#ListenUpNG Wk39: NAIJA ~ THE WAY OUT!

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Thank you very much @KemiOdutayo for this opportunity to discuss the Nigerian realities and the way out of our dilemma. #ListenUpNG

1. I’ll attempt to look at this from a holistic angle, even though so many have termed my views to be too radical for Nigeria #ListenUpNG

2. Being a Nigerian has been one of the most interesting and agonising experience in my short lifetime. Why is this so? #ListenUpNG

3. I constantly live everyday in amusement at why we have consistently failed to govern ourselves effectively since 1960. #ListenUpNG

4. As a student of history/politics, I’ve read several accounts by scholars & other thought leaders to justify our predicament #ListenUpNG

5. Some have blamed slavery, some colonialism, some have argued that the world order is tilted against the development of Africa #ListenUpNG

6. That the West is always protecting its interests to the detriment of Africa. All balderdash. We expect the world to feed us #ListenUpNG

7. Whilst there may be facts to support these claims, afterall,if they hadn’t carted away millions of our working population #ListenUpNG

8. as slaves,Africa’ld have had more resources to develop. Colonialism was only to the benefit of Europe, at Africa’s detriment #ListenUpNG

9. Some even say colonialism disrupted Africa’s civilisation. That we are where we are bcos we werent allowed to go at our pace. #ListenUpNG

10. At what pace were we developing? Whilst Pedro Cabral travelled by ship in 1500 to discover Brazil, we worshiped the sea #ListenUpNG

11. But there it stops, Africa and Nigerians must stop this unending game of self-pity & victim playing. We must move on. #ListenUpNG

12.Other states colonised along with us have since moved on.Self-interest of nations is the norm in the global political economy #ListenUpNG

13. We must stop waiting for hand-outs. We must look inwards. We must decide. Laughing stock or the pride of the world? #ListenUpNG

14. What is the way out? Leadership. Firm strong leadership with a huge vision, & unparalleled resolve to drive home the vision. #ListenUpNG

15. We must realise our realities are different from that of others. 1000yrs behind on infrastructure. 2000yrs behind on values #ListenUpNG

16. We thrive in corruption,& flourish in deceit. Corruption has become the major driver of our economic growth.Decadent society #ListenUpNG

17. Corrupt money constitutes a huge chunk of the money in our financial system. We’ve embedded corruption into our civilservice #ListenUpNG

18. We must choose. Either to transform, or continue on this path of destruction. We need hard, heavy and swift transformation, #ListenUpNG

19. We need a leader who will make swift and hard decisions, and focus on transforming our entire ecosystem. FIRM LEADERSHIP. #ListenUpNG

20. We look unto nations like Singapore, Rwanda, China, Ghana, etc. with admiration for the transformation in their economies #ListenUpNG

21. But yet shy away from the hard decisions such nations made. Now,how do we get this leadership?From the same political class? #ListenUpNG

22. We definitely will not get the desired leadership we require from this current crop of politicians. We need a new crop. #ListenUpNG

23. Youths must rally together to identify a new leaders,&mobilise support for same. We did for Buhari. We can do for ourselves. #ListenUpNG

24. We can choose to continue spending time tweeting. Or rally together.Promote youth interests, and spur ideological revolution #ListenUpNG

25. The leadership we must support should be willing to deploy a private sector-style approach to governance. #ListenUpNG

25b. We need some semblance of a private sector-like approach in the transformation of our borders, seaports, and airports. #ListenUpNG

26. We need an STRONG leadership in the sanitization of our military and para-military organizations. Without this, failure #ListenUpNG

28. We must read riot act to service chiefs&assign KPIs. Displine defaulters HARD. Constitute special courts for corruption #ListenUpNG

29. Create HEAVY disincentives for corruption,make scapegoats, especially OF the leader’s allies. Build structure for governance #ListenUpNG

30. Build a leaner government that’s focused on regulation, taxation,corruption, social welfare, and security. Privatise others #ListenUpNG

31. Leave businesses to businessmen.Retain very few legacy institutions to provide alternate services. Drive efficiency in govt! #ListenUpNG

32. I so doubt the political class can help us.Buhari was the last hope from them.We must mobilise ourselves.Create alternatives #ListenUpNG

33. Influencers, business leaders, academics,everyone under 40 must come together and CHOOSE to create the disruption we desire! #ListenUpNG

34. This is our chance to create a movement similar to NADECO and what the Soyinka & Fawehinmis did under the military #ListenUpNG

35. We must stop speaking from the sidelines. Let’s leverage the voice we have to mobilise for the type of leadership we desire! #ListenUpNG

36.Youth leaders must meet to chart a way forward @Omojuwa @DebolaLagos @Chude @ogundamisi & all influencers must commit to this #ListenUpNG

37. We can start with a youth summit on leadership. Those ready to run must be supported. We must galvanise attention to youths #ListenUpNG

38. But whichever leader we create mustn’t be left alone. We must continuously monitor&ensure unwavering commitment to the cause #ListenUpNG

39. Jerry Rawlings did this in Ghana, though with military force, same can be achieved by determination through the ballot #ListenUpNG

40. Lee Kuan Yew took over power from his mid30s.He was firm&decisive.He was authoritarian. Today,he is a global leadership hero #ListenUpNG

41. Paul Kagame took over at42. He is a firm decisive leader. A big visionary. Today he is the standard for leadership in Africa #ListenUpNG

42. It is an insult on the collective intelligence of African youths,some of whom lead large multinationals, to be led by inepts #ListenUpNG

43. The same way youths are rallying themselves in technology, media, sports, and other fields. We must do same for politics! #ListenUpNG

44. We have attracted global attention in entrepreneurship&technology.We have demonstrated academic excellence. Lets do politics #ListenUpNG

45. Those at home must come together, those abroad must create awareness. We must create a united platform for governance. #ListenUpNG

46. If Nnamdi Kanu could create a global voice,albeit questionable one, for the Biafra cause. Then we can do same for governance #ListenUpNG

47. If we create a strong voice for governance,& promote electable leaders amongst us. The world will listen. Nigeria will vote. #ListenUpNG

48. But then, saying it as I have said isn’t enough. The question is, who will act? 2019 is here. No more best amongst thieves! #ListenUpNG

49. I personally will reach out to a few youth leaders that I know. I pray my call is not ignored. The clock is ticking. #ListenUpNG

50. Nigerian youths must act. Lest, history will judge us for noisemaking on social media, while our children’s future got raped #ListenUpNG

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