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with @BukkyShonibare

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3/#ListenUpNG Today’s DAY 543 of the ABDUCTION of the #ChibokGirls! Sadly, this is our reality as a nation! ???? @BukkyShonibare

4/#ListenUpNG The plight of the #ChibokGirls birthed the #BringBackOurGirls movement that went viral, showing us that our world is indeed a global village @BukkyShonibare

5/Today’s session on #ListenUpNG INDEPENDENCE EDITION addressed this #RealLifeIssue @BukkyShonibare

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8/#ListenUpNG Question: Is the #BringBackOurGirls movement a mere ‘propaganda’ as some believed? ???????? @BukkyShonibare

9/Our guest on #ListenUpNG Wk41 is @BukkyShonibare She is a woman of great passion and compassion! She is the coordinator of Adopt-A-Camp


10/#ListenUpNG Adopt-A-Camp is a non profit initiative that provides support for IDP Camps in North East Nigeria @BukkyShonibare

11/Ladies&Gentlemen, please read with an open mind the essence of the #BringBackOurGirls movement in Nigeria.


1. Thank you @KemiOdutayo for the rare privilege of gracing this chambers. Thank you for shaping opinions through this platform. #ListenUpNG

2. I will be sharing on the topic: “#BringBackOurGirls Now & Alive.” while addressing a wide array of issues about this subject. #ListenUpNG

3. I congratulate Nigeria on our 55th year of independence. As a nation/people, we have come a long way – positive & negative. #ListenUpNG

4. However, I’m concerned about the extent of independence we have gained – economically, politically, financially, governance. #ListenUpNG

5. Are we wholly liberated? Or… to what extent are we still reliant on our colonial masters? Again, are we truly independent? #ListenUpNG

6. 55 years after – it’s a good time to take stock and conduct an in-depth analysis of our true state of all-round independency. #ListenUpNG

7. A constructive conversation is imperative on our current state of independence, vis-à-vis the future and the gaps in-between. #ListenUpNG

8. E.g, insurgency has worrisomely festered for over 6yrs. BH has killed, abducted, destroyed, and rendered thousands displaced. #ListenUpNG

9. What is most troubling is the recent ‘marriage’ between Boko Haram and ISIS – a union that is already producing fruits. Sad! #ListenUpNG

10. BH-ISIS alliance is posed to build BH’s capacity, arming them for the heinous task of actualizing their criminal objective. #ListenUpNG

11. Entrenchment of BH in Nigeria’s peripheries not only embolden them; but also made them form havens in our rocks & mountains. #ListenUpNG

12. However, I acknowledge ongoing efforts of the military towards quelling BH, & rescuing abductees. Victory is near. I’m sure. #ListenUpNG

13. Of their several bold crimes is abduction of 219 #ChibokGirls which forced the advent of the 528-day-old #BringBackOurGirls. #ListenUpNG

14. The #BBOG group has an agenda – advocacy for rescue of the #ChibokGirls; while demanding for peace & security in the nation. #ListenUpNG

15. From inception, #BBOG designed a Strategic Plan, and phased into – Awareness, Understanding, Result, & Impact Measurement. #ListenUpNG

16. Each phase feeds into the other. While we’ve, to an extent, achieved phased 1; we still grapple wth phase 2 – Understanding. #ListenUpNG

17. That we still try to make people – especially Nigerians, understand the #BBOG advocacy exposes our somewhat divisiveness. #ListenUpNG

18. The third phase – where ‘Result’ is achieved, is what we have since waited for; while we still engage relevant stakeholders. #ListenUpNG

19. While a sizeable population of Nigeria; and the global community seem to understand basis of the advocacy, many still don’t. #ListenUpNG

20. Noteworthy is the fact that #BBOG is guided by carefully couched ‘Core Values,’ which determines what, how, and why we act. #ListenUpNG

21. Values: Hope, Unity, Motivation, Affability, Nationalism, Integrity, Transparency, Empathy, Equity, Discipline, & Sacrifice. #ListenUpNG

22. The acronym of the #BringBackOurGirls Core Values, as enumerated earlier, is H.U.M.A.N.I.T.E.E.D.S. It’s pronounced as such. #ListenUpNG

23. Unfortunately, #ChibokGirls have stayed too long. This long stay has several POSSIBLE implications; some of which are:… #ListenUpNG

