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Follow @KemiOdutayo on twitter every Friday by 4pm for #ListenUpNG☺

Follow @KemiOdutayo on twitter every Friday by 4pm for #ListenUpNG☺

1/Hi everyone! Welcome  another session on #ListenUpNG. Our special guest is @Chude Jude Jideonwo

2/@chude will be tweeting on OUR NATIONAL CAKE. Today’s session is part of the INDEPENDENCE EDITION of #ListenUpNG @Chude

3/Presently, my dad is sick and we have to go do some diagnostic tests. You won’t believe the cost! #ListenUpNG @Chude

4/This made me wonder at the fate of the average man on the street who dared to be Ill!???? #ListenUpNG @Chude

5/No wonder most people resort to prayers and religion not out of faith but because of lack and poverty #ListenUpNG @Chude

6/Our health care sector is disheartening! Same with other sectors too! Education, Power etc #ListenUpNG @Chude

7/And yet…we are a nation richly blessed by thee almighty! What happened to us? What happened to our resources? #ListenUpNG

8/Why are the basics necessities in life still a luxury majority of the populace can’t afford? #ListenUpNG @Chude

9/Join the conversation and tweet with your comments and questions with #ListenUpNG @Chude is ready to inspire us

10/Join me to make welcome Chude Jideonwo, a dynamic young man you have to listen to! #ListenUpNG

@KemiOdutayo The first problem of course is the fact that ‘national cake’ is in fact the cultural driver for our politics #ListenUpNG

@KemiOdutayo And not just our political but much of our national life. Our economics, business: based on a mission to share #ListenUpNG

@KemiOdutayo rather than build. Some people hav said, with seriousness, that the Nigerian dream is to ‘hammer’. That’s the point #ListenUpNG

@KemiOdutayo So the challenge becomes, how do we move from a base philosophy of consumption to one of creation? #ListenUpNG

@KemiOdutayo How do we move from a society where everyone wants to ‘collect’, to one where people believe in ‘building’? #ListenUpNG

@KemiOdutayo How do we move from a transactional nature, as Nigerians, to a – forgive cliche – transformational one, where life gets better?

@KemiOdutayo I tweeted from #Olandiigbo on Saturday, where @obyezeks spotlighted this existential challenge perfectly. #ListenUpNG

@KemiOdutayo There is an important sense in which we need to urgently reach a natural consensus that our culture has become a hindrance.

@KemiOdutayo I don’t mean our heritage or our traditions ie where we are coming from. I mean culture, who we are today. #ListenUpNG

@KemiOdutayo And the identity that has emerged from that ie who we have become, and how we see ourselves. #ListenUpNG

@KemiOdutayo When a generation grows up seeing a nation where ‘shares’ are the only ones that not just succeed, but are celebrated.

@KemiOdutayo When it doesn’t matter what you do, how you do it or why you do it, but only that you made money from it… Nothing you tell

@KemiOdutayo that young person will matter. The strong images that person sees will define the way he or she acts the way she reacts.

@KemiOdutayo And all around us are people who succeed without any clear path. We don’t know what they do, or how they do it.

@KemiOdutayo Or, even worse, we know how they did it. Theft, compromise, lies. But there is no consequence, and therefore no deterrent.

@KemiOdutayo When ignoble ease and slothful wealth replace any values of innovation, invention, even ‘ordinary’ positive imagination.

@KemiOdutayo Then we waste time if we believe a generation, or a nation will act differently. No National Orientation Agency can change that

@KemiOdutayo So that’s the base of it. #NationalCake sharing as an organizing philosophy. #ToHammer as the ‘Nigerian Dream’ #ListenUpNG

@KemiOdutayo Its a distorted identity and a distorted culture, lying at the root of the decisions we make, and the actions that we take.

@KemiOdutayo We need to understand that the superstructure of what we see – bad roads, bad hospitals, bad water, power issues #ListenUP

@KemiOdutayo And what we sense – ‘corruption’, ‘sycophancy’, ‘tribalism’ etc, come directly from that base. We need to change that first!

@KemiOdutayo And that’s not cliche, thats a reality, and it’s an urgent one. Nothing else will truly change until we change that #ListenUpNG

@KemiOdutayo And you build nations, not based on brick and mortar, but based on a system of shared values – and #ListenUpNG

@KemiOdutayo a carefully built architecture of people inspired by what is possible, by what can be, by a focus on longterm goals #ListenUpNG

@KemiOdutayo This imperative will need be driven by leaders who both understand this imperative and have the credibility to see it through

@KemiOdutayo They will take that understanding to build public institutions that can translate that ideal into bread and butter. #ListenUpNG

@KemiOdutayo Because like @kenyanpundit reminded Africa weeks ago, government and governance is important. Africa will not ‘entrepreneur’

@KemiOdutayo its way out of its many problems. The building of public institutes that can support large scale ‘development’ becomes crucial.

@KemiOdutayo Part of that imperative will mean building a society where people can find work, and those who can’t can still be supported

@KemiOdutayo Which is where our un-employment numbers must worry anyone with an eye on #NigeriaIn2050. #ListenUpNG

@KemiOdutayo Basically all of the ideal-building and values-sharing is ultimately useless if public institutions don’t work/ and #ListenUPNG

@KemiOdutayo people cannot find work, create value, and demonstrate and ‘live’ and breathe those shared ideals. #ListenUPNG

@KemiOdutayo The movement from ideation to actual bread and butter, brick and mortar must be swift, and must be sustained, and sustainable.

Wow! The concluding part of #ListenUpNG Wk43 with @Chude will be posted soon #OURNATIONALCAKE

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