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4/#ListenUpNG @NAdesanya is our guest today and he will be sharing on how to LEAD WHERE YOU ARE! Especially in 2016!

5/#ListenUpNG @NAdesanya is a pragmatic and inspirational speaker and a leading voice on Leadership transformation in the country.

6/#ListenUpNG @NAdesanya is also an author and CEO, FifthGear Plus; an avant-garde Consulting, Recruiting and Publishing firma

7/#ListenUpNG @NAdesanya ‘s has a mandate to help organisations optimise their corporate potential.

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is also the convener of the recently nationally acclaimed platform “Meeting Point”…

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Hello, it’s a great opportunity to be here! Today I’ll be sharing on “Leadership – Leading from where you are” #LISTENUPNG

First it’s safe to say that leaders are made not born! So you can be a LEADER too! #LISTENUPNG

The way individuals are shaped into becoming leaders maybe different… #LISTENUPNG

But all Leaders usually have one thing in common! #LISTENUPNG
They stand ahead of the pack, they stay in front of the team! #LISTENUPNG

They don’t just tell people what to do; they show HOW to do it! #LISTENUPNG

Being a leader doesn’t always mean you are the CEO, or the captain of the Team, or the one with the biggest physique. #LISTENUPNG

It simply means that you do things the right way when everyone is go the other way, #LISTENUPNG

It means you take a stand when everyone else conforms to the norm #LISTENUPNG

It means you roll up your sleeves and get right into it when everyone else hides their head in the sand. #LISTENUPNG

Being at the Top, or the front of the class, or being called the “BOSS” or any other title, doesn’t make you a Leader #LISTENUPNG

That only makes you a Leader by Position which is the lowest level of Leadership. #LISTENUPNG

When people follow you because they have no choice and not because they see your value, then you are a ‘Leader by Position’ #LISTENUPNG

As a true Leader, you must communicate Values such as Excellence, Consistency and Integrity #LISTENUPNG

These values say a lot more to those around you, much more than the words you say. #LISTENUPNG

It is usually said that ‘People go along with Leaders they get along with’. #LISTENUPNG

As a leader irrespective of your position, you have to be able to connect with the people you lead. #LISTENUPNG

What qualifies you as a leader is your ability to influence people, build capacity and produce results. #LISTENUPNG

How well you can help people produce results, take people through a process of change, manage the process of Growth. #LISTENUPNG

A Leader is the person everyone wants to follow, the one who sees the big picture. #LISTENUPNG

A Leader is one who has something to offer, who charts the way for others to follow. #LISTENUPNG

Leadership is about accountability, responsibility and service; it’s about Walking the Talk. #LISTENUPNG

No matter you level, or the platform you are given, you can still exercise you leadership strengths. #LISTENUPNG

They are not bound by profession or qualification. So I encourage you today, you can DO IT. #LISTENUPNG

“Lead from where you are” #LISTENUPNG

About Kemi Odutayo

‘Kemi Odutayo, a graduate of University of Lagos, Nigeria is a Practitioner of NLP, a blogger, an author, a counselor and a media consultant. She is the Head of Operations, Me4 Communications, a publishing, marketing and communications outfit specializing in publishing books/eBooks, managing and offering training for social media accounts for individuals and organizations. Kemi and her husband of many years, Kayode Odutayo have a beautiful family blessed with three lovely children.