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2/Today is #ListenUpNG Wk42 INDEPENDENCE EDITION and our guest is @DrJoeOdumakin, a patriot!

3/#ListenUpNG @DrJoeOdumakin began her career in activism as the Secretary of Women in Nigeria (WIN) Kwara State from 1981-1991

4/#ListenUpNG  She is presently the Executive Director of the Institute of Human Rights and Democratic Studies

5/#ListenUpNG She is also the President of Women Arise for Change Initiative & has received numerous notable awards…

6/…at both the national and international levels.A woman of steel and great courage, Dr.Joe has become a voice to the voiceless… #ListenUpNG

7/…and the defender of the defenceless, providing succour and hope in seemingly hopeless situations. #ListenUpNG

8/Her consistency and unwavering determination for survival of democracy in Nigeria led Professor Wole Soyinka to describe her… #ListenUpNG

9/…as follows: “I present to you a tireless fighter with inner strength and resilience, purpose… #ListenUpNG

10/…a veteran of affirmative marches, of crude arrests and detentions, baton charges and tear gas…#ListenUpNG

11/…who has lent luster to the struggle for justice and human dignity, who remains an inspiration of men and women, old and young.” #ListenUpNG

Join me in welcoming this great woman on #ListenUpNG Wk42! Her session though short was spot on! Do relax, read and reflect on it! The change starts from us!

Thank you @KemiOdutayo. Value system needs be highly discussed because it almost has erased from minds as generation transit.

1. Value system simply implies moral code, a set of principles guiding actions of individuals within a business or culture context @KemiOdutayo

2. Until a little recent, value system was an important part of business & behaviour, but that began to change with orientations of generations

3. Value was reason to choose a friend, a profession, a business and even a partner. But that seems to have been replaced by other interest.

4. Recall in the past, when a person brings a spouse home, the parents interview him/her based on values. Now values comes last in the query

5. When parents say “do anything, as long as you bring money home”, then you can suspect “money” to be major element that replaced value.

6. In fact, something is now seen to be of “value” if it involves “money”. So, money now carries value, and literally is value. @KemiOdutayo

7. So much that you weigh the value of something by the volume of money involved. So, value can now be measured by “how much” in money.

8. So, as symbol of value is replaced by money, the society began to “value” riches and material possessions highly, but value morality less

9. In schools, e.g., beauty pageants, lucky winner raffles & entertainment gain more attractions than education because of the “values” of each

10. For this reason, sports & entertainment have more value than education because students don’t get huge & instant pay for studying hard.

11. So while money has become what is of value, it becomes imperative for those who need attention of youths to dangle money as carrots.

12. But even as money has become the symbol of value, it is over-used and therefore ab-used. Money ought be a used as reward for work.

13. If money is a system of reward, isn’t reward supposed to be for work done?

14. But as money is indiscriminately used, it also loses “value” role. But that has not finally degenerated, it can still be redeemed.

15. We can begin to use money, which is seen to be of value, as system of reward to revive old system of value.

16. The society should now begin to review what it rewards. So that reward can have value again.

17. With that in place, we can now begin to redirect reward to things of old value; education; honesty; principle; hard work; chastity, etc.

18. Since the behavior we reward becomes reinforced, let’s place incentive on positive behavior & morals. That way we would restore dignity.

19. Corruption & malfeasance gain reinforcement because it is “incentivized”. We can turn this around.

20. Finally, reward reinforces a response. But “what are we reinforcing” is the question. Let’s reinforce good values and morals. Thank you.

Wow! What words of wisdom! This is a wake up call to us all. We need to review our reward and value system and take deliberate actions to inculcate it into our national orientation. This starts from our individual homes!

Join us next week on #ListenUpNG Wk43 as I host Chude Jideonwo, another dynamic and passionate patriot! We are going to be discussing OUR NATIONAL CAKE. What is this national cake? What is it meant for? DON’T MISS THIS! MAKE IT A DATE! #ListenUpNG!!!

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