1/Hello! Welcome to #ListenUpNG! Today’s session is actually the last in the INDEPENDENCE EDITION for the month of October

2/#ListenUpNG You can read up past sessions here www.kemiodutayo.com/blog

3/#ListenUpNG Our special guest today is @gbengasesan. He will be reviewing the OPEN LETTER he wrote to @Mbuhari …

3b/…on the eve of his inauguration as the @ngrpresident Click link to read  https://t.co/z4aMnpZiVr or just read the previous post on this blog @gbengasesan #ListenUpNG

4/ @gbengasesan is the Executive Director of Paradigm Initiative Nigeria. #ListenUpNG

5/#ListenUpNG An Electronic & Electrical Engineering graduate from Obafemi Awolowo University, @gbengasesan

6/…completed Executive Education program at Lagos Business School,
New York Group for Technology Transfer, Oxford University… #ListenUpNG @gbengasesan

7/…Harvard University, Stanford University and Santa Clara University. #ListenUpNG Read more here www.kemiodutayo.com

8/His consulting experience includes assignments completed for Microsoft, Harvard University… #ListenUpNG @gbengasesan

9/…United Nations agencies…and other institutions, in over 30 countries. @gbengasesan #ListenUpNG

10/Join me as I welcome this dynamic young man, @gbengasesan ! He is passionate about good governance #ListenUpNG

Thanks for inviting me for the independence edition of #ListenUpNG, @KemiOdutayo. I hope the next few tweets contribute to our development

On May 28, I wrote an open letter to @MBuhari to capture fears and expectations, as he won on the mandate of much-needed change. #ListenUpNG

Today, 154 days after @MBuhari’s inauguration as @NGRPresident, I’d like to share that letter again on #ListenUpNG, then review the content

In the next 30 tweets (it’s a whole letter) Hello, you get to read the letter again. Then I’ll review my fears, hopes in it #ListenUpNG

Click this link to read the letter in full


Reading the letter again, I have many questions. I’m also STILL quite HOPEFUL about many things. However, I’m glad we got change #ListenUpNG

I wonder how many times @MBuhari has asked himself: “why did I work so hard to inherit this mess?” But that’s not why we’re here #ListenUpNG

Let’s start with 56% Youth Unemployment. Statistics office has new numbers for Nigeria but have we seen real signs of progress? #ListenUpNG

I think there’s still a lot of work we need to do before current official unemployment numbers come anything close to reality. #ListenUpNG

So, is @MBuhari going to fulfill his promise about denting our shameful 56%? Time will tell. You tell me; what do you think? #ListenUpNG

“2019 elections will see upsets for those who win today but refuse to move a muscle towards required work.” Hi @AkinwunmiAmbode! #ListenUpNG

It was a letter to the president but I singled out @elrufai @AkinwunmiAmbode at the time. Right now, one has to work much harder #ListenUpNG

Lagos deserves to leave some things (climate of fear and uncertainty on our streets) in the past and focus on being an example. #ListenUpNG

In my letter, I expressed worry about PDP as valid opposition. Maybe they need some time. Until then, citizens must be vigilant. #ListenUpNG

On @MBuhari’s team, I was willing to wait. Not assigning portfolios before screening isn’t change! What are we waiting for now? #ListenUpNG

Some of the nominated ministers inspire huge confidence but some of them are just filling quotas, obviously. The 36-state clause #ListenUpNG

On the issue of sycophants and contractors, I think “body language” has given a good answer. War against corruption must be… #ListenUpNG

Hopefully, @MBuhari works with the Nationally Assembly on fixing many of our silly laws. State of Origin, et al. Work dey! #ListenUpNG

…institutionalized and seen to be fair. Not just fair, but seen to be too. We can’t have one party probe another every 4 years #ListenUpNG

I think we must go beyond the idea of “my candidate” to “our nation”. I campaigned for @MBuhari but Nigeria must come first. #ListenUpNG

Things are so bad that there’s no time for petty support and personal interest. We must put the @MBuhari government on its toes. #ListenUpNG

Though we’re past the 10% mark, if @MBuhari is deliberately thorough and builds institutions, Nigeria(ns) will be better for it! #ListenUpNG

I won’t put a score to President @MBuhari’s performance yet but I wish to remind him of the burden he carries: #ThingsMUSTChange #ListenUpNG

Thanks for the comments and for reading the letter (again) – and the brief review. Bye for now, but the conversation never stops #ListenUpNG

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