Its an awesome evening and a honor to be here share on the #ListenUpNG      platform.

2. Good Evening everyone!  @KemiOdutayo wants us to discuss on the topic, Just a Little More. (JALM) #ListenUpNG

3.  This should be short because its just a little more #ListenUpNG

4. Just a little more for me is a phrase that  spans across all life issues #ListenUpNG

5. We will be discussing JALM in the context of relationships and marriage #ListenUpNG

6  The dictionary explains Little to mean  a small amount, More means extra, it also means an additional #ListenUpNG

7. If we put the words together, ‘Just a little more’ means we should add  ‘Small; an  extra’ to what we originally have #ListenUpNG

8. In  this age where everything we engage in is “fast”, JALM is nearly old fashioned we love to do ‘fast’! #ListenUpNG

9. We  want to grow up fast #ListenUpNG

10. We want to Leave home fast #ListenUpNG

11   We want to fall in love fast #ListenUpNG

12. We want to be experience sex fast #ListenUpNG

13 We want to be wedded fast #ListenUpNG

14.   We want to our spouses to understand us fast #ListenUpNG

15  We want to stop misunderstanding  fast #ListenUpNG

16.  We want to be rich fast #ListenUpNG

17.  We want to get pregnant fast #ListenUpNG

18.   We want the child to grow fast #ListenUpNG

19   We want God to answer any issue we have fast #ListenUpNG

20.  We want a change fast#ListenUpNG

21. BUT we DO NOT want to die FAST! #ListenUpNG

22  The  listed is few out of the many things of life we want to happen fast #ListenUpNG

23. Guess what my dear people?  there is a secret to what all we want  fast #ListenUpNG

24  The shortest route to what we want is the art of  Just a little more! #ListenUpNG

25. This is absolutely simple, if we  can apply  and embrace the art of just a little more #ListenUpN

26 Let us very simply explore examples of  how little makes a huge difference #ListenUpNG

27.In Barcelonia Olympic 1992  the 100m men race,Linford of Great Britain was 1st  Ezinwa of Nigeria was 8th (last) #ListenUpNG

28 Still referencing tweet 27, the difference in finish time was 0.29 Seconds #ListenUpNG

29. Meaning the difference between the first and last  was not even half a minute!   #ListenUpNG

30. This simply means if only Ezinwa (according to my definition of a little , added a little more to his speed ,#ListenUpNG

31 If he did just half of a minute better than  his speed,  the gold medal would have been his #ListenUpNG

32.This is one of numerous examples of how just a little more addition to what you already have can make a major difference.ListenUpNG

33. Now I employ you to pause and think of the little ‘mores’ #ListenUpNG

34. Just a little more time in Knowing and understanding ‘you’ #ListenUpNG

35. Just a little more time in ensuring you meet the right counselor to prepare you for marriage #ListenUpNG

36.  Just a little more wait and refuse to go pants down with that babe or dude saves you from a lifetime embarrassment #ListenUpNG

37. What about   Just  a little mote prayer time with God ????? #ListenUpNG

38. Just a little more trust in your spouse ….. #ListenUpNG

39.   Just a little more patience in making your final choice of life partner ….. #ListenUpNG

40.  Just a little more show of love stops that person from going on a  suicide  mission #ListenUpNG

41.  Just a little more gift makes your mother in law change her negative thoughts about you #ListenUpNG

42.  Just a little more learning makes you understand what sex is and how and where  it should be shared and enjoyed#ListenUpNG

43. Just a little more hour of sleep gets you late and gets you to miss a great opportunity #ListenUpNG

44. Can we pause a second and think of arears , scenerios happenings that we should have just given  a little more?   #ListenUpNG

45  Now can we pause a second and think of some issues at hand? Can we give  give a little more??? than give up now?   #ListenUpNG

46. Just  a little more patience and thought  and you wont believe you are the one who got fed up of that marriage #ListenUpNG

47. Just a little more is really a BIG DEAL if Only we try Just a little more! #ListenUpNG

48. I decided some 7 years ago to write just a little more on my facebook page my thoughts on marriages #ListenUpNG

49. 7 years later I had 3 people I met on facebook who had called off divorce  and  now having an awesome marital life #ListenUpNG

50.  When I meet with the couple I ask myself what if I chose to ‘mind my business’  #ListenUpNG

51. The fact that you reject the idea of just a little more means you reject a move to greatness in you or someone else #ListenUpNG

52. Just a little more simply means little is  Awesome! #ListenUpNG

53. Lets add flavor to our lives by doing JUST A LITTLE MORE!!!!! #ListenUpNG

54. Its a honor being with you today! thanks for having me @KemiOdutayo


About Kemi Odutayo

‘Kemi Odutayo, a graduate of University of Lagos, Nigeria is a Practitioner of NLP, a blogger, an author, a counselor and a media consultant. She is the Head of Operations, Me4 Communications, a publishing, marketing and communications outfit specializing in publishing books/eBooks, managing and offering training for social media accounts for individuals and organizations. Kemi and her husband of many years, Kayode Odutayo have a beautiful family blessed with three lovely children.