Hello everyone! It’s another Friday! And guess what????? It’s another time to #ListenUpNG!


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Today, we will be rounding up our January Edition on #ListenUpNG and our very first guest in 2017 is @WaleTejumade

#ListenUpNG @WaleTejumade is a value driven and result oriented individual with a penchant for excellence.

#ListenUpNG @WaleTejumade is the Convener of the Lofty Heights Conference and the last one was so impactful

#ListenUpNG @WaleTejumade , a dedicated and passionate Learning & Development and Human Resources Professional is also the Principal Consultant at VVC Consulting.

#ListenUpNG @WaleTejumade will be tweeting on HOW TO BECOME THE CEO OF YOUR LIFE! To make a success of your life, you have to be in charge of your life

Ladies & Gentlemen, join me to make welcome @WaleTejumade , our very first guest on #ListenUpNG 2017! https://t.co/frBhn29hcf

1. Let me start by thanking the host of this session, @kemiodutayo for the honors of having me here. #ListenUpNG

2. To avoid any misconception, I should add at this juncture that the theme for the session doesn’t imply being an Entrepreneur. #ListenUpNG

3. In other words, the theme seeks to let you understand how you can take charge and lead your own life. #ListenUpNG

4. One of the most prevalent challenges an average Nigerian Youth faces is that of IDENTITY. #ListenUpNG

5. By this, I simply mean the ability to understand one’s uniqueness and become distinctive in a world where everyone does what everyone does. #ListenUpNG

6. People tend to move or gravitate towards whatever is “trending”. The quest for originality has been jettisoned. #ListenUpNG

7. Another fundamental reality confronting an average Nigerian is the “indebtedness mentality”…… #ListenUpNG

8. Our society has shaped us to believing that people owe us the quality of life we live. #ListenUpNG

9. This deadly and destiny crushing mentality makes us believe that the Govt, our Parents, Friends, Bosses and even Enemies…/2 #ListenUpNG

10. ..2/2 are the ones to be held responsible for whatever state of life we are or the outcomes of the experiences of our past. #ListenUpNG

11. It’s the reason y we have so many Champions living as Losers, Success living as Failures and Millionaires living as a Pauper #ListenUpNG

11b. We then repeatedly and habitually blame everyone for the quality of our lives but ourselves. #ListenUpNG

12. Friends, if you operate in any of the aforementioned mindsets (see tweets 4&7), you cannot become the CEO of your life! #ListenUpNG

13. Simply put, until you begin to take responsibility for the outcomes of your life, you cannot lead your life. #ListenUpNG

14. Understand this today; NO ONE OWES YOU ANYTHING IN LIFE! You owe yourself the precious gift of YOU! #ListenUpNG

15. The day you begin to CONSCIOUSLY take responsibility for your life, you’d begin to live your true essence. #ListenUpNG

16. In your quest to becoming the CEO of your life, you must have the mindset and qualities of a good CEO….. /2 #ListenUpNG

17. …2/2 ……this is extremely important because no one can give what he or she does not have. #ListenUpNG

18. Again, I should let you know that you cannot lead a life that you do not believe in! #ListenUpNG

20. U don’t need the world to believe in U b4 you begin to live the life of your dream. You need God and you to believe YOU! #ListenUpNG

21. You cannot live the life you cannot see. #Vision #ListenUpNG

22. Keys to becoming the CEO of your life. 1. Know who you are. The world will step aside for the one who knows where he’s going #ListenUpNG

23. 2. Be mindful of your association. Move with those who challenge you, not those who make you feel like a king/queen… #ListenUpNG

24…..2/2…If you always feel like the Don in the midst of your friends, it may be time for you to “port”! #ListenUpNG

25. 3. Delete your “indebtedness mentality”. Begin to be responsible for your actions. Blame no one anymore…/2 #ListenUpNG

26….2/2….As earlier stated, you’d be seen to be ready for greatness when you know you are responsible for your life #ListenUpNG

27. 3. Don’t be fooled, you need God to become all that He created you for. #ListenUpNG

28. Don’t let anyone make you feel loving or serving God is old fashion. Make your God famous! #ListenUpNG

29. 4. Don’t be afraid to fail or make mistakes. If you don’t try, you’d never know what you are capable of. #ListenUpNG

30. 5. Be consistent, disciplined and focused. You can achieve as much as your eyes can see. #ListenUpNG

31. Make sure the life you live is that of your choosing. One that you’d be proud of. #ListenUpNG

32. #TakeTheLead in the matters of your life. Call the shots. Become the CEO of your own life! You can. You must. You will. #ListenUpNG

33. Thank you again for having me @KemiOdutayo. Keep up the good works. God bless you and yours richly. Loftier Heights! #ListenUpNG

WaleTejumade is a value driven and result oriented individual with a penchant for excellence. He is a dedicated and passionate Learning & Development and Human Resources Professional. He is also the Principal Consultant at VVC Consulting and the Convener of the Lofty Heights Conference.

A graduate of Accountancy from the Lagos State University, he possesses Diploma Certificates in Human Resources, Diploma in Human Psychology and Certificate in Leadership and Emotional intelligence from the Case Western Reserve University, Ohio, U.S.A.

Teju is a dedicated and passionate Learning & Development and Human Resources Professional with over ten years experience spanning Banking and Consulting with proven competencies in HR Generalist Affairs,Talent Management, HR Strategy Formulation and Implementation, Performance Management and Manpower Planning.

Highly respected for being a changed river and an intelligent Brand & Business Strategist,Teju is also a corporate trainer of high repute to various organizations including Manufacturing,Telecoms,Oil and Gas, Banking, Hospitals and Government institutions.

His love for people and the desire to see employees move from good to great, better to best, and have fulfillment on the job and life drive his interest for L & D.
He is a member of Saskatchewan Association of Human Resource Professionals, Canada(SAHRP).

About Kemi Odutayo

‘Kemi Odutayo, a graduate of University of Lagos, Nigeria is a Practitioner of NLP, a blogger, an author, a counselor and a media consultant. She is the Head of Operations, Me4 Communications, a publishing, marketing and communications outfit specializing in publishing books/eBooks, managing and offering training for social media accounts for individuals and organizations. Kemi and her husband of many years, Kayode Odutayo have a beautiful family blessed with three lovely children.