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#ListenUpNG Here is the line up of our special guests for the month of November; people of expertise and experience in their different niches

Our special guest today is a dynamic and energetic man with a terrific passion to make a difference in our society especially in the family

#ListenUpNG Kingsley Obom-Egbulem is a children minister, teacher, creative writer, social entrepreneur and a communication specialist.

#ListenUpNG He is also a minister and advocate for purpose-driven and consultative parenting.

#ListenUpNG He works with children and teenagers and is also the publisher and Editor-In chief of Parenting Now – a quarterly parenting magazine

…whose main objective is to inspire parents and guardians to rethinkParenting #ListenUpNG

@Kingsley is also the host of a radio show tagged the MANHOOD SHOW in City 105.1 fm where he addresses man related issues

#ListenUpNG The recent incidence of the Obafemi Awolowo University undergraduate, Mercy that allegedly commited suicide is a case study

#ListenUpNG Although there was another story from her brother who claimed she didn’t commit suicide but was murdered!😢 He stated his reasons

#ListenUpNG He claimed his sister had had an alteration with her room mate and he suspected foul play. Whatsoever is the true story… https://t.co/EhTMeKHTal

#ListenUpNG…somethings were obviously wrong. I believe this is a death that could have been prevented with some timely and appropriate Intervention

#ListenUpNG This brings us to today’s #RealLifeIssue to be discussed by our special guest @kingsley257 #MindingEachOtherParentingBusiness https://t.co/ZzQAYlMgUy

#ListenUpNG We are at a point in time where everybody seem to be SO busy especially parents and guardians. The youth are being left to their own devices https://t.co/pvP9BiKHvv

#ListenUpNG Coupled with this fact, our popular mantra of ‘MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!’, is causing more harm than good in our society https://t.co/zEAoMG9f2J

Our guest @kingsley257 is going to be tweeting on the need why we need to be interested in each other parenting styles, amongst other things https://t.co/tWi6Ly9kQY

Join me as I welcome this passionate man on the first session of #ListenUpNG November Edition @kingsley257 Over to you, sir! https://t.co/Y5e4hhngXI

#ListenUpNg Good afternoon. Thank you @KemiOdutayo for the honour of having me share with you all on this important topic

#ListenUpNg it’s such a pity that the lady you talked about had to leave at 16 just when her life was about starting.

#ListenUpNg but is that what our system has become? A jungle where dreams become nightmares? Where exams are meant for you to fail?

#ListenUpNg may her soul rest in peace.. And that brings me to our topic for today..

#ListenUpNg whenever events like this happen.. I always ask who could have stopped this? How could we have helped the parents of this girl?

#ListenUpNg How could someone have helped her parents develop this girl’s sense of self worth so she would know that fallure is just an event

#ListenUpNg and that you don’t need to kill yourself for failing an exam.That’s why I advocate for the need for us to help each other

#ListenUpNg Truth is the greatest threat of the 21st Century in my estimation is not terrorism, cyber crime, human trafficking or hard drugs

#ListenUpNg The greatest threat of the 21st Century is an irresponsible, reprehensible and despicable parent who can’t learn and unlearn

#ListenUpNg I mean that man & woman who decides to have children even when it’s so obvious they haven’t been able to take care of themselves

#ListenUpNg they are the biggest threat of the 21st Century. Because a couple came together to give us Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg

#ListenUpNg the same way a couple came together to give us cyber criminals and all the elements making life unbearable today for mankind

#ListenUpNg obviously those parents who can’t raise a wholesome child but who feel slighted when you try to help them cope with parenting…

#ListenUpNg …are a major threat to building a sane society!

#ListenUpNg Fact is, we’re so interconnected that it is going to be a crime to just sit back and watch any child or teenager go astray

#ListenUpNg And the picture of the inherent danger is simple to paint and very easy to understand;

#ListenUpNg As long as you are going to hire my child tomorrow, partner with him or you are going to be my in-law tomorrow, we are connected!

#ListenUpNg It would be a disservice for me to just watch you raise your child anyhow. No way…I’ll mind your business and you mind mine too

#ListenUpNg Because by the time my daughter falls in love with your son, the same son that you didn’t raise well, it would be too late to parent him

#ListenUpNg Some of us turned out well not because we had great parents but because we had pseudo parents who kept an eye on us whenever we are out of our homes

#ListenUpNG We had no mobile phone then, but if you misbehaved outside the house, your mom would tell you the whole story when you get home😆

#ListenUpNG She is not omnipresent. Her friend saw you misbehaving and told her. Next time you will think twice before misbehaving.

