“What is illiteracy? I know many think if one does not read and write in English then that person is an illiterate. We have many that are unable to think or reason beyond what was poured into them in school. No new knowledge, no ability to critically think. Those are the people that are perhaps the illiterates. I hope we can begin to see education in a different light and allow our children and those around us to be themselves; to follow their dreams without the risk or judgement or stigmatisation” ~ RonkePosh Adeniyi

Wow! TGIF! 👯Welcome to yet another inspiring session in the #BackToSchool Series on #ListenUpNG September Edition

All the sessions by our special guests on this month edition of #ListenUpNG has been thought provoking. They are all meant to be! #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect

The very first session in the #BackToSchool Series was taken by moi. #InCaseYouMissedIt Do click on this link http://wp.me/p6tkXz-Iu to #ReadRestRelaxAndReflect

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Today’s session will be taken by another dynamic educator in the person of Ronke Adeniyi @RonkePosh I assure you her session is going to be lit!

Next week, the Preacher himself @taiwoakinlami will be rounding up this month’s Edition of the #BackToSchool Series with his session on CHILD PROTECTION

Back to today on #ListenUpNG Our special guest, Ronke Adeniyi popularly referred to as RonkePosh Adeniyi, is a passionate educator

#ListenUpNG Ms Ronke, as she’s fondly called by her ‘children’ is the Proprietress and Director of PoshBabiesandKids School, UK & Lagos, Nigeria

@ronkeposh is also the founder Helps at Homes Initiative and Director of Posh Party Packs, UK & Lagos state, Nigeria. #ListenUpNG

A Parenting & Family Life Coach, @ronkeposh has worked with kids for over 10 years in the areas of Entertainment, Education and Empowerment. #ListenUpNG

#ListenUpNG @ronkeposh ‘s focus at present is to look at how we as parents can do the very best to raise our children and…

…influence them to be the very best in terms of their values systems and beliefs.#ListenUpNG @ronkeposh

Here are tweets from her session

1.Thank you @kemiodutayo for having me here today. This is indeed a great initiative #ListenUpNG @poshbabiesandkids @leposheschool

2.So @Kemiodutayo has asked me to twwet about my thought on the Psychology of Education #ListenUpNG

3. What is psychology anyway? #ListenUpNG

4.Psychology according to Wikipedia is the science of behavior & mind,embracing all aspects of conscious and unconscious experience as well as thought. #ListenUpNG

5. Then Education also can be defined as the process of facilitating learning, or the acquisition of knowledge, skills, values, beliefs, and habits. #ListenUpNG

6. So I am safe to say that there is a psychology i.e. a behavior or mindset when it comes to the way we learn #ListenUpNG @poshbabiesandkids

7. We are all smart enough to check google or whatever search engine or textbook of our choice if we want more information about psychology #ListenUpNG

8. I believe I have been invited here because @kemiodutayo wants me to shed some light on the thought of the typical Nigerian parent when it comes to the acquisition of knowledge #ListenUpNG

9. The typical Nigerian parent needs or wants their child to be “educated’’ #ListenUpNG

10. So what exactly is this Education? #ListenUpNG

11. We want our children to go to primary and secondary school #ListenUpNG

12. Then we want our children to go to UNIVERSITY #ListenUpNG

13. I once asked on my Facebook group Parent Right if parents will be alright if their children do not go to university #ListenUpNG

14. First, I could almost “hear” a pin drop just because I asked if their children had to go to University #ListenUpNG

15. Then came the uproar – and almost if not everyone said they would not want their children to do without a University degree #ListenUpNG

16. Even if the degree was just for the sake of having it, just have a degree to FALL BACK ON many said. Hehehe #ListenUpNG

17. I asked, “What was so special about the University Degree?” #ListenUpNG

18. “What about any other certification?” #ListenUpNG

19. What about those who want to dance and want to pursue other routes? #ListenUpNG

20. What abiut those who want to go to the School of Arts which is not necessarily a University Degree #ListenUpNG

21. We have been programmed to believe many things about Education… #ListenUpNG

22. Education should really expand the minds not programmed it #ListenUpNG

23. Aristotle believed that education was central–the fulfilled person was an educated person. #ListenUpNG

24. What do you think? Do you believe that a fulfilled person is educated? #ListenUpNG

25. Is it then possible to live without having formal education and consider ourselves educated? #ListenUpNG

26. Do we genuinely accept people who have no formal degree? Do they fit in our social circles? #ListenUpNG

27. We are quick to use @markzuckerberg as an example #ListenUpNG

28. Mark Zuckerberg has a honorary degree, and even if he didn’t, would it matter now with all his achievements? #ListenUpNG

