Our special guest on this session is Gabriel @OlatunjiLEGEND Mr. Legend, as fondly called is an expert on how to become the High-Value Partner and how to attract same.

1. My name is Gabriel Olatunji-Legend. Fondly called Mr Legend and it’s a big privilege to share on the #ListenUpNG platform.

2. I have been asked to share on ‘Asking The Right Questions’ by my host, @KemiOdutayo. Thank you for having me. #ListenUpNG

3. One of the most beautiful things God gave humanity is the gift of Love; the ability to love and be loved by someone. #ListenUpNG

4. So, when a man and woman falls in love. It makes God happy but when hearts gets broken, it breaks God’s heart as well. #ListenUpN

5. In the beginning, love wasn’t as complicated as this. People didn’t break each others heart as frequent as we do today. #ListenUpNG

6. I am currently on a crusade to Make Happy Marriages Common but I am aware that it starts long before marriage. #ListenUpNG

7. Happy marriage don’t fall on laps. We can tell how happy your marriage would be by how happy your relationship has been. #ListenUpNG

8. Today, I want to share with you how asking the right questions can help you build a happier and better love life. #ListenUpNG

9. Asking the right question is a skill we must all develop whether in good or bad times in our relationship. #ListenUpNG

10. In good times, asking the right question can challenge you from resting on your oars. #ListenUpNG

11. You have a tendency to take your partner for granted and love less than you are capable of in ‘good times’. #ListenUpNG

12. Asking the right questions even in good times keeps you on your toes. You’ll constantly know how to love better. #ListenUpNG

13. You have a capacity 2love better than you are currently doing but u don’t know because u aren’t asking the right questions #ListenUpNG

14. When things aren’t going great in your relationship. Stop whining and complaining. Start asking quality questions. #ListenUpNG

15a. ‘How did I get here?’, ‘What exactly did I do wrong?’, ‘What could I have done to save the day?’.. #ListenUpNG

15b. ‘What could I have done to save the day?’, ‘Was this relationship meant to be initially?’ #ListenUpNG

16. The most important question: ‘What do I want now?’ and ‘What 3 things do I need to do to achieve it?’ #ListenUpNG

17. Asking these questions will help you to stop feeling sorry for yourself. You will be operating from a victors point of view. #ListenUpNG

18. Whatever stage you are at right now, you need to keep asking the right questions. Why? Because there’s a better experience. #ListenUpNG

19. Let me assure you that relationship and marriage can be all shades of happy, leaving no place for sadness and negativity. #ListenUpNG

20. You may be asking, is this applicable to me if I am still single or casually dating? There’s no better time to ask than this #ListenUpNG

21. Don’t blame a person for breaking up with you when the said person never promised you blissful marriage in the first place. #ListenUpNG

22. Every Relationship (official/unofficial) needs a FUTURE. That future is known by asking a series of GOAL Questions. #ListenUpNG

23. As a single, stop asking ‘when will I find someone to love me?’. Instead, ask, ‘Who will take me to where I’m going?’ #ListenUpNG

24. Everything must be bench marked on the FUTURE. Where/What is that FUTURE for you and who can take you there? You need this. #ListenUpNG

25. The moment you start liking a person, you need to start benchmarking it on that FUTURE by asking quality questions. #ListenUpNG

26. I know that you are tempted to ask, ‘Do you love me?’, ‘Did you think about me?’, ‘the sex question’ etc. STOP! #ListenUpNG

27. While I’m not against you asking those questions, please prioritise the answers to the right questions instead. #ListenUpNG

28. Don’t forget that any question that is bench marked against ‘that FUTURE’ is the RIGHT question. #ListenUpNG

29. Let me give you 10 right questions to ask before you commit to him or her:

(i) Where are we heading to? #ListenUpNG

30. 10 Right Questions to ask:

(ii) How can you take me to ‘that FUTURE’ (the one you described in No 24 tweet)? #ListenUpNG

31. 10 Right Questions to ask:

(iii) What is the purpose of this; why are we doing this? #ListenUpNG

32. 10 Right Questions to ask:

(iv) Are we just friends with benefit or does humanity have something to benefit from us? #ListenUpNG

33. 10 Right Questions to ask:

(v) What will happen to us in one or two years time? Are we on a journey without deadline? #ListenUpNG

34. 10 Questions to ask:

(vi) What future drives us and how do we consistently ensure we uphold the vision? #ListenUpNG

35. Incase of tiredness, fatigue and temptation from the opposite sex, what do we do and how do we navigate it to our advantage? #ListenUpNG

36. 10 Questions to ask:

(viii) Where are you heading to in life? Can I take you there? #ListenUpNG

37. 10 Questions to ask:

(ix) Who are the top two identifiable mentors that will guide us on this journey? Role models too. #ListenUpNG

38. 10 Questions to ask:

(x) Are you someone I can be myself around and have fun with while on this journey to the ‘FUTURE’? #ListenUpNG

39. If u ask yourself and the intended lover these questions before committing, you would likely be committing with an open eyes #ListenUpNG

40. This is my encouragement to you today. I believe in my heart that Happiness can be constant in your love life.. #ListenUpNG

41. However, you cannot be asking emotion based questions and expect to make someone commit to you for life. #ListenUpNG

42a. If you forget everything I have taught today, don’t forget that ‘Any Question That is Bench marked on ‘the FUTURE’ is right. #ListenUpNG

42b. Ask The Right Questions! Get the right answers! Achieve the needed clarity! Then, have a Happy Love Life. #ListenUpNG

43. Thank you for following these tweets. Help me appreciate @Kemiodutayo for having me here. It’s a privilege. #ListenUpNG

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The END!

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