1. Hello everyone! Happy New Month! Thank God it’s Friday! Here is another golden opportunity to #ListenUpNG

2. First and foremost, I will like to give a HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY shout out to a mentor and father! #ListenUpNG @samadeyemi

3. #ListenUpNG @samadeyemi You are a father and a role model extraordinaire. Words fail me to say how you are a blessing to your generation

4. Thank you for honouring our invitation to be on #ListenUpNG in January 2015. Your tweets remain indelible and motivating

5. From us all at #ListenUpNG, @Me4Comm and my entire household, we prophesy that your later days shall surpass the former!

6. And so today on #ListenUpNG I specially welcome you all to February; the month of love! Love for self, others & our nation

7. On #ListenUpNG February Edition, we will be having guests; men and woman of impact in every session. WATCH OUT!

8. Today’s #RealLifeIssue and question we will be teaching on is ‘DOES DECISION TRULY DETERMINES DESTINY?’ Hmmm

9. #ListenUpNG The statement, ‘Decision Determines Destiny’ is a very popular but often misinterpreted mantra.

10. Simply put, ‘Destiny’ according to the English Living Dictionary is The events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future #ListenUpNG

11. #ListenUpNG For the purpose of this discourse, Destiny is your life’s journey. By tweet , it means what you decide determines your journey in life!

12. #ListenUpNG However, Decision is simply defined as a choice that you make about something after thinking ~ Cambridge Dictionary #Decision

13. Or a choice that you make about something after thinking about it : the result of deciding ~ Merriam-Webster Dictionary #ListenUpNG #Decision

14. Or a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration ~ Oxford Dictionary #ListenUpNG #Decision

15. Or a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration ~ The Free dictionary #ListenUpNG #Decision

16. Or The thought process of selecting a logical choice from the available options ~ Business Dictionary #ListenUpNG #Decision

17. Or a choice made between alternative courses of action in a situation of uncertainty ~ Also by Business Dictionary #ListenUpNG

18. Checking out the definitionsource of DECISION in tweets 3-5, it can be deduced that it’s more of a ‘mental’ assent than a physical one…

19. #ListenUpNG Decision is a ‘thinking process’ that normally takes place internally and can only be seen by the ‘ACTIONS or INACTIONS’ of the party in question

20. #ListenUpNG So, to say YOUR DECISIONS IN LIFE DETERMINE YOUR DESTINY is not entirely true!

21. Making a DECISION and actually working it out by commensurate ACTION is what actually DETERMINES your DESTINY (life’s journey). #ListenUpNG

22. DESTINY is actually All aBout the Conscious, Determined & Deliberate Efforts you are WILLING to exert to make your dreams come true #ListenUpNG

23. It’s often said that, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step”. DECISION is that STEP & DESTINY is that journey! #ListenUpNG

24. ‘A thousand miles’ are the countless and innumerable ACTIONS you are ready to take to make your dreams become reality. #ListenUpNG

25. Interested in fulfilling DESTINY & PURPOSE, be ready to take the first step which is ‘MAKING THE RIGHT DECISION’ #ListenUpNG

26. However, this(25) is the first step and does not necessarily determine your DESTINY #ListenUpNG

27. #ListenUpNG According to Anthony Robbins, a renowned psychologist, “Most people don’t have the gut to make the tough decisions…

28…because they want to make the right decision, so they end up not making a decision which is a decision in itself!” #ListenUpNG

29. #ListenUpNG Your decision do indeed shape(defines) your destiny but does not make(determine) it! Your actions do!

30. #ListenUpNG These tweets 25, 26 & 29 cannot be overemphasised. Ever wondered why most Christians don’t get to experience their churches’ theme for the year?

