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Last week on #ListenUpNG with Yomi Fawehinmi @yomitheprof was super great! It was inspirational and the feeback were awesome!

#ListenUpNG @yomitheprof shared some thought provoking ‘words with school owners’.🔥But #IncaseYouMissedIt

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Today on #ListenUpNG, we will continue with our #BackToSchool Series with another special guest Coach Enitan @educhildes

#ListenUpNG Coach Enitan Ayoade @educhildes is first and foremost a passionate teacher who has carved a niche for herself in the Education Sector

#ListenUpNG Coach Enitan @educhildes is an Education Consultant, a Curriculum Developer for early years and primary

#ListenUpNG She’s also the Convener of the ‘Teachers Are Great Conferences’ and the ‘National Parents’ Forum’ @educhildes

Enitan is also the Training Director at the Educhild Development Centre where they hold regular trainings and workshops for teachers #ListenUpNG @educhildes

#ListenUpNG She will be tweeting at ‘teachers and educators’today. HOW PREPARED ARE THEY FOR THIS ACADEMIC YEAR?

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#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo @yomitheprof Good afternoon Great educators. Thank you so much for having me here.

#ListenUpNG After all I went through in the beginning of my career as a teacher, the best I can do is to help teachers. @educhildes @KemiOdutayo

#ListenUpNG Starting the session can be stressful but teachers only need to be ready. You must be ready with your Ground rules.

#ListenUpNG Teachers need to know that they should understand the children they will be work with.

You need to work on your Ground rules to help your classroom. Spend time to study your topics and plan how you will deliver your topics #ListenUpNG

Get your resources ready, studying your curriculum will help. It is very important to have your goals for the term and session, something to check you #ListenUpNG

Your goals should include relationship as well as academic. Part of your getting ready should include your clothing. Don’t ignore that! #ListenUpNG

You should also get your classroom setting ready #ListenUpNG

On the issue of ground rules, these are not punishment in the Early years settings, the aim is not to catch children doing wrong #ListenUpNG

Ground rules simply means setting boundaries to help smooth running of the day – to – day learning of the children. ..#ListenUpNG

…in our schools, also to help children, parents and service providers (practitioners) know what is off limits. #ListenUpNG

#ListenUpNG Ground rules helps behaviors. It is a very important tool for behavioral management.

#ListenUpNG Ground rules on how the day – to – day routine works and children’s involvement in it helps a lot.

#ListenUpNG Ground rules bring orderliness into the setting in good schools.

Ground rules are good for teaching children to learn early how to obey rules in the society later on as citizens of the world. #ListenUpNG

However, it is very important for practitioners to be consistent about their limits and expectations. #ListenUpNG

Whatever is the limit must be for every child in your classroom. Never bend the rules of any child except for health reasons. #ListenUpNG

You must communicate your Ground rules effectively and clearly. Make sure your children understand what your expectations are. #ListenUpNG

#ListenUpNG Your actions and your words must communicate what you want in your classroom.

#ListenUpNG If you want your children to use the magic words you must use them while communicating with them.

#ListenUpNG Your outdoor rules are very important, how you want them to leave the classroom for your outdoor activities, toilets or sick bay.

#ListenUpNG Communicate how they should walk and climbing of the stairs in the school setting.

#ListenUpNG If this have been an offline event, I wold have loved to do some few practical demonstrations.

#ListenUpNG There are so much to say but one thing is certain, a prepared teacher at all levels is a successful teacher

#ListenUpNG Failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Don’t be that kind of teacher. Be a successful teacher. Teachers Are Great!

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