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Hello! Welcome to another session of #ListenUpNG! It’s Wk34! Wow! All sessions have been impactful and inspiring! 1/


Our special guests on #ListenUpNG have been awesome! Kudos to you all; men and women of faith, depth and experience 2/


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Our special guest today on #ListenUpNG is also a medical doctor. Remember, we are