Welcome to the month of November! #ListenUpNG November Edition kicks off today! Yippee! I am excited. Join me as I host @inspiringteekay, our very first guest on this Edition.

Come on! Let’s get inspired and find our way around this ‘thing’ called RECESSION.????

Join me to welcome on board #ListenUpNG Wk45 @InspiringTeeKay

1. Good evening friends. It’s a great day! I trust your day has been splendid. #ListenUpNG

2. Thank you @Kemiodutayo for hosting me on your platform. It’s an honour. #ListenUpNG

3. Let’s get right into the chase. Shall we? I have been asked to tweach on: ‘Recession? Get the heart, get the cash.’ #ListenUpNG

4. An interesting topic! We wl be looking at how to win the heart share of the marketplace, so that we can win the pocket share. #ListenUpNG

5. That Nigeria is in a recession shouldn’t make us alarmed. Opportunities abound! #ListenUpNG

6. The Chinese word for crisis is the same for opportunity. That is, crisis = opportunities. #ListenUpNG

7. Historically, we are told that new millionaires emerge from a period of recession. That can be you! #ListenUpNG

8. This period calls for superior marketplace intelligence. Be intentional about everything. Measure everything! #ListenUpNG

9. For the umpteenth time let me say, people will only do business with you if they Know, Like & Trust.. You. #ListenUpNG

10. Of the 3 – know, like & trust which comes 1st? Someone may say ‘trust.’ But nah! It is… #ListenUpNG

11. … LIKE. Haven’t you trusted someone before & he disappointed you? Each of us give ‘blind trust’ at the beginning. #ListenUpNG

12. But when you like someone, you can go any length to support their dreams. #ListenUpNG

13. So, if you want to get the cash, start by making yourself a likeable person. #ListenUpNG

14. There are things that make you likeable and things that repel people from you. I will list some. #ListenUpNG

15. (a) an aura of friendliness – if people can easily connect with you, they will like you. #ListenUpNG

15 (b) your ability to remember names. The sweetest thing in a man’s ears is his name. #ListenUpNG

15 c. exceptional service delivery – go the extra mile to wow the people who do business with you. #ListenUpNG

15d. humility – it is strength under control. It’s a magnet that attracts people to you. Pride repels. It sucks. Beware of it. #ListenUpNG

16. You must note that people hate to be sold to, they prefer to buy. Sound salesy at your own risk. #ListenUpNG

17. Elevator pitch? Sales pitch? Cold calls? Damn them all. Nobody wants to be pitched. Everyone wants to have a conversation. #ListenUpNG

18. Your elevator pitch must sound like a conversation not like a sale. Only then, will prospects open their hearts to you. #ListenUpNG

19. Nobody wants to be used by you to score points. Nobody wants to be your ‘mumu.’ #ListenUpNG

20. So, conversation is the way to the heart. Start with ice breakers if you are dealing with a stranger. #ListenUpNG

21. Get to know their names, professions, likes… Present yourself as a friend. That’s where likeability starts from.

22. The strongest component of a conversation is a QUESTION. You must be skilled at starting open-ended questions. #ListenUpNG

23. Open-ended questions are questions that can’t be answered with a ‘yes’ or a ‘no.’ They lead to a discussion. #ListenUpNG

24. Questions like: “how is the exchange rate affecting your business?” “What would happen if you lose your greatest customer?” #ListenUpNG

25. As you give your prospects room to talk about themselves, a bridge is built. It’s called the Freudian slip in psychology. #ListenUpNG

26. I have had to engage my prospects in such conversation that some started telling me about challenges in their marriages. #ListenUpNG

27. I prayed with some of them, encouraged them… Before we started talking business. Instant connection followed. #ListenUpNG

28. Master the art of conversation friends. It’s a key to the heart. People love to talk about themselves. #ListenUpNG

29. Another key that builds emotional connection with your market is your brand STORY. What’s the story behind your business. #ListenUpNG

30. Every brand has a story. The Apple story, the Adidas story, the KFC story, the Dangote story… What’s yours? #ListenUpNG

31. Your story humanises your product and your brand. People don’t do business with logos and billboards, they do with humans. #ListenUpNG

32. The best adverts are those that tell a story which resonates with the buyer. Work on your own story & tell them always. #ListenUpNG

33. @DaystarNG is nothing without the Rev. @sam_adeyemi ‘s story – “came to Lagos with a bag & was squatting…” Connectivity! #ListenUpNG

34. Furthermore, you must understand the buying triggers of your market to get their heart share. #ListenUpNG

35. People make buying decisions emotionally and explain them logically. #ListenUpNG

36. Someone would say: “oh I love that dress (emotion), I wonder if I could afford it (logic).” Not the reverse. #ListenUpNG

36. So, what emotions does your product ignite? What feelings do customers get when they interface with you? #ListenUpNG

37. Why would someone deal with 2 hours of traffic just to get groceries from Shoprite when there are shops in his street? #ListenUpNG

38. People go to shoprite for the EXPERIENCE they get (emotions) – the ambience, the good looking sales reps… #ListenUpNG

39. What experience do people get when they do business with you? If you create a wow experience, they will keep returning. #ListenUpNG

40. Here are some buying triggers:
(a) more money (b) security (c) being liked (d) prestige (e) health & fitness… #ListenUpNG

41. … (f) recognition (g) power & popularity (h) leading the rest (i) love (j) personal growth (k) sex

42. I will explain some of them. If you are selling clothes, don’t sell clothes, sell prestige & status. #ListenUpNG

43. There are those who buy products just to pride themselves in being the early adopters. “We were the 1st to use a Macbook!” #ListenUpNG

44. Some people buy products just to create the “I’m better than you” feeling. Someone who buys a Hermes bag for 1M is an e.g. #ListenUpNG

45. So, what are the buying triggers that your product elicit? Know them and be loud about them in your sales conversations. #ListenUpNG

46. For example, my products are designed to help business people increase their sales revenue. Who doesn’t want more cash? #ListenUpNG

47. In rounding off, you must understand different buyer personalities too. It’s different strokes for different folks. #ListenUpNG

48. We have the:
– apathetic buyer
– relater buyer
– analytical buyer
– socializer buyer
… and more. (No time to explain).

49. If you tie all that I have tweeted together, they should help you reach the heart of your prospects faster. Good luck guys! #ListenUpNG

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