1/ Hi friends! #ListenUpNG We are half way through November already! Wow! 2015 as we know it ends next month! Let’s #Restrategize for better result in year 2016 @mixnbake

2/ November Edition of #ListenUpNG continues with Ikeolu Biobaku, CRO at @MixnBake ConfectioneryConfectionery as our special guest

3/#ListenUpNG Have you taken stock yet? No? I don’t mean the goods left in your shop or warehouse. @mixnbake @gogbechie2 @gbonjute @4LaH

4/#ListenUpNG I mean, have you assessed how you fared in 2015? Especially in your business?

5/ Today on #ListenUpNG, our special guest IKEOLU BIOBAKU will be sharing via her firm’s handle @MixnBake

6/#ListenUpNG She will be tweeting on STARTING SMALL; GROWING BIG! How she did it! @mixnbake @BukkyShonibare @yinkanubi @dehighflyers

7/#ListenUpNG She started small but now has 3 outlets in Lagos and branches in Port Harcourt and Abuja @mixnbake @gbonjute @tosinpraise

Picture of Ikeolu with a 50th Birthday Cake made by Mix n BakeBake


8/#ListenUpNG The amazing thing about Ikeolu and @mixnbake is the fact that she organises FREE CLASSES for interested aspiring bakers.

Picture of Ikeolu with some attendees at the free classes


9/#ListenUpNG She also organises FREE MENTORING CLASSES where she mentors individuals in her area of influenceinfluence


10)Join me as i welcome Mrs. Ikeolu Biobaku on today’s session of #ListenUpNG Over to you, ma’am! @mixnbake

1. Hello everyone on the #listenupNG @kemiodutayo platform. It’s an honor to tweet on steps I took in starting, growing and expanding Mix and Bake Confectionery

2) I didn’t set out to be a confectioner.Passion plus Divine direction and destiny helpers placed me on this path #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

3) I studied Economics in University of Ibadan and I always wanted to be a banker but I heared voices… listenupNG @kemiodutayo

4) …telling me I will be a baker not a banker. So I would like you to know, first step in starting out a biz #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

6)Discover yourself & your passion. What do you enjoy doing without being paid? Embark on a personal discovery

7) Once you discover it, pray about and ask God for help and favor & then go for trainings, horn your skills, learn #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

8)Get mentors & those who have been in the biznes ahead of you. Ask questions, analyze and survey the industry. Learn! #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

9) Then make it legal. Get a name for the biznes. Register with CAC, the Corporate Affairs Commission. It’s very important to register your company #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

10) You may be using a name that is in existence already, don’t wait till you have loads of money or when customers get used to a name before you register the business. It may be too late @kemiodutayo

11) Start by marketing your products to friends and family and neighbors. Go out on marketing. I used to go out #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

12) I don’t advice start ups to look for finance in a bank. Start from where you are and market your products #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

13)I used to go out to banks , supermarkets and shops to market my products. Go out with samples for tasting. Don’t sit expecting people to come to you. #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

14) When you market your products or services, people will definitely patronise you. When they starts coming in, open an account in your biznes name #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

15) Make sure all proceeds that come into the biznes is banked. Don’t spend on your personal wants and needs. #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

16) Rather, place yourself on a salary like every other staff and personnel of the organization. #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

17) Then start setting up structures for your biznes. Employ more staff. That’s the beginning of growth #listenupng @kemiodutayo

18) Train those you employ. That’s the beginning of growth. So they can take some burden off you… #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

19) When personnel increases, more work can be done and more income into the business. I forgot to mention that #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

20) Make sure you do proper HR processes by giving employment letters and job descriptions to each staff. Never assume they will know. #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

21) Do business cards, step up your game by advertising your products as your income increases. Attend more trainings and seminars #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

22) Train your personnel in customer service. Employ an accountant to manage the finance. Have administrative staff #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

23) Keep structuring your business and give out more job responsibilities. Have your front desk officers trained #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

24) Also attend fairs and exhibitions peculiar to your bizness and make more customers #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

25) Save customer data gotten from networking and send out mails and texts to keep in touch and to advertise your products and servicez #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

26) To have a wider reach beyond your immediate environs, I will advice you to open a website. This will help you reach out to more customers #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

28) That was the beginning of having customers outside our(Mix and Bake) environment in lagos. I mustn’t forget to mention that… #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

29) …we surely can’t conclude the discussion on this topic with a few tweets. But I will like to conclude by saying you must discover… #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

30) …your passion. Find something you enjoy doing that you can turn into a successful business. #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

31) Money shouldn’t be your primary purpose of starting a biznes. Rendering service and making your customers happy should be your priority not making money #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

32) When you render a service happily and do it passionately, money will follow. Make sure you keep data of your customers

33) I must not forget to mention the God factor in my business. The expansion really came after I started following some difficult instructions.

34) Like when He asked me to start free training programs and give out recipes for free to people who would usually not be able to afford our regularly classes.

35) Lest I forget, besides confectionery, MixnBake has a baking, cooking and sugarcraft school. We also sell tools, equipment and items used in the cakes and Sugarcraft industry.

36) We were able to expand to other geopolitical zones also from listening to destiny helpers he brought my way.

37) We also had mentors who advised

38) I got loads of inspiration from my church Daystar; from my pastors and messages from the pulpit.

39) Traveling also expands your mind. I advice you to travel as a business person. Feed your mind and see what’s happening in other places.

40) I was privileged to travel to other countries to see new things and see how things work and my mind was expounded.

41) It’s been nice tweeting these few points. Hope this helped a bit. There are more tips but time will not permit us. Wish you the best #listenupNG @kemiodutayo

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