#ListenUpNG. Those days, there were boys some mothers encouraged their daughters to associate/play with and vice versa.

#ListenUpNG There were also families you are told never to go near, let alone marry from.

#ListenUpNG It is because of the communal nature of our lives. We were accountable to one another.

#ListenUpNG Today, everyone seems to be an Island and it’s hurting us all. We commit our attrocities and bury them as family matters.

#ListenUpNG And we forget that another man’s son or daughter is going to come into that family and become a victim of that mess.

#ListenUpNG A boy was always gambling, going on spending spree, reveling. He’s married & today his wife is bearing the brunt of his gambling and upbringing.

#ListenUpNG So the question is, how do we engender or re-engender the culture of community parenting in the 21st century era?

#ListenUpNG. I think it’s simple. We need to first of all identify the existence of various communities that we have.

#ListenUpNG We have the churches, schools, work, old boys and old girls, residential or neighbourhood communities and associations.

#ListenUpNG If I know that my son can meet your daughter while in XYZ College I’ll be interested in the premium placed on Parenting in that school

#ListenUpNG I don’t sit on the fence when I join a school. I’m interested in how the policy of the school is shaping and affecting parenting

#ListenUpNG And that’s because if my daughter or son falls in love with his/her classmates that child is going to be my son or daughter in-law

#ListenUpNG And I’ve got to deal with that when it happens good or bad. So in order not to regret tomorrow I must be involved today.

#ListenUpNG If we attend the same church and our children also attend that church, their chances of getting close and becoming friends is high…very high

#ListenUpNG So I should be interested in how you’re doing parenting and the values you are upholding because I may have to deal with those values one day

#ListenUpNg The normal path of most robbers is from home to street. Some are raised as brats. But if you trace it, they would end up in another home as in-laws

#ListenUpNg The kids terrorising our city came from homes. But they were also kids who had become uncontrollable and had overwhelmed their parents

#ListenUpNg So this thing has a way of going and coming around and that’s because we are in an era where no one is an island

#ListenUpNg I had a classmate who was an armed robber. And I learnt this guy was killed in a shoot out with the police.

#ListenUpNg This guy robbed some passengers one day and one of our other classmates was in one of the buses his gang attacked.

#ListenUpNg We live in a world where no one -and I mean no one is isolated. Daily, we’re confronted with the reality of how connected we are.

#ListenUpNg The danger of just minding your business might actually be one of the greatest dangers of this ever growing interconnected world.

#ListenUpNg It was cool & just ok to work hard, make good money, marry, buy a car, rent or buy a nice apartment in a choice area of your city…

#ListenUpNg Put your kids in a lovely school, and just feel good with yourself. After all, you’ve arrived! Why not make merry and be cool?

#ListenUpNg But that seems to be the mantra of the unexposed, the narrow minded and those who can’t afford to have a glimpse of tomorrow…

#ListenUpNg …a glimpse of what the future holds when we allow bad seeds to fall, germinate and grow.

#ListenUpNg So, why should we bother about today’s kids and why should we care about what happens to each others’ children?

#ListenUpNg 1)Today’s heroes and vallains were yesterday’s kids. And tomorrow’s heroes and villains are kids today.

#ListenUpNg 2) The good cop of tomorrow and the robber he’s going to gun down are kids today…and vice versa

#ListenUpNg. This year, six Senior Sec School students of Lagos Model College, Igbonla, Epe were abducted by a gang described as militants

#ListenUpNg But these guys were kids yesterday. And today, they have become monsters terrorising and making life difficult and unsafe for an entire city.

#ListenUpNg What this means is that, if you ignore that kid in your neighborhood, and he turns out to become anything other than a good kid tomorrow…

#ListenUpNg …you and your household would likely feel the impact of his atrocities wherever you are…someday.

#ListenUpNg I always wonder why it’s so difficult for us to realise that the guy who is going to rob us tomorrow is a child now.

#ListenUpNg The judge who’s going to pervert justice tomorrow is a child now and those who are going to be his victims tomorrow are children today

#ListenUpNg And if we can intervene appropriately today we can change their journeys and save ourselves the pain of their actions tomorrow

#ListenUpNg So when I try to correct your child, don’t say “my friend mind your business, who the hell are you to tell me how to raise my kids?”

#ListenUpNg It affects all of us the same way…because we are connected!

#ListenUpNg Many thanks for your time.And thanks indeed @KemiOdutayo for having me

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