24.(i) CAPTURE BONDING (or ‘Stockholm Syndrome’): This occurs when abductees empathize, sympathize, and bond with their captors. #ListenUpNG

25. Stockholm Syndrome is dangerous as these naïve young girls were taken at a time when their values are still being shaped. #ListenUpNG

26.(ii) RADICALIZATION: That is, possibility of being radicalized, whether willingly, subtly/psychologically coerced, or forced. #ListenUpNG

27. Thriving on the strength of its membership – numbers, gender spread, age group, etc; the girls may be of high hostage value. #ListenUpNG

28. (iii) VULNERABILITY: Another possible implication is their state of vulnerability; during and post abduction. Huge concern. #ListenUpNG

29.(iv) ASSISTANTS: Insurgents use child abductees as soldiers – suicide bombers, human shields, carriers, slaves, & bush wives. #ListenUpNG

30. STIMATIZATION: Still in abduction, #ChibokGirls are already being stigmatized by some thru unnecessary jokes abt their fate. #ListenUpNG

31. TRAUMA: The very abduction of the #ChibokGirls is deeply distressing and dehumanizing. Each day they stay strengthens this. #ListenUpNG

32. While we dont have evidence to back exactly what could be happening to the girls, these implications are huge possibilities. #ListenUpNG

33. Abduction of #ChibokGirls reflects our collective pain. So, we must, TOGETHER, face this. How? Let consider the following… #ListenUpNG

34. (a) PEOPLENESS: We must deliberately, as a people, defend the maxim that ‘Injury to one is injury to all.’ #ListenUpNG

35. This means, as a people, we stop viewing the abduction from the lenses of self-aggrandizement or prism of our differences. #ListenUpNG

36. That the abduction happened to citizens far frm us does not make them any less human; nor does it make the incidence a hoax. #ListenUpNG

37.(b) UNITY: Our diversity should be a factor for unification; not division. With togetherness, we can defeat our common enemy. #ListenUpNG

38. To conquer BH – a sect that’s against our nationalism, we must speak with 1 voice; think with 1 heart; and act with 1 force. #ListenUpNG

39. Sadly, it’s hard to converse on this issue without politicization, name-calling, character assassination, and/or slandering. #ListenUpNG

40. READINESS: While we await the eventual return of the #ChibokGirls, we must begin to look at an holistic readiness structure. #ListenUpNG

41. A conscious readiness approach must be considered by their immediate family members, the communities, and the whole nation. #ListenUpNG

42. INSTITUTIONAL STRENGTHENING: Abduction of #ChibokGirls is, in the first place, a resultant effect of institutional weakness. #ListenUpNG

43. For their rescue, and to prevent further abductions, which, in reality, is still happening, we must build ALL institutions. #ListenUpNG

44. Nigeria’s security sector, in particular, needs overhauling. Ongoing efforts to achieve this must be prioritized & hastened. #ListenUpNG

45. DEVELOPMENT: The fragility of communities, resulting in its propensity for attack, cannot be unlinked from underdevelopment. #ListenUpNG

46. The cumulative effect of fragile communities is ‘State Weakness.’ Hence, there’s need to develop marginalized communities. #ListenUpNG

47. HOLISTIC HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE: We must execute a robust strategy in responding to the issue of IDPs and Nigerian refugees. #ListenUpNG

48. My recent trip to Chibok and other parts of the NE – mapping IDP camps, revealed the need for more work. I believe we can. #ListenUpNG

49. The consequence is not just the continuous strain of resources of host communities, but also the chances of insurrections. #ListenUpNG

50. REPOSSESSION: Let’s have a tripartite approach in reclaiming Nigeria’s eroded image – SECURITY, DEVELOPMENT, and GOVERNANCE. #ListenUpNG

51. These military and non-military approaches will not only ensure we have our girls back, it’d help us reclaim our motherland. #ListenUpNG

52. Is #BringBackOurGirls a propaganda? NO. Our cause bothers on shared humanity, which is not a responsibility of few, but ALL. #ListenUpNG

53. While the responsibility of our security and welfare lies, primarily, with the government, we must be willing contributors. #ListenUpNG

54. There are several IDPs languishing in suffering – all around us. Lending support does not cost millions. Do something. HELP! #ListenUpNG

55. As we commemorate 2015 Int’l Day of the Girl Child’ on Oct 11, the #ChibokGirls and other abductees are #NeverToBeForgotten. #ListenUpNG

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