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Today on #ListenUpNG , I have the rare privilege of hosting @TaiwoAkinlami aka The Preacher. He will be rounding up this month’s #ListenUpNG #BackToSchool Series

#ListenUpNG With the spike in the rate of kidnapping of students from their boarding houses, there is a need to know more about CHILD PROTECTION!

#ListenUpNG The memories of kidnap of the #ChibokGirls #schoolboys and the request to #BringBackOurGirls is still a painful reality we are still battling with

#ListenUpNG @TaiwoAkinlami is a LIFETIME PERSONAL AND CORPORATE CHANGE PILGRIM, SELF-MOTIVATED Social Worker and Social Empowerment Advocate

#ListenUpNG He @taiwoakinlami has witnessed definite transformation from the seemingly insurmountable impacts of gross childhood abuses.

#ListenUpNG He is the Principal of Taiwo Akinlami INSPIRES Limited and pursues with single-minded passion and tenacious commitment, his vision.

#ListenUpNG He @taiwoakinlami believes that in matters of child protection, enlightenment is superior enforcement.

#ListenUpNG Hee has therefore, dedicated most of his efforts to enlightening children and stakeholders in their lives in matters relating to child protection and development.

#ListenUpNG @TaiwoAkinlami, a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, is also the Secretary-General of Child Protection Network, Lagos State

#ListenUpNG CPN is an initiative of UNICEF and in the last 8 years, @TaiwoAkinlami has been a consultant, facilitator, resource person…

…contents provider and researcher for UNICEF and its programs on the implementation of the Child’s Rights Act, 2003 and Child Protection. #ListenUpNG @taiwoakinlami

Join me as I welcome this resourceful and impactful special guest @taiwoakinlami on board #ListenUpNG to round up the #Back To School September Edition

#ListenUpNG @taiwoakinlami Welcome! Over!

1. @KemiOdutayo Thank you for having me on this platform. #listenUpNG

2.@kemiOdutayo Enough of leaving the protection of our precious children to CHANCE…#listenUpNG

3.@kemiOdutayo As schs resume ve u askd if ur children’s sch ve a Child Protectn Policy on whch every member of Staff is traind? #listenUpNG

4.@kemiOdutayo or should I ask you, does your children’s school have a Child Protection Policy? #listenUpNG

5.@kemiOdutayo The Protection of our children in schools is only guaranteed by the existence of a Child Protection System (CPS) #listenUpNG

6.@kemiOdutayo This system is codified into a policy on which every single member of staff is trained #listenUpNG

7.@kemiOdutayo Thereby challenging their Dominant Value System to align with THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD. #listenUpNG

8.@kemiOdutayo The protection of the most precious entity in our lives, our children must not be left to CHANCE….#listenUpNG

9. @kemiOdutayo If we cannot answer my question in the affirmative there is need to be concerned #listenUpNG

10. @kemiOdutayo It means we not be able to say in clear terms that our precious children are safe #listenUpNG

11. @kemiOdutayo Are our children Safe under the custody of the secondary caregivers we have registered them with as schools…#listenUpNG

13.@kemiOdutayo The question to ask as schools resume is not if our precious children are safe in schools… #listenUpNG

14. @kemiOdutayo The real question is wht professional&globally-tested measure our children’s sch put in place 2protect children…#listenUpNG

15.@kemiOdutayo The standard is higher in Lagos State where there is a 2016 Executive Order of government on Child Protection #listenUpNG

16.@kemiOdutayo Executive Order provides dt it shall be MANDATORY 4all Child-Centred Institutns2adopt Child Protection Policy: #listenUpNG

17.@kemiOdutayo The Child Protection Policy is to ensure that the rights of children are safeguarded.’ #listenUpNG

19. @kemiOdutayo The number one responsibility of a school is not to teach but to protect the child. #listenUpNG

20.@kemiOdutayo This is true because research has shown that any form of abuse to children is a huge threat to learning. #listenUpNG

21. @kemiOdutayo There4 the number 1 threat 2all the huge investment we make in the education of our precious children is abuse #listenUpNG

22. @kemiOdutayo Therefore the number 1 threat 2all the huge investment we make in the educatn of our precious children is abuse #listenUpNG

23. @kemiOdutayo If the foregoing is so, it therefore means that protection of our precious children must be of mutual priority #listenUpNG

24.@kemiOdutayo Schools invest in what they consider important and inevitable to the well-being of the children under their care #listenUpNG

25. @kemiOdutayo As important as Child Protection is, it attracts little or no budget from most schools. #listenUpNG

26. @kemiOdutayo our experience reveal most sch leave the most important matter of child protection to total chance&blind hope #listenUpNG

27.@kemiOdutayo May God grant us all wisdoms to provide Protectn4our precious children knowing that Enlightenment is key, WHY? #listenUpNG

28. @kemiOdutayo Enlightenment is Superior to Enforcement™ #listenUpNG

29. @kemiOdutayo Enlightenment is the tested key to protection through prevention…#listenUpNG

30. @kemiOdutayo Prevention is said to be better than cure. Why? #listenUpNG

31. @kemiOdutayo The impact of any form of abuse on our precious children is eternal, except there is divine intervention. #listenUpNG

32. @kemiOdutayo Parents who register their children in sch must become the Social Police of the Protectn of their precious children…Why?

33. @kemiOdutayo once children are not safe or the system is not professionally fortified learning cannot go on QED #listenUpNG

34. @kemiOdutayo A school has no VISION and MISSION to keep faith with, when it has not invested in a System of Protection… #listenUpNG

35. @kemiOdutayo There is a difference between ACTS OF PROTECTION and SYSTEM OF PROTECTION. #listenUpNG

36. @kemiOdutayo ACTS OF PROTECTION is scattered, sporadic&uncoordinated actions toward the protection of our precious children #listenUpNG

37. @kemiOdutayo ACTS OF PROTECTION lack the requisite grit to provide adequate protection for our precious children #listenUpNG

38. @kemiOdutayo SYSTEM OF PROTECTION when professionally established is holistic in providing protection #listenUpNG

39. @kemiOdutayo SYSTEM OF PROTECTION conforms with Global trends when it comes2the fortified protectn of our precious children #listenUpNG

40. @kemiOdutayo In system of protection, you Think the FAMILY…Think the CHILD…Think TODAY…Think the FUTURE™ #listenUpNG

41. @kemiOdutayo to think the child means you take actual notice and not mental notice #listenUpNG

42. @kemiOdutayo mental notice is knowing that there is a child around, likened to act of protection #listenUpNG

43. @kemiOdutayo actual notice is recognizing the needs and threats to a child #listenUpNG

44. @kemiOdutayo actual notice entails making adequate preparation to meet the needs of a child before they arise #listenUpNG

45. @kemiOdutayo actual notice entails mitigating the threats to a child well before they arise #listenUpNG

46. @kemiOdutayo to take actual notice is to have a system of protection in place on child protection #listenUpNG

48. @kemiOdutayo 2take actual notice is to recognize that in matter of child protectn is integral to the developmnt of dt child #listenUpNG

49. @kemiOdutayo May our precious children be kept from all evils,noting dt d greatest evil resides in the details we neglect #listenUpNG

50. @kemiOdutayo Kindly DM me if u believe we should take this discussion further,as parents or sch leaders. Thank you for having me #listenUpNG

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