Hello friends! Welcome to another session of #ListenUpNG.  Our guest on today’s session is GODREY Ogbechie. Yippee!

#ListenUpNG This month’s edition has been so empowering. Special thanks to all our guests; Niyi Adesanya, Ikeolu Biobaku, Bankole Williams and now Godrey Ogbechie. http://wp.me/p6tkXz-ol

#ListenUpNG Godrey is our last guest on the November Edition. She is a 1988 graduate of Agricultural Economics and Extension from the University of Calabar.

#ListenUpNG Godrey also holds a Master’s Degree in Business
Administration.Godrey has extensive banking experience, spanning Operations, Customer Service / Relationship Management, Audit and Human Resource Management.

Cumulatively, she spent 19 years with Universal Trust Bank Limited and Fidelity Bank Plc. where she managed high profile projects both within and outside the country.

Joining Rainoil Limited in 2009 as an Executive Director, Godrey has been instrumental in growing the business , to include an asset base comprising; 34 service stations spread across the country a 50 million litre capacity multi-product depot in Oghara, Delta State), a 40 million litre capacity multi-product storage depot in the Free trade Zone, Calabar, a fleet of over 70 tank trucks for product distribution and 6 shipping vessels.

Join me as we #ListenUp to this phenomenal woman of grace and influence. Welcome, Mrs Godrey!

Hello precious people, it is my pleasure to be with you this afternoon on #ListenUpNG  @Kemiodutayo.

I thank my host @ kemiodutayo for the opportunity and pray that you will be blessed and inspired.
I will like to start by stating that ‘You’ are a gift to this world.

You are still alive today because you have something to offer.
You should aspire to serve. When you serve or give something to humanity, yow would inspire many.

Leadership is service and service involves giving. It could be your time, knowledge, , love, money, energy etc.

All the great leaders we talk about today gave something significant to humanity.

Jesus gave his life to save humanity. Nelson Mandela gave up his freedom to liberate South Africa.

But Leadership is not meant for a few great or famous people. They did not start by being great/famous.Their acts of service made them great/famous.

If you can make a difference in someone’s life or influence another person, then you can be a leader.

Start form where you are and with what you have.
The only limitation to your life is what you allow.

When I was a little girl, my father told me that if you not have a male dog, you use a female dog for hunting. Meaning that I can do what a son can do.

Most of my childhood was spent in places (villages) where there was no electricity or running water.

I didn’t understand why my parents were posted to such places but my Dad took the challenge.

I was always been in the minority most of my career. I am from a very small village in one of the small states in the country.

I never had a ‘town’s man’ to help push my career. But God was with me.

Don’t think that you must have a huge platform. You can start from your home, local church, neighbourhood.

Start with your family, friends, colleagues, neighbours.
There are loads of problems in the world. Do not be part of the problems.

Be a solution some of the problems you see. Pay that cousin’s school fees.

Feed your security guard, clothe the children of the woman selling roasted plantain down the road.
You do not need to look too hard to see the needs that abound all around us.

Always seek out opportunities to lighten someone’s burden .
Ask yourself, how I can put a smile on someone’s face today? How can I make somebody’s life a little better today?

You are never too young or too old to serve or inspire something.

In the parable of talent, the servants had different level of talents, but they were all required to use them and be productive.

The results expected from them were not necessarily in the same proportion, but they were required to be productive.

Volunteer to serve/give even when it is not convenient. Do not switch off the needs of others.
Lead yourself first. You cannot give what you do not have.

A Leader that will inspire others, has to take care of his spirit, soul and body. You will not be able to help anyone if you are not around.

Seek knowledge and be informed. You cannot inspire people if ignorant of what is happening around you.

Be open minded. Don’t just think outside the box, crush the box.
Learn from other peoples negative experiences. You don’t have to go through the same road.

Associate with people of like mind. They don’t have to be friends with you. If you cannot befriend them, listen to their speeches or read their books.

Apply as much as you can from these people without being copycat.

Leadership is not a title or position, Leadership is responsibility.

If you are not willing to take responsibility then it is unlikely that you will be a leader

You cannot do everything and you cannot have everything. Not everyone will be inspired by what you do, give. There will be naysayers.

Leadership requires humility. Humility is knowing that without God, you can do nothing.

In serving, you lose the right to be anonymous.
People would want to know how you did it/solved that problem.

It is good to be the person that people want to listen to.
But it is more important to be the person they want to emulate.
There is a part of God in every human being, whether they know it or not

People deserve the best we can give.

It is said that you can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving. If you love people, you will give something.

As you meet the needs of others, your own needs will be met.

Aspire to give of whatever talent you have been blessed with and you would’ve inspired someone to live to their full potential

It’s been my pleasure sharing with you. Thanks and have an inspiring life. God bless you.

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