29. Some will say the environment is different, however we have entertainers, media personalities etc who are doing well without a University degree #ListenUpNG

30. Is it alright not to have a degree, only when we perhaps think the possibilities of being wealthy is guaranteed? #ListenUpNG

31.This is actually not about a degree but the perception of what we think Education really is! #ListenUpNG

32. Is Education what many think it is? The Art of Schooling our children? #ListenUpNG

33. Is Education speaking and communicating in English Language as opposed to Yoruba Language? #ListenUpNG

34. We all hold different mindset and thoughts about Education #ListenUpNG

35. However, we really should not confuse it with Schooling… #ListenUpNG

36. Many parents put children under pressure from as little as age 2 to read and write #ListenUpNG

37. Many parents want their children to go to Montessori schools without a proper understanding of the approach. #ListenUpNG

38. Montessori just seems fashionable. #ListenUpNG

39. When people visit our schools, they ask if we are a Montessori school and I have to seize the opportunity to educate them #ListenUpNG

40. Why must a 2 to 5 year old be able to write for us to accept that child is going to a good school? #ListenUpNG

41. Why do we compare our children to others and put unnecessary pressure on them to perform? #ListenUpNG

42. Critical 21st Century skills include communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity. #ListenUpNG

43. Is it possible for a child to collaborate, think and create without being formally educated in school? #ListenUpNG

44. I think the answer is YES! #ListenUpNG

45. We need our children (and ourselves) to come to a level of awareness at an early age. #ListenUpNG

46. Our so called “formal education” has not rescued many of us today. #ListenUpNG

47. Many of us have had to go and get re-trained. #ListenUpNG

48. I have seen many returning to baking, cleaning, trading. #ListenUpNG

49. Some of these means of earning a living and even finding fulfilment were looked down once upon a time. #ListenUpNG

50. The challenging environment in Nigeria has encouraged creativity and other 21st Century skills necessary for surviving in the world today #ListenUpNG

51. We need to agree with Aristotle who said that educating a child is more important than producing them. #ListenUpNG

52. Aristotle said those who produce children give life whilst those who educate them give them an art of living well #ListenUpNG

53. If we begin to look at Education beyond formal schooling but a way to find fulfillment, of living well & being aware then perhaps the pressure for grades will reduce dramatically. #ListenUpNG

54. The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet ~ Aristotle. #ListenUpNG

55. @kemiodutayo asked what Education is supposed to achieve. I think it should expand our horizons, our minds and expose us to opportunities. #ListenUpNG

56. Education should be an art of living well even if it does not include grades and university degrees. #ListenUpNG

57. The following are also the achievements I believe education should have in our lives. #ListenUpNG

58. Education should provide a fulfillment in life in whatever sector we pursue. #ListenUpNG

59. We will not all thrive in conventional learning environments and we will certainly not have the same definition about Education. #ListenUpNG

60. We should however be prepared to accept each and every one for their own unique “education” #ListenUpNG

61. Children should be encouraged to accept their unique paths in life. #ListenUpNG

62. @kemiodutayo asked why we have some educated illiterates which I found quite funny? #ListenUpNG

63. What is illiteracy? I know many think if one does not read and write in English then that person is an illiterate. #ListenUpNG

64. We have many that are unable to think or reason beyond what was poured into them in school. #ListenUpNG

65. No new knowledge, no ability to critically think. #ListenUpNG

66. I heard and learnt from @innocentusar that 2% of people think, 3% think they think and the remaining 95% would rather die than think… #ListenUpNG

67. Imagine 95% of people preferring to die than think #ListenUpNG

68. Those are the people that are perhaps the illiterates. #ListenUpNG

69. We need to learn and love to think for ourselves #ListenUpNG

70. We need to learn and know more than we have read in books and more than what happens in our society. #ListenUpNG

71. Seeking to know more, be more, grow, bloom is the art of educating ourselves. #ListenUpNG

72. Thank you for joining me. #ListenUpNG

73. I’m grateful to you all, thank you so much @kemiodutayo #ListenUpNG

74. Thanks for having me here, I had a great time. I hope this has been helpful for someone #ListenUpNG

75. I hope we can begin to see education in a different light and allow our children and those around us to be themselves. To follow their dreams without the risk or judgement or stigmatisation #ListenUpNG

76. I wish you all a great weekend #ListenUpNG

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