#ListenUpNG Wk36: DON’T BE SILENT!


Welcome to the September Edition of #ListenUpNG. Coach Osagie started off the edition on a poetic note. His session is a MUST READ! Do #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect on them! Is silence (at work, in relationships and in the society) really golden? When do we stay silent and when do we speak up? Check these out!

1) Great to be on the #ListenUpNG platform to share my two mites, from my heart with all my might

2) I guess when we heard “Don’t be Silent” we were excited cause the current day Nigeria really is worth talking about #ListenUpNG

3) Remember just because the line is over your head still doesn’t make it a headline. So let’s stick to the time in its prime

4) We live in world everything especially media aids our not being silent. Everything seems to say something

5) From our clothes, our manners, our beliefs, our friends, our religion, even our social media space, all speaks

6) The question isn’t about not being silent, but what are you talking about? What’s your speaking saying?

7) At the RIO Olympics, Bolt, Phelps, Neymar, Biles, Month Farah, Mikel etc all spoke without words.

8) Nigeria today we have so many talkers, if talking is a prerequisite for change, we would have seen massive changes

9) Don’t be silent, isn’t about your vocals, but your vocation. It is about your diligence to purpose

10) Who knew of CC-hub or Andela until Mark Zukerberg showed us this week. They weren’t silent, we just heard them now

11) A sage once said,”work hard in silence, let your success make the noise”. How many are working in silence?

12) It is sad to note sometimes that those who talk the most work the least. What an ironic twist to this gist.

13) Now every story has 4 sides, the victim, the perpetrator, the audience and the truth.

14) Your choice to believe which ever side aligns to your personal conviction does not negate the truth.

15) Playing the victim makes you always feel you deserve special privileges oblivious that no one owes you anything, what you get is a privilege.

16) The perpetrator feels he needs to make a statement yet he relies on sentiment to the detriment of millions. Another epic fail.

17) The audience watch with scorn, derision, pity, seeing the repercussion of misguided action which drains away passion

18) The truth, looks at all sides and wonder, will they ever learn from this. History repeats itself back2back like a hit, no lesson learned one bit.

19) Guess history will continues to repeat itself, since its now even removed from schools curriculum, another epic delusion.

20) I once saw a picture that reads, don’t raise your voice, raise your argument. Argument has volume via knowledge & intelligence

21) I remember an ancient text where someone was caught in the very act, yet her accusers demanded instant justice, like seriously just is

22) The victim had no voice, the perpetrator and audience had massive noise, the truth wasn’t silent. It simply raise a mirror so they all see their reflection

23) When they saw their true reflection, it deterred their action. If you don’t like the reflection, don’t fix the mirror, fix the image.

24) The truth some say is relative, leaves me wondering if oxygen is relative. Take truth anywhere it is the same like air, effective and needed

25) Sometimes there is so much being said when you say nothing. Talk about it, isn’t what don’t be silent is about.

26) It is about doing something about it via other means except your mouth. Talk is cheap, Diligence is expensive.

27) Ever wondered why it is hard lately for people to pay attention, because attention is too high a price now like rice.

28) Everyone has his field, what will be your yield? You can’t harvest what you don’t first seed. You can’t met a need with greed.

29) If many would be about it like they talk about it, perhaps we won’t have so much incompetence in the fabrics of society, mediocrity the new identity

30) How can we take up a core option in corruption. Tribalism, Nepotism, Materialism, the new prism, and the guilty never sees prison.

31) The youth now figure the best way forward to loot. Hard work never the route, hence they pick up arms enroute.

32) Many calling for a split, forgetting that it takes the different pieces to complete the puzzle not just one piece.

33) The name & blame game, like candy crush is fun to play, though it drains battery and productive time as nothing meaningful is done

34) Campaigns comes with its own pains. Massive distorted piece meal of truth being served the masses on the plate of promises and opportunities

35) Its funny how we believe old lies, like the dog and lice parasitic association, one benefits while the other is hurt, yet we believe the lies with open eyes

36) Seeing is believing, yet not with blurred vision. Diligence must become our new mission or resign fate to omission.

37) Don’t be silent, be diligent. Let your excellence speak, her voice can never be shut down or ignored.

38) Excellence should be your new essence. Excellence is a barrier breaker and a line crosser.

39) Even your greatest critic would commend your excellence cause common sense though uncommon can still tell the difference.

40) The problem with any nation are the people of the nation and the same people will have to rise to fix things or continue to suffer inflicting

41) Media today amplifies like no other. Remember the word media began with -me. So what are you doing, talking or working?

42) Silent and listen are just same words rearranged. Like @LekeAlder would say “any text taking out of context is simply con”.

43) We must work and that work begins with self. Paradigms must shift, new mindset must set that’s the way out of debt.

44) Our greed got us here, we didn’t suddenly wake up to find ourselves here. We have been walking this path so long time to make a turn

45) Our coat of arms represent black shield (fertile soil) and two white horses (dignity) with unity and faith under it. It wasn’t a mistake.

46) We must pledge to be faithful, loyal and honest, to serve with all our might, to defend her unity and uphold honor and glory

47) The miracle of 5 and 2 shows how sustenance can come from few. I believe in the hope of this nation is you and I.

48) It only takes two, you and I to make change come through. We are the change, not the change politrickians peddle.

49) Change is not a place we go to, it is who we become. That’s why you and I must not be silent.

50) Silence is deadly.

Hmm. Indeed, SILENCE CAN BE DEADLY! A wise man once said, DON’T WATCH WHAT YOU DON’T WANT…#ListenUpNG speak up when need be!

Join me again this Friday as I host another special guest on the September Edition of #ListenUpNG. The real life issue to be discussed is…MARRIAGE IS STILL GOOD or is it?


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