Hello peeps! As you know on twitter, Friday is always a day to #ListenUp. #ListenUpNG is your weekly mentoring event on twitter and this particular session was just so inspiring. The tweets have been compiled for your reading pleasure.

Our guest, Nike Folagade a Relationship Coach who happened to be the last on #ListenUpNG November Edition was awesome. The #RealLifeIssue discussed was targetted at our singles and was titled: YOU WANNA GET ‘HOOKED’?šŸ¤”

In other words,

Do you want to be in a serious relationship that will probably or most certainly end in you marrying the love of your life?šŸ¤—

If as a single, your answer is ‘yes’ to the above questions, this blogpost is for you!

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#ListenUpNG Our guest for this session, NikeĀ Adedokun helpsĀ  singlesĀ  overcomeĀ  heartbreaks, become more attractive and build healthy relationships

#ListenUpNG She is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and a Results Coach. SheĀ  isĀ  aĀ  passionateĀ  writer,Ā  author,Ā  speakerĀ  andĀ  columnistĀ  whoĀ  teaches onĀ  relationshipsĀ  andĀ  realĀ  lifeĀ  issues.Ā @nikefolagade

#ListenUpNG @NikeFolagbade SheĀ  alsoĀ  professionallyĀ  anchors programmes. SheĀ  isĀ  theĀ  authorĀ  ofĀ  sixĀ  booksĀ  whichĀ  includeĀ  RelationshipĀ  Guardrails forĀ  HimĀ  andĀ  HerĀ  andĀ  10Ā  DaysĀ  toĀ  LivingĀ  FreeĀ  DevotionalĀ  andĀ  AntsĀ  and FliesĀ  Flow: How Attraction Starts!

#ListenUpNG @NikeFolagbade hasĀ  beenĀ  featuredĀ  asĀ  aĀ  guestĀ  onĀ  TelevisionĀ  andĀ  RadioĀ  stationsĀ  like WeFM Nigeria, Core TV News, Channels TV, Cool FM, Radio Nigeria and others.

#ListenUpNG NikeĀ  isĀ  theĀ  convenerĀ  ofĀ  EVOLVEĀ  SUMMITĀ  dedicatedĀ  toĀ  helping youthsĀ  discoverĀ  purposeĀ  andĀ  experienceĀ  emotionalĀ  andĀ  sexual healing.Ā  TheĀ  ladies’Ā  arm,Ā  TheĀ  EvolvingĀ  QueensĀ  ClubĀ  isĀ  alsoĀ  dedicated to theĀ  same cause. Join me as i welcome her on board!

1. Hello everyone. It’s great to be on this platform. My name is Nike Adedokun Folagbade. Thank you @KemiOdutayo for this opportunity to be on #ListenUpNG

2. Shout to @protouchltd @KingsleyObom @Sisilawyer101ā€Ž for an amazing teaching in the past weeks.#ListenUpNG

3. I have been asked to share on “So you want to get hooked?”.#ListenUpNG

4. Marriage is a beautiful union between a man and a woman, a long lasting institution yet a revealar of the true intention of men/women.#ListenUpNG

5. Even though the rate of divorce is high, it’s better to be intentional about your marriage. #ListenUpNG

6. Be willing to face it with a positive heart and preparation rather than fear.#ListenUpNG

7. Don’t allow movies, society and the media teach you how to run your marriage. Be conscious and let God lead you. #ListenUpNGā€Ž

8. When I and my husband were courting, we felt we had discussed a lot until we got married. #ListenUpNGā€Ž

9. So many issues began to come up and our differences began to play out on us. #ListenUpNGā€Ž

10. I thought I knew my husband totally, vice versa, until few weeks after marriage. ā€Ž#ListenUpNG

ā€Ž11. I realised we had different beliefs around sex, money and spirituality but it had never been evident. #ListenUpNGā€Ž

12. Our weakness became very visible. Some were irritating, some were normal and some were threatening. #ListenUpNGā€Ž

13. Our temperament became very real as we began to spot so many flaws and patterns. #ListenUpNGā€Ž

14. Our values showed up too in the areas of priorities. Do you know your values? #ListenUpNGā€Ž

15. For months, we kept fighting over a lot of things. We managed to sort them out and began to understand each other. #ListenUpNGā€Ž

16. In marriage, the first few weeks or months can be filled with conflicts but if handled well, can lead to more understanding between couples. #ListenUpNGā€Ž

