#ListenUpNG Wk39: WHY MEN LIE


Missed the live tweetcast of #ListenUpNG Wk39 by Kemi Tony-Akinwunmi? See below the compiled tweets for an uninterrupted read! #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect on them!

1.Good evening great minds.Such a great honour to be on this platform.Thank you @KemiOdutayo for the opportunity.I celebrate you #listenupNg

2.Tonight topic is WHY MEN LIE.I will b sharing from my observation as a Relationship Therapist for over a decade @KemiOdutayo #listenupNg

3.Its a general belief that Men tend to lie more than women in relationship.A negetive belief many have held unto for years #listenupNg

4.This harmful belief has generated irrelevant suspicious and destroyed many good relationships for a long time @KemiOdutayo #listenupNg

5.Lieing isn’t peculiar to Men alone.Both men and women lie in relationship for various reasons.Human beings lie. @KemiOdutayo #ListenupNg

6.But today our focus will be on the Men and their lies.Why do they lie&why the general belief that they lie more. @kemitalkin #listenupNg

7.Many women hate it when they are told lies repeatedly by someone they have an affair with @KemiOdutayo #listenupNg

8. These several lies leaves a woman confused and worried about the survival of the relationship and much more @KemiOdutayo #listenupNg

9.When a woman discovers she has been told many lies by someone she trully loves.She is deeply hurt @KemiOdutayo #listenupNg

10.Women need to realise that sometimes, men lie not with the intention to hurt the woman but to actually make her happy #listenupNg

11A man will lie if it will momentarily create or help maintain a good communication line in a relaxed atmosphere @kemitalkin #listenupNg

12.Some women complain of Men lieing about their movement and not coming straight with what and who they were with @KemiOdutayo #listenupNg

13.Why does he lie about his movement?The man may think U’re are asking for too much info when U demand to know..
@KemiOdutayo #ListenupNg

13B.Where he is,with whom,doing what,for what,since when&for how long.He may feel you are spying on him #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

14.And thatz one of the reasons Men consider a committed relationship stressful.So they rather lie to keep up @KemiOdutayo #listenupNg

15.He lies about his movement.Even though where he is may not be where you won’t want him to be.He No wan drama #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

16.Men lie because they think if they say the truth,they will still be questioned&so they make up lies #listenupNg

17. Many time women tend to believe and fall for those lies that cause the men to make up more lies

18.Men say it’s better to lie &be safe rather than face the hard work of how to manage the outpouring emotions #listenupNg

19.A man can lie to put up a fake front before a woman he likes to woo just to impress her #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

19b. Men tend to lie as long as it achieve thier aims until smthing unfortunate happens that reveals thier true intentions #listenupNg

20. He will lie and lie to cover up lies with more lies until the day he go enter soup. @KemiOdutayo #ListenupNg

21. It’s Ok to impress a woman,but definitely not wit lies&deception if u want a lasting relationship
#listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

22.Some men lie to women in relationship because they believe women can’t handle the truth.Says who?Pls be honest #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

23.Sometimes,our pectations from the men is really high and most men want to meet up to it by all means, including lieing #listenupNg

24.Some married men will lie to keep the peace@home.if a situation as caused a level of damage already to the Marriage.

25.To avoid worsening the relationship or end the marriage. A man will prefer to lie to salvage the situation #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

26.A man may lie to retain his jobs, safe his face from embarrassment and lie to keep you in a date if he like you.Though wrong #listenupNg

27.Men lie when they are scared and can’t predict Ur reactions to the truth.when they know it will hurt you #listenupNg

28.Atimes a woman will need to ignore some of his little&stupid lies even when you know say this one Na lie.
#listenupN @KemiOdutayo

29.Because some of his lies maybe genuine and its just to keep you happy&not because he is involved in anything shady or bad #listenupNg

30.Don’t make a big deal of those irrelevant little lies of his.Sometimes he lied because he is afraid of u.Chaii ! #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

31.Even though women don’t like men lieing to them,but they created such situation thru their expectations atimes. #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

32.Women should learn to accept and not be overly demanding of the man they have an affair with #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

33. To some men. They just need a belief change that Women don’t like lies as some men claim. Women want the truth #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

34.But on the flip side,when you discover he lies consistently&intentionally to hide or cover up vital informations from you #listenupNg

35.This are lies you need to mark by keen caution&be very watchful of Lies that gets you explode with anger u can’t curtail

36.When you discover he gives incomplete details,when what he says isn’t a lie nor is it the total truth. #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

37.If married yet #listenupNg

37.Marriage is a long time to remain a Chief security officer. Some men are perpetual liars. Run from such A beg #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

38.Why will you think lieing to a woman is normal to maintain a relationship,that is fraud,it kills it actually #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

39.Few tips to assist ur man to stop lieing and open up to you more easily. #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

40.A woman should be less interrogative when a situation seems dicey.Learn to snub some of his little lies. #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

41.Let your man be safe with U with some of his lies when you discover, this is one of the ways u will permit him to be truthful #listenupNg

42.Don’t be overly critical and judgemental of his lies. Avoid blowing issues out of proportion. #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

44.Ask helping not condemning questions.Be calm and create a conducive atmosphere for him to open up all times #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

44.When he knows he won’t be judged or be killed with words.he will gradually be more honest &can stop lieing #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

45Some women have tongue lashed their husbands to telling more lies or he device more ways of you not finding our. #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

46.You can also thank him for being truthful when he does even when it hurts you badly.You are owing a seed, trust me #listenupNg

Appreciate him for been real with U.Remember he has options to cook up serious lies&you fall for it.Thank u might encourage him #listenupNg

47.Women should also be honest.Be open with him, dont just demand honesty&loyalty when you also lie per seconds #listenupNg @KemiOdutayo

47b.But if U are not married& your man lies at will because he feels he can lie&nothing will happen. U deserve marital happiness #listenupNg

48.Should ur man lie to you consistently while dating? NO NO. If u don’t trust his words, no need to advance into marriage. #listenupNg

48b.And if U are married&make some unpleasant discoveries of series of lies U can’t handle.Pls seek professional help #listenupNg

49.Men stop thinkng women want lies.Men pls b real& focus on building trust inUr relationships #listenupNg

Thank you kemi odutayo for having me share on your platform. I appreciate you Ma. Keep flying higher.

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