Hello everyone! Welcome to yet another inspiring session on #ListenUpNG where men and women of experience and expertise in their areas of influence are hosted to motivate, inspire and enlighten us on #RealLifeIssues in relationships

This is a shout out to all our wonderful guests that have honoured our invitation to come share with us on #ListenUpNG over the years, months and week. Special shout out to @Kingsley , @sisilawyer @protouch Ltd and @nikefolagade, our special guest for our November Edition

Today on #ListenUpNG I have the honour of having on board, Temitope George aka The Etiquette Guru, at least to me! She’s a wife, mother of three wonderful kids, Lawyer, Etiquette Coach and Cyclist @protouchltd

#ListenUpNG Temitope George was admitted to the Bar of England and Wales by Gray’s Inn and has over 15 years experience as Legal Practitioner in Nigeria in the private and public sector with expertise in structuring and negotiating Public-Private Partnerships.@protouchltd

#ListenUpNG TG as she’s also called is a certified Etiquette Trainer and through Protouch Consulting Ltd assists corporate organisations, educational establishments and young graduates deliver quality through proven Etiquette and other Essential Soft Skills Training @protouchltd

#ListenUpNG She sits on the boards of educational and youth empowerment NGOs which provide scholarships for indigent citizens amongst other functions. Her hobbies include v-logging where she shares weekly Etiquette Tips on her youtube channel (Etiquette Tips with TG )

#ListenUpNG Join me to welcome this epitome of poise and class, as she tweets on the basic #DatingEtiquette Are you a single guy or babe, do join the conversation. Tweet at us from your experience and what you wish other single guys and babes out there take note of. Over to you, TG! @ProtouchLtd

#ListenUpNG – Thank you very much @KemiOdutayo I am so excited to share some of my thoughts on #DatingEtiquette with #BooNG and #BaeNG

1. #ListenUpNG – Dating could be casual, exploratory towards relationship, two people in courtship. My focus is on casual and exploratory dating.

2. #ListenUpNG – Casual means no strings attached, two people going out to spend time together, getting to know whether they would like to spend a lot of time together

3. #ListenUpNG -The outcome could be friendship, relationship, marriage or nothing at all. We just didn’t connect.

4. #ListenUpNG – First things first – put your best foot forward, so good manners and etiquette are important. The aim is to create a good first impression no matter what the outcome may be. #firstimpression

5. #ListenUpNG – How you look, act and what you say matters. It’s really as simple as A- Appearance, B-Behavior and C – Communication.

6. #ListenUpNG – #Appearance starts from personal grooming, before clothes and not the other way round. Please, take note.

7. #ListenUpNG – So that means , if you look great but have mouth odour (MO), body odour (BO), or unshaved ‘pits’ (for the ladies), it’s definitely a turnoff.

8. #ListenUpNG – You don’t expect to go on a beach date where you’ll have lots of conversations and expect potential ‘Bae’ to laugh at your jokes when you have MO

9. #ListenUpNG – Most times, she’ll be running round the beach and you’ll be chasing after her thinking she’s playing but the fact is she’s running for her life

10. #ListenUpNG – Looking good starts with smelling good. Mouth wash, shaving stick, dental floss, deodorant and perfume are critical. Don’t order food that will give you smelly breath. #Smellgood

11. #ListenUpNG – What you wear matters. People address you based on how you are dressed. Dress nicely enough to show you are a lady, but leave a lot more to the imagination.

12. #ListenUpNG – When you flaunt your boobs and your slit is as long as the River Nile, #Bae, #Boo will only think of what your body could offer and nothing more

13. #ListenUpNG – The bottom line is conclusions are made on the outcome of the date based on what you wear! You determine the outcome of the date!

14. #ListenUpNG – Once you have made a good impression with your appearance – you need to sustain that impression with your behaviour #behaviour

15. #ListenUpNG- Your #appearance may earn you a date or two but good #behaviour will take you to the next level.

16. #ListenUpNG – Turn up on time. It is not nice to keep your date waiting. Infact, it is considered impolite. There are so many apps these days to avoid ‘traffic routes’ so, “there was traffic”, shouldn’t be an excuse.

17. #ListenUpNG – If something unavoidable happens, do inform your date immediately. #behaviour

18. #ListenUpNG – Once you’ve exchanged pleasantries, it is a nice touch to compliment each other. Most people like compliments, genuine ones of course. #behaviour

19. #ListenUpNG – “You are the finest woman in the world”, this is an exaggerated and insincere compliment. Please don’t say this.

20. #ListenUpNG – “You smell good”, “Nice shoes” or “Nice hair style” are appropriate compliments.

21. #ListenUpNG – It is still a nice touch when a gentleman opens doors, car door for example for a lady, pulls her chair out, makes sure she walks on the inner part of the footpath furthest from the road. #behaviour

22. #ListenUpNG – It is important that you are authentic. Be yourself but your very best self. #behaviour

23. #ListenUpNG – It is quite easy to figure out an insincere person; their body language gives them away. Pay close attention to unspoken signals. #behaviour #communication

24. #ListenUpNG –In this part of the world, it is unacceptable for a gentleman to ask a lady to pay for the date. He who asks must pay. Don’t even ask to split the bill. Take her where you can afford. #behaviour

25. #ListenUpNG – Ladies try to avoid ordering the most expensive item on the menu, take a cue from your date and what he orders. It is a nice touch to ask for your date’s recommendation on what to order. #behaviour

26. #ListenUpNG –#Bae, also remember that a date is typically between two people: please don’t bring friends along unless the date is your wedding.

27. #ListenUpNG – You may end up becoming the third wheel and lose further opportunities with potential #Boo

28. #ListenUpNG – Manners during your date is very important. Be polite to everyone. #behaviour

29. #ListenUpNG – Pay attention to how your date treats other people – like the waiter, security or even the UBER/TAXIFY driver. They are leaving cues on who they really are #behaviour

30. #ListenUpNG – If you don’t pay attention to these little cues, you may be at the receiving end in future, assuming all things go well.

31. #ListenUpNG – #Boo, ask before you bring out your cigarette to smoke. Failure to ask has lost some guys a second date.

33. #ListenUpNG – Communication is one of the most important aspects of any potential relationship or friendship.

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