17. Before you get hooked, I need you to answer some important questions.#ListenUpNG

18. Why do you want to get hooked? The answer you give determines how quality your marriage will be.#ListenUpNG

19. Are you trying to marry out of pressure, age, easy sex, help around the house, loneliness or you are simply desperate?#ListenUpNG

20. If you are marrying because of sex, you will definitely get tired and be forced to face other issues too. #ListenUpNGā€Ž

21. There is a difference between being lonely and being alone. Don’t just marry out of boredom. #ListenUpNGā€Ž

22. Marrying to meet your immediate need can bring forth more trouble when reality sets in. #ListenUpNGā€Ž

23. So are you ready? Readiness is an act of the mind; it requires mental, emotional, spiritual, physical and financial implications. #ListenUpNGā€Ž

24. Emotionally: How well can you handle challenges? Have you healed from past hurts? How do you react to issues? #ListenUpNGā€Ž

25. Marriage is a long time & deep issues will come up. Will you run back home or face them when they arise?#ListenUpNGā€Ž

26. Spiritually: Have you been praying ahead for your partner and marriage? Are you led by God or led by your emotions?#ListenUpNGā€Ž

27. Mentally: How prepared are you? Do you read books, attend seminars or have mentorship on marriage?#ListenUpNG

28. Do you believe in personal development? Have you learnt more about communication, boundaries, and your self worth?#ListenUpNGā€Ž

29. If you go into marriage with a lot of baggage, marriage will expose it rather than cover it. #ListenUpNGā€Ž

30. Financially: Do you have a source of income? How financially intelligent are you? Whether as a man or woman, are you earning?#ListenUpNG

31. Physically: Do you take care of yourself? How well do you groom and nurture your self?#ListenUpNGā€Ž

32. Before you walk down the aisle, can you lead yourself? How well will you be able to lead a home? Your partner? A family? Your in-laws?#ListenUpNGā€Ž

33. Are you responsible towards life? How matured are you? This is not about age. Do your friends control you or you can make your decisions?#ListenUpNGā€Ž

34. Are you self aware? Have you discovered and began a journey of mastery on your temperament, patterns, flaws, strengths and love languages?#ListenUpNGā€Ž

ā€Ž35. It’s important to know your temperament because your weakness can frustrate you in marriage.

36. Find out why you act the way you do and begin to master it. ā€ŽStop looking for someone who can manage your excesses. #ListenUpNGā€Ž

37. What are your beliefs around marriage? Where did you learn it from? What defines your beliefs? #ListenUpNGā€Ž.

38. ā€ŽAre you taking your parent steps in marriage or you are building a marriage system that can work for you? #ListenUpNG

39. Before you get hooked, have you counted the cost? It will cost you your time, emotions, money etc? Are you willing?#ListenUpNGā€Ž

40. Are you willing to partner with your intending spouse on decision making or you want to control everything? #ListenUpNG

41. Do you know what you want? You will need clarity on the kind of marriage you want to build?#ListenUpNGā€Ž

42. Have you built quality friendship with your intending partner or you are in a hurry?#ListenUpNGā€Ž

43. ā€ŽBefore you get hooked, have you sat down with your partner to discuss certain issues like spirituality, sex, finance, parenting etc?#ListenUpNGā€Ž

44. Are you aware of the impact your upbringing, environment and experiences will have on your marriage? #ListenUpNG

45. Are you aware of the traditions and background of your partner’s family?#ListenUpNGā€Ž

ā€Ž46. As you prepare to settle, have you gone through marriage counselling from professionals? #ListenUpNGā€Ž

47. Don’t assume you know your partner so well, you will be surprised at many new things that will show up.#ListenUpNGā€Ž

ā€Ž48. Don’t ignore the characters you may be seeing now. Love alone won’t hold your marriage, it requires more. #ListenUpNG

49. As you settle, are you willing to make your marriage work regardless of what happens or you want to leave it to chance. #ListenUpNG

50. With these questions, I hope you will be able to decide, respond, research, and focus on what will make your marriage work. #ListenUpNG

51. In the bid to help more people, I also created an audio course on 13 Must Have Discussions While Courtingā€Ž. You can order and learn from it. #ListenUpNG

52. Thank you for hosting me. You are appreciated @KemiOdutayo #ListenUpNG

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