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My special guest is Nneoma otherwise called Omalicha. She’s all thing beautiful.???? Follow the motivating and inspiring tweets of this mother of three!


Isn’t she looking gorgeous?

@nneomaeffanga1 is still looking ‘tush’ after years of marriage and she’s ready to share tips on how to remain so on #ListenUpNG Wk34????????

You can read more about @nneomaeffanga1 and our other guests on #ListenUpNG August Edition here????https://t.co/XxXcRN8UJT Fasten your seat belts. Let’s go…

Hello everyone and thank you for the opportunity to share on this platform #ListenUpNG

I’m truly honored and I want to thank you @KemiOdutayo for this amazing opportunity #ListenUpNG

Having said that, let’s get this show on the road…Lol!!
Let’s get down to business #ListenUpNG #DearWifeyNG @abbeysonprisca @BridgetElesin

The topic of our discourse today is “Polish..After I do” #ListenUpNG #DearWifeyNG @KemiOdutayo @Bunmi_Sobowale @uwasaleh @tosinpraise @nkyru

I believe we are going to have an amazing time together!! #ListenUpNG #DearWifeyNG @KemiOdutayo @Kemitalkin  @coachkemizack @abbeysonprisca

I wonder what it was like when we were young and dating…It must have been fun and full of excitement, wasn’t it? #ListenUpNG @Dabiraipoola

Its interesting to know that while dating we could go to any length to impress our dates at the time #ListenUpNG #DearWifeyNG @OroAdunni

Impress them in the way we look, our behavior and communication. we do everything within us to appear well put together #ListenUpNG @nkyru

we know how to use all the right words that connect us even at a deeper level of our relationships #ListenUpNG #DearWIfeyNG @praisefowowe

And at some point we begin to allude to ourselves that “He/She might just be the one I have been looking for all my life” #ListenUpNG

Does this sound like your story yet?? if not…Stay tuned…and follow me on this journey. #ListenUpNG #DearWifeyNG @anucruzz @KemiOdutayo

His looks, Her smiles. His charm, her grace…the list of what qualifies us is endless!!! #ListenUpNG @JephKing @abbeysonprisca @CessoKay

But all of those impressions over time drive us to the point where we realize…”I’m in love!!” Oh What a beautiful feeling!! #ListenUpNG

And finally that long awaited question is popped!! Full of nerves He asks “Will you marry me?”She can’t believe it! She says Yes #ListenUpNG

And they finally walk down the aisle having pledged to live happily ever after when they said “I do” #ListenUpNG #DearWifeyNG @sobafemi

Nothing else matters now cos we want to let the whole world know that the best thing has just happened to us…”We are Married” #ListenUpNG

…That was 1,2,5,10,15 years ago…..
#ListenUpNG #DearWifeyNG @Bunmi_Sobowale @abbeysonprisca @jiggahigh @ZurielOlowe @Dabiraipoola

Now fast-track to today. Reality check…Hello!!! Its August 19, 2016. Where am I???
#ListenUpNG #DearWifeyNG @AskRDJ @BelloTobi0

– 3 kids!! For some 2 or 1…
– Always/Mostly tired…
– Went to the salon for a pedicure 2 years ago…
#ListenUpNG #DearWifeyNG

– The last time I cut/plait my hair was 4 months ago…
– The once Tall,Dark and handsome is now pot-bellied and out of shape…

Some have become the wrapper tying wife that boo comes to meet at home everyday!! No fun…No excitement…
#ListenUpNG #DearWifeyNG @nkyru

And you wonder to yourself…”Was this the Husband/Wife I married X number of years ago?? How did we end up like this?? #ListenUpNG

This seems to be where a number of us are…at crossroads and confused about what to do having said “I do”
#ListenUpNG #DearWifeyNG

It seems that the once blazing fire of love and passion that burned so brightly has over time lost its spark… #ListenUpNG #DearWifey

There is definitely something that we have lost touch with and that I choose to call our A Programming #LIstenUpNG #DearWifeyNG @jiggahigh

Why is it that while we were dating and in love, we were ready  to go the extra mile than now we are married? #ListenUpNG @bosefawehinmi

Could it be that at the time, there was something that kept us going…a goal or vision perhaps!!! #ListenUpNG @bosefawehinmi @Bosetiti

How is it that we have suddenly become too busy and occupied to invest even more in this lifelong relationship called marriage.

You might say “I’m not married so how does this apply to me?” Follow closely and learn the lessons so you don’t become a victim

So here we are in this place where the reality of our relationship has become “See Finish”
#ListenUpNG #DearWifeyNG @PHTafia @abbeysonprisca

“He is my Husband/Wife so she should understand now???”
Lack of communication has become the other of the day…
#ListenUpNG @PHTafia

We are now strange Bed-fellows. So much distance between us. No Longer are the Boyfriend/Girlfriend but Husband/Wife so it no longer matters

It almost feels like the situation is irredeemable but i want to assure you that help is available #ListenUpNG #DearWifeyNG  @PHTafia

So what can I begin to do to change my current state where I seem to have lost all my fire?? #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo @PHTafia @SalehPeace

1. Change your thinking. Renew your mind and the way you see yourself in your marriage or relationships. #ListenUpNG #DearWifeyNG @PHTafia

Remember…Your transformation is tied to the imagination of your heart!!!
#ListenUpNG #DearWifeyNG @Kemitalkin @PHTafia @KemiOdutayo @nkyru

What you see and picture or envision ultimately becomes your reality. Begin to describe what you want to see in your marriage.

2. Be
– Deliberate
– Intentional
– Conscious
– Ready
Start installing new programs and systems that fuel your relationship.

Start dating again & look for fun things you could do together that reignites passion. Don’t be too busy to spend time together #ListenUpNG

Go out of your way to become spontaneous and do things that your partner loves and would really appreciate about you!! #ListenUpNG

3. Change your look from old and haggard to something worth looking forward to while coming back from the office!! Lol #ListenUpNG

Women…Please go and remove that sponge you call weave-on and get your hair done right!While you are at it…loose some pounds

Men…Its time to do something about that cave-man look of yours!! Get a shave and hit the gym too!!! #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo @PHTafia

The Golden Rule says “Do unto others what you want done to you”. No sense pointing fingers when 3 point right back at you #ListenUpNG

4. Delete every program that has disempowered you over the years.Forgive and let go of hurts and pain from the past.
#ListenUpNG @PHTafia

Be at cause and not at effect. Take ownership of your life and its outcomes. Determine your desired future. #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo @nkyru

Consciously begin to say what you want to see in your nearest future. Have a vision and a desired end goal in mind.
#ListenUpNG #DearWifeyNG

5. Polish yourself up where you need to. Counsellors, Image Consultants(Like me…LOL) and Therapists are available to help.

6. Believe it is possible. What you once had can become your reality again. If you can’t see it, you can’t get it.
#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

Shoes don’t need only one coat of #polish to keep them going. A new sheen every now and then keeps it looking good.
#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo

And that’s a wrap…Thank you all for listening
#ListenUpNG ~ @nneomaeffanga1 https://t.co/T0GE4jyLYk https://t.co/fqxbflMzu6

@nneomaeffanga1 has shown us that looking and feeling good after 3 or more kids and several years of marriage IS DOABLE!???? #ListenUpNG



@nneomaeffanga1 Thanks for making this edition of #ListenUpNG awesome! Shout out to all my guests as well! https://t.co/vYKA6FQrBT

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