1. Hello friends! Welcome to yet another inspiring and thought provoking session on #ListenUpNG #IndependenceSeries

2. Last week on #ListenUpNG, our special guest @abati1990 addressed the #RealLifeIssue ‘ARE WE REALLY ONE?’

3. #ListenUpNG The last 3 sentences in Ui,his tweet session were profound for me and read thus:

4. “The new Nigeria that we seek must be a country, nation and state of citizens,

5…not a divided community of fortune- seekers where anything goes.

6. Converting the centrifugal forces in our land to centripetal building blocks, turning our diversity into

7…a source of strength, and establishing a sense of common ownership is the task to be done to make Nigeria one.

8. My belief and conviction is that this is do-able and achievable, if we manage to get our…

9…leadership recruitment process right at all levels: from mosque to church to schools, to groups, to communities, to the seats of power.”

10. #ListenUpNG #InCaseYouMissedIt Click this link to read in full. It was explosive! http://wp.me/p6tkXz-JB

11. 2day, I will be sharing my thought & an opinion piece on how we can birth the NEW NIGERIA @abati1990 referred to #ListenUpNG

12. A nation, not an artificial contraption or a Zoo as some insist on calling it, where we can all co-exist in peace and unity, proud to be called Nigerians. #ListenUpNG

13. Oh yes, we are all aware of the agitation for a New Nigeria, a restructured nation where equity is at the forefront #ListenUpNG

14. #ListenUpNG This agitation has been on for quite a while. The latest one being from IPOB. The Python dance that ensued was ‘epic’.

15. This led to loss of many lives & properties going by eye witnesses’ accounts and media reports. #ListenUpNG

16. My question to thought, political, religious and ethnic leaders is, ‘Must Our Agitation Be Bloody To Be Effective?” #ListenUpNG

17. What happened to ‘PEACEFUL AGITATION’? #ListenUpNG I strongly believe this is the path to tread

18. #ListenUpNG Why must we revert to acting inhuman; like savages to fight for our right or to make our opinions heard?

19. Agitation is defined as the state of feeling irritated/restless; of attempting 2stir up public opinion for/against something. #ListenIpNG

20. #ListenUpNG While But agitation can be a discussion meant to stir up people and produce changes, it can be peaceful…

21…harmonious, strife-free, peaceable, on good terms, amicable, friendly, cordial, non-violent; orderly, disciplined #ListenUpNG

22. Some think ‘PEACEFUL AGITATION’ is slow and for the coward but #ListenUpNG Ask Mahatma Gandhi. Ask Martin Luther King. Jr.

23. #ListenUpNG Ask David Hartsough. David is a man that knows how to get in the way and stand his ground!

24. #ListenUpNG Ask our own @Obyezeks and the @BBOG_Nigeria team. Ask them how they held the Nigerian Government accountable

25. #ListenUpNG Ask them how they kept the memory of the #ChibokGirls alive in our hearts and were able to garner global interest.

26. #ListenUpNG Ask them!

27. #ListenUpNG I recently came across a book written by David Hartsough with Joyce Hollyday titled, ‘WAGING PEACE’.

28. #ListenUpNG Hartsough’s story demonstrates the power and effectiveness of organized nonviolent action.

29. #ListenUpNG ‘Waging Peace’ is a testament to the difference one person can make. But it is more than one man’s memoirs

30. #ListenUpNG Hartsough shows how this struggle is waged all over the world by ordinary people committed to their cause

31. #ListenUpNG Inspired by the examples of Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr…

32. #ListenUpNG Hartsough has spent his life experimenting with THE POWER OF ACTIVE NON VIOLENCE.

33. #ListenUpNG Other awesome books in relation to this topic can be found in https://www.peaceworkersus.org/books/

34. #ListenUpNG Let’s say NO to violent demonstration/protest that only results in the death of our innocent youths

35. #ListenUpNG Enough of the hate speeches! Enough of the ethnic and religious intolerance!

36. #ListenUpNG Can we organise non-violent, orderly protests with reputable, knowledgeable, non partisan thought leaders to amplify our voices?

37. #ListenUpNG THE POWER OF ACTIVE NON VIOLENCE of the @BBOG is worthy of emulation

38. #ListenUpNG After the abduction of the 276 #ChibokGirls in 2014,

39. #ListenUpNG Parents and others took to social media to complain about the government’s perceived slow and inadequate response.

40. #ListenUpNG The news caused international outrage against Boko Haram and the Nigerian government.

41. #ListenUpNG On 3rd and 4th of May 2014, protests were held in major Western cities including Los Angeles and London.

42. #ListenUpNG A lawyer in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, started the hash tag #BringBackOurGirls, which began to trend globally on Twitter

43…and the story spread rapidly internationally, becoming for a time Twitter’s most tweeted hastag.#ListenUpNG

44. By 11th of May it had attracted 2.3 million tweets and by 2016 it had been retweeted 6.1 million times #ListenUpNG

45. #ListenUpNG Several online petitions were created to pressure the Nigerian government to act against the kidnappers.

46. #ListenUpNG On 30th of April, hundreds marched to the National Assembly to demand government and military action against the kidnappers.

47. Fast forward to 2017, 3 years later, 163 are back home while we still await the remaining 113 #ChibokGirls #ListenUpNG

48. #ListenUpNG I strongly believed if not for THE POWER OF ACTIVE NON VIOLENCE deployed by the @BBOG_NG these girls will be long forgotten

49. @DavidAnuwe a political analyst believed restructuring Nigeria through constitutional amendment is the way to go #ListenUpNG

50. #ListenUpNG @DavidAnuwe ‘s agitation for a restructured Nigeria was captured in his opinion piece soon to be posted on my blog

51. #ListenUpNG @DavidAnuwe concluded that Nigeria cannot wake up from its slumber today because it cannot lift its head.

52. The entire weight of its existence is concentrated in its head. From the viewpoint of government, the weight is in Abuja. #ListenUpNG

53. From the viewpoint of revenue source, the weight is in the Niger-Delta. #ListenUpNG

54. #ListenUpNG This brought to mind a tweet by @obyezeks https://twitter.com/obyezeks/status/916771636384292864

55. #ListenUpNG We need to urgently restructure and evenly distribute this pressure points and weights to diffuse tension in Nigeria ~ @DavidAnuwe

56. #ListenUpNG We need to revisit the exclusive legislative list in the Constitution and…

57…systematically reduce the responsibilities of the Federal Government vis-a-vis the States ~ @DavidAnuwe #ListenUpNG

58. #ListenUpNG Resources have to be handed back to the States that generated them but place an obligation on each States to contribute…

59…an agreed percentage to the common federal purse to service obligations of the Federal Government. #ListenUpNG

60. There is no reason Education, Policing, Prisons (only people convicted of federal offenses should go to federal prisons!!), Ports, Inland Waterways…#ListenUpNG

61. #ListenUpNG …natural minerals, even marriage (yes, English form of marriage!!) and so many other items should be the concern of the Federal Government.

62. #ListenUpNG We will never develop with such weight that weigh us down at the center ~ @DavidAnuwe

63. #ListenUpNG Nigeria can never raise its head in the comity of nations because of the sheer weight of the head.

64. #ListenUpNG There is more to say, but scarcely any time. But to emphasis the point I’ve been laboring to make…

65. #ListenUpNG There are so many things that can bring more revenue to States in Nigeria than oil.

66. #ListenUpNG South Africa has no oil, but it has Gold, and is richer than Nigeria. Let us fight for a system that will promote both equality and equity.

67. #ListenUpNG David concluded his by imploring us restructure Nigeria. HeStandsForARestruturedNigeriathroughConstitutionalAmendments.

67. #ListenUpNG Let us restructure Nigeria. These are the thoughts and opinion of David Anuwe and HeStandsForARestruturedNigeriathroughConstitutionalAmendments.

68. I will like to end today’s session by inviting you to watch the August Edition of Tedx Maitama featuring by Dike Chukumerijie. @dmerije

69. Dike Chukwumerije @dmerije is a Writer, Author and Performance Poet. He is also the CEO of Simply Poetry Ltd.

70. #ListenUpNG Dike’s session is A MUST WATCH for anyone that desires A BETTER AND A UNITED NATION @dmerije

71. #ListenUpNG Check out the video on you tube; No Culture is Older than Being Human | Dike Chukwumerije | @dmerije TEDxMaitama https://t.co/qGghnmZb3y

72. #ListenUpNG It will blow your mind. I’m amazed at the massive amount of human talents being underutilized in our nation @dmerije

73. #ListenUpNG Thank you for joining in today. I am passionate about Nigeria and i hope you are too. #NigeriaWillBeGreatAgain

74. The name Nigeria is not just a geographical location but my nation; my people.


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