chaos, seems to have taken a lead in the cacophony. #ListenUpNg

8. Morality is consistently redefined. God is being kicked out of schools. And ridiculous “safe zones” are being created. #ListenUpNg

9. Self is the new God. Pleasure is the new good. #ListenUpNg

10. Hunger is at an all-time high. Wars of epic proportions are being waged. People are killed senselessly. #ListenUpNg

11. The bad guys don’t seem to get punished. In fact, they seem to flourish. The nice guys are trailing. #ListenUpNg

12. To some, everything that can possibly go wrong is going wrong. #ListenUpNg

13. These times, this generation, neither looks enviable. #ListenUpNg

14. To some, “The past was better. We are in a terrible present. The future is bleaker.” #ListenUpNg

15. Don’t you somehow feel the same after reading these things? #ListenUpNg

16. But are we unfortunate? Are we a disadvantaged generation? #ListenUpNg

17. One of the most famous opening lines of the English literature is Charles Dickens’. #ListenUpNg

18. “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness…” #ListenUpNg

19. Whatever time you are in, your perception of it, attribution to it and decisions in it stand out as the most important thing. #ListenUpNg

20. It isn’t the times you should be concerned about, per se, but how you consciously choose to live. #ListenUpNg

21. It isn’t necessarily in the times. It’s in the choices. #ListenUpNg

22. You see, you can decide to keep stuck in memories of the past, in comparison with the future and say your best times are gone. #ListenUpNg

23. And you would be absolutely correct. #ListenUpNg

24. Or you could look into the future, despite what the times indicate, and say, “My best times are yet to come.” #ListenUpNg

25. And you would be absolutely correct. #ListenUpNg

26. Your outcomes are more directly linked to your internal responses to external happenings. #ListenUpNg

27. The question, therefore, is not if we are in a disadvantaged generation. It is do you see yourself as disadvantaged? #ListenUpNg

28. When you operate from the paradigm, “I am ADVANTAGED. It doesn’t matter what the situation says” #ListenUpNg

29. Then you are likely to see better results. #ListenUpNg

30. When I say “operate”, I do not mean speak positively only. I mean THINK, SPEAK & ACT. #ListenUpNg

31. And operating from the better paradigm means no matter how great your past was, the decision must be made to move forward. #ListenUpNg

32. You have no right to a future, when your eyes are fixated on the past. #ListenUpNg

33. Listen, you must understand what exactly negative thinking does to you. It disempowers you. #ListenUpNg

34. When you concentrate too much on how you live in disadvantaged times, your eyes are closed to opportunities. #ListenUpNg

35. What happend afterwards is that you begin to experience the reality of what you mentally dwelt upon. #ListenUpNg

36. Your prophecy becomes self-fulfilling. And it would not be because the times made you so, but because YOU made YOU so. #ListenUpNg

37. But, you see, when you choose to develop a habit of empowering thoughts, and re-align your focus #ListenUpNg

38. Not any longer on thoughts of disadvantaged generations, but thoughts on your advantaged self #ListenUpNg

39. You have set yourself on a better course. And ultimately better consequences. #ListenUpNg

40. Now listen closely. #ListenUpNg

41. Every single sign I gave as proofs at the beginning of these tweets are not imaginations. They are real. #ListenUpNg

42. And they will come up again and again to taunt you. And lead you to accept the waves of negative energy and disempowering thoughts. #ListenUpNg

43. It is at times like this that you must realize the truth. #ListenUpNg

44. For any element to maintain structural integrity and avoid collapse, inner strength must supersede outer pressure. #ListenUpNg

45. It is the same with you. #ListenUpNg

46. When you say, regardless of whether the world is going to shreds, you choose to be advantaged, your belief will be tested. #ListenUpNg

47. When you choose to change the question from, “Are we living in a disadvantaged generation?” #ListenUpNg

48. And instead commit to, “I am advantaged no matter what.” You will be tested. Again and again. #ListenUpNg

49. And that is when you must remain the strongest. #ListenUpNg

50. I will say this one more time and close off. If you remember nothing else, remember this. #ListenUpNg

51. It is NOT a question of whether your generation is disadvantaged. No way. #ListenUpNg

52. It is a question of how, despite what the environment says, you choose to create your reality. #ListenUpNg

53. And if that is your choice, the welcome to your future! #ListenUpNg

54. The opportunities are immense. The possibilities are great. Advancement is the only option. #ListenUpNg

55. I am ADVANTAGED. #ListenUpNg

Thank you.

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