1/ Happy 55th Independence Anniversary Nigerians! Welcome to the INDEPENDENCE EDITION of ##ListenUpNG

2/ Our special guest on today’s session is @pius_adesanmi, one of the speakers at @theplatformng

3/ @pius_adesanmi is an intellectual and a patriot! His speech at the just concluded @theplatformng testify to this

4/ “We are used to making legitimate excuses to justify a culture of irresponsibility”

5/ “Whenever anything works in Nigeria it’s believed to be an exception, but all that must change”

6/ “We should hate the culture of irresponsibility in Nigeria” ~ Prof. Pius Adesanmi

7/ “Whenever anything works in Nigeria it’s believed to be an exception, but all that must change”

8/ “Our ‘let’s manage’ it syndrome needs to change even as we celebrate Independence. It is mediocrity”

9/ “It’s time to develop a culture of fixing things and shy away from mediocrity”

10/ “Reject Mediocrity and Nigeria will be Doro great”

Hmmm. These quotes were the highlights of the speech given by Prof. Pius Aesanmi, a keynote speaker at THE PLATFORM.

Pius Adesanmi is  our special guest on #ListenUpNG Wk40.

See below the compilation of his thought provoking tweets

#ListenUpNg 1 Greetings and happy independence to you all. Thanks for the opportunity to spend some time here with u on account our country.

#ListenUpNg 2 the most fundamental meaning of being a Nigerian is a particular privilege we often take 4 granted bcos of our challenges.

#ListenUpNg 3 the privilege of entering any space in Africa, nay the world, and have d oxygen in d room bow before your presence.

##ListenUpNg  4 there is a way of inhabiting space that is an exclusive attribute of our nationality.

#ListenUpNg 5 Being a Nigerian is also to enjoy the privilege of belonging to the one truly indispensable nation in Africa

#ListenUpNg D bad rap we get across the continent is giant resentment. When u are 180 million strong, u are d heartbeat of d continent.

#ListenUpNg To be Nigerian is to be part of a community of resourcefulness ‘n industry; an infinite possibility of making something of zilch

#ListenUpNg 6 being Nigerian is the only genuine patriotism. Here’s why.

#ListenUpNg 7 Patriotism is reduced to the injunction: ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country!

#ListenUpNg 8 Americans die for their country on the basis of that noble JFK call to patriotism.

#ListenUpNg 9 Europeans sally forth in defense of their countries on d basis of the same truism.

#ListenUpNg 10 But in those countries, the state has your back as a citizen. There is welfare. There are social safety nets.

#ListenUpNg 11 If one American is stranded abroad, the American state can deploy her army to rescue him.

#ListenUpNg 12 If a Canadian is captured abroad, lack of response can bring down the Canadian government.

#ListenUpNg 13 JFK’s injunction is cheap in a country that values your life and has your back!

#ListenUpNg 14 why will you not love and die for America? Why will you ask what you can do 4 her. She’s got your back. Don’t be greedy!

#ListenUpNg 15 A Nigerian’s love for Nigeria is the one genuine and true love. Nigeria gives nothing. Yet we love her.

#ListenUpNg 16 A Nigerian’s life has zero value for Somali pirates and ISIS kidnappers. If terrorists catch you, u are on your own.

#ListenUpNg 17 Yet we love Nigeria just like that. That is genuine patriotism. It is honest patriotism.

#ListenUpNg 18 I once collapsed at the airport in Frankfurt out of exhaustion after 2 weeks of lectures in 3 continents.

#ListenUpNg 19 One phone call to d Canadian embassy in Germany and the Canadian state mobilized for me. Showing patriotism 4 Canada is easy

#ListenUpNg 20 A Nigerian stranded abroad who phones a Nigerian embassy could be accused of abuse of telephone by rude embassy officials.

#ListenUpNg 21 D worst thing that can happen to u as a Nigerian abroad is to ever need the help of a Nigerian embassy. I reject it 4 u IJN!

#ListenUpNg 22 Yet Nigerians abroad are fanatically patriotic citizens of Nigeria. That is love for a country that does not have your back.

#ListenUpNg 23 Unconditional love! Nigeria is country dat gives zilch to the citizen and expects everything from her.

#ListenUpNg 24 There is also a positive way in which being a Nigerian is to survive without a national ideal.

#ListenUpNg 25: A national ideal is the oxygen of a nation. The American dream is an ideal; German efficiency; Japanese techo-rationality

#ListenUpNg 26 These are all national ideals central to the becoming of these countries.

#ListenUpNg 27 Nigeria has remained inchoate, trudging on chaotically since 1960 without a national ideal.

#ListenUpNg 28: Yet we are still here! I don’t know many nations that has survived the absence of a transcendental national ideal.

#ListenUpNg 29: To have survived this long without an ideal is a hint of our enormous potentials and possibilities.

#ListenUpNg 30: Just imagine what we’ll do, where we’ll be, the heights we’ll attain when, eventually, we forge an ideal!

#ListenUpNg 31 Out of our convulsions, self-inflicted tragedies, needless errors, will come a transcendental ideal, an imaginary of the self

#ListenUpNg 32 This will happen despite our current circumstances.

#ListenUpNg 33 Our youth demographic must, however, understand that this ideal will grow out of their intellect, creative energies.

#ListenUpNg 34 One advantage they have over my generation is that they did not start with a false premise and false promises.

#ListenUpNg 35 My generation started out on the false premise that we were the leaders of tomorrow. It was drilled in our heads growing up.

#ListenUpNg 36 Promises were made based on that premise and we lapped them all up.

#ListenUpNg 37 If u are 30 and below, you did not grow up on a foundation of false premise and promises.

#ListenUpNg 38 Nobody told you that you were the leader of tomorrow because the leadership lost every pretension to that yarn.

#ListenUpNg 39 You were raised on a harsh reality of predation on your future by your elders.

#ListenUpNg 40 You are therefore better prepared to forge an ideal of a Nigeria of the future built on d sum of this specific experience.

#ListenUpNg 41 One other thing about your generation. You are your own role models. You are Nigeria’s role models.

#ListenUpNg 42 U made Nollywood happen! U made our music industry happen.

#ListenUpNg 42 U made Nollywood happen! U made our music industry happen.

#ListenUpNg 43 your generation is currently the expression of Nigeria’s genius and creativity. Despite the horrible Universities.

#ListenUpNg 44 And the terrible examples in the political space.

#ListenUpNg 45 A little less vulnerability to d whims of older generations who blow whistles to make u fall into ethnic & religious camps.

#ListenUpNg 46: Shift the paradigm. Your ethnicity and religion should be the path to Nigeria’s rainbowhood.

#ListenUpNg 47: find it in u to transform d instruments of division in d hands of Nigeria’s exploiters to platforms of national co-presence.

#ListenUpNg 48 above all, read this lecture I addressed to you from faraway Alberta, Canada 4 years ago.

#ListenUpNg 49 read and tell me if the challenge I gave you are still valid. Critique it. Engage it! Let is reason together respectfully!

#ListenUpNg 50 http://t.co/pKcXJieW4i

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