31. #ListenUpNG No matter the theme, “2017 is my year of New Dreams’, ‘In 2017, my case is different’, ‘I am more than a conqueror’ etc

32. Without commensurate ACTION, COURAGE & GUT, life will move on you no matter your DECISIONS/RESOLUTIONS #ListenUpNG

33. That’s why loads of of NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS never see the light of day! They are mere wishes with no commensurate ACTION PLANS #ListenUpNG

34. Someone says, ‘SUCCESS LEAVES CLUES!’ See a man or woman that is successful, he or she is not just lucky but DOING SOMETHING RIGHT! #ListenUpNG

35. So, to be a success and take charge of your destiny, ACT NOW! TAKE ACTION! TAKE THAT FIRST STEP! DO IT AFRAID! #ListenUpNG

36. Sometimes past experiences prevent us from getting out of the mental block of inaction. #ListenUpNG

37. Our inability or fear to do or dare things are also sometimes picked up from people we love and respect #ListenUpNG

38. Or the fear of failure, disappointment, other peoples’ approval, lack of self confidence and not wanting to take personal responsibility #ListenUpNG

39. Whatsoever is limiting you, no matter how valid the reasons seem to be, you’ve got to take action and move from the realm of wishing to having! #ListenUpNG

40. Many claim to have made a decision but their action gives a true picture of where they are heading in life! #ListenUpNG

41. I remember a young guy in the good book named Daniel. He made a decision. He ‘purposed’ within himself that he won’t eat the king’s meat #ListenUpNG

42. And truly, he and his ftiends followed up this decision with commensurate action. When opportunity presented itself, they truly did not eat! #ListenUpNG

43. #ListenUpNG Another incident came to mind. Remember Samson, the strongest man in the good book?

44. #ListenUpNG He made a decision not to reveal his source of strength and power to any soul. But his actions on the lap of Delilah was his undoing

45. #ListenUpNG To move from mere resolutions/decisions to taking action, let’s take note of the following steps

46. #ListenUpNG Do a self analysis. Be truthful to yourself. You’ve got to identify what is preventing you from taking action. Do a soul search

47. #ListenUpNG Expose whatsoever it is to the truth. The truth is that you can do ALL things through God! Whatever it is has no power over you!

48. #ListenUpNG Ask yourself if it helps to continue to out off taking action. If it’s okay to continue to proscastinate.

49. #ListenUpNG Check if your refusal or delay in taking action is a liability and it’s costing emotionally, physically and financially

50. #ListenUpNG Check out what exactly is blocking you and preventing you from taking action. What are you afraid of? What are you running and shying from?

51. What behaviours are you presently engaging in? What behaviours are giving you momentary pleasure but you know you have to make the decision to stop? #ListenUpNG

52. Now write 3 STRONG EXPLICIT REASONS why you KNOW within you that you MUST take the right ACTION no matter what #ListenUpNG

53. These REASONS will drive you! They will fortify you. They will be your rod and your staff to guide you in taking ACTION #ListenUpNG

53b. Though taking ACTION may be painful & uncomfortable at first because you’ve dared to move out of your comfort zone, but that’s GROWTH!

54. Write down YOUR REASONS! Make your DECISION to follow through. Take commensurate ACTION to ensure your decision see the light of day #ListenUpNG

55. Why? Because your ACTIONS( CONSCIOUS, DELIBERATE & DETERMINED EFFORTS) and not just your DECISIONS determine your DESTINY! #ListenUpNG

56. #ListenUpNG Above all, acknowledge the fact that you need the help of God

. #ListenUpNG Above all, acknowledge the fact that you need the help of God

57. Philippians 2:13 For it is God which works in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure #ListenUpNG

58. #ListenUpNG Thank you do much for staying with me through it all! Happy to engage! Keep retesting!

59. Watch Out for the unveiling of our guests on #ListenUpNG February Edition ~ Valentine Special. Life is all about RELATIONSHIPS!

60. #ListenUpNG Till I come your way next week Friday, keep reviewing your DECISIONS and map up ACTION PLAN to make your dream a REALITY! Love you all!https://t.co/D5EBYlNESN

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