Hi! Welcome to a SEPTEMBER to REMEMBER! ????????U will indeed remember this month for good by God’s grace! ????????#ListenUpNG 1/

In  this edition of #ListenUpNG we will be discussing #21stCenturyParenting. We need to learn, unlearn and relearn 2/

#ListenUpNG It is obvious that the method of parenting used in the 60s and 70s are now obsolete for today’s 21st Century kids 3/

#ListenUpNG Considering what these kids have to contend with; social media, hostile environment, abusive care givers…/4

#ListenUpNG… busy, unconcerned, uninvolved and sometimes self centred parents and guardians, it is not surprising some find it difficult to cope /5


#ListenUpNG Our guests are men and women of #faith #experience and #depth in their area of influence which is 21st Century Parenting. 7/

#ListenUpNG They will be facilitating from their wealth of experience of working with children, their parents and custodians. 8/

On today’s session of #ListenUpNG, our special guest is @taiwoakinlami , a Social EMPOWERMENT Advocate and a Child Protection Specialist. 9/

@taiwoakinlami is also an Independent Legal & Social Regulatory Expert on Child’s Rights & Responsibilities Issues. #ListenUpNG 10/

@taiwoakinlami is a Consultant to UNICEF on Child Protection, a Legal Enlightenment & Development Enthusiast. #ListenUpNG 11/

@taiwoakinlami is also well known as a Legal Coach to SMEs & Organized Social Work (OSW) Practitioners. #ListenUpNG 12/

#ListenUpNG His passion and contributions are all documented on his website. It is a privilege to have him @taiwoakinlami on this edition. 13/

#ListenUpNG folks, join me to welcome a man full with so much compassion for these children @taiwoakinlami. You are welcome, sir. 14/

1. The father and mother are the cardinal pillars of a healthy home and functional family #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

2.Parenting can’t be delegated. It’s a divine assignment. Any attempt 2delegate it’ll end in producing malfunctioning child #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

3. Children are more of products of environment, more than they are products of instructions #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

4.A family instituted by a man & woman, who are married & LOVE each other & live in UNITY is the best environment to bring up a child #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

5. A broken home raises broken children #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

6. The foundation of family is the union of a man & woman joined to raise children in divine order #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

7. Divorce or separation threatens the protection of the child in fearful ways #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

8. Joining isn’t enough, LOVE qualifies the family to raise children properly together #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

9. LOVE to children means APPRECIATION and ATTENTION…#ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

10. APPRECIATION develops the child’s self-esteem, ATTENTION increases the influence of caregivers #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

11. When parents are not united, dey can’t raise focused & disciplined children #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

12. One of the definitions of ill-treatment of a child is he/she witnessing domestic violence #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

13. One of the reasons for sibling rivalries is disunity among parents. Disunity is a spirit & a very contagious one for that matter #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

14. Once DISUNITY is permitted in d family by husband & wife, it automatically takes its place among children #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

15.Single parenting has been redefined as when the responsibility of parenting is delegated to one of the parents, mostly the woman #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

16. Payment of sch fees is not necessarily a parental role… #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

17. It must be done without neglecting a higher responsibility of being available for our children #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

18. ‘An INTIMATE MARRIAGE provides the SAFEST & MOST PRODUCTIVE CLIMATE for raising children.’ Garry Chapman #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

19. There are four rings of protection recognised by the UN #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

20. They are arranged in the following order of importance. The 1st is FAMILY #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

21. The 2nd is Community. The 3rd is the State & the 4th is the Int’l Community #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

22. The truth of the matter is dat d family is d foundational & cardinal ring, upon which all d other rings rest #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

23. D other rings exist to provide needed support 4d family 2b able 2play d roles of child protection & not to replace it #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

24. There are 3 pillars of protective environment for children #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

25. The number 1 pillar is d FAMILY, followed by customs & norms & legislation #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

26. The responsibility of d family, community, state & international community is 2protect & take care of the child #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

27. They form the four rings of protection, whose responsibility is to create protective environment #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

28. The responsibility of the family cannot be delegated to the other 3 rings of protection #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

29. When there is DISUNITY in a home, d destiny of d child is truncated #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

30. Every child needs SOMEONE 2 BELIEVE- A Role Model, SOMEWHERE 2 BELONG- Family& Community #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

31. Once a child can’t sing heartily ‘home sweet home, there is no place like home,’ he’s being brought in a broken home #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

32. Marriages do not fall apart until the foundation is faulty #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

33. The foundation is not faulty until the parties getting married do not ask & answer some fundamental questions #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

34. When a marriage falls apart, the children are the first to fall apart within & later externally #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

35. The family/marriage presents the most viable platform 4CHILDHOOD MANAGEMENT or MISMANAGEMENT #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

36. I have defined an orphan as a child, whose parents are not available to take responsibility for his development; dead or alive #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

37. Though the parents are present, yet the children do not feel the impact of his presence or enjoy the pleasure of his attention #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

38. The real joy of having children is not that they are born. What we make of them is what matters most #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

39. If giving birth to children is the real joy of children, we would not have had Hitler, Ted Bundy, Idi Amin & Anini #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

40. Every child is born to our world to be a blessing but the primary & secondary caregivers, through training make them a blessing or menace #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

41. The real joy & testimony of marriage is that it provides a rich opportunity for personal fulfilment #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

42. Often when couples fall apart, they enlist their children in their battle & embitters d child… #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

43. By protecting and training complete children, prepared to face the challenges of today & the future #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

44. Since parents are not predators, the children are not preys & the homes are not jungles, we must build a peaceful home #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

46. Joy, freedom, fearlessness r basic attributes of childhood…They r fostered in a peaceful home #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

47. A Child beyond Parental Control is a final admission of Parental Failure as a parent #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

48. Your child is a product of your training #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

49. Children are not vulnerable until the family becomes vulnerable #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

50. I believe this is why in child protection matters, parents are referred to as primary care giver #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

51. Couples must always consider the best interest of the child in all they do or omit to do #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

52. Think the Child…Think TODAY…Think the FUTURE… #ListenUpNG @kemiodutayo

@taiwoakinlami Hmmm. Thought provoking tweets. Thank you so much for these wise words! We appreciate you! #ListenUpNG

Look out for #ListenUpNG Wk37 with @Therapistjones. It promises to be another soul searching session. Let’s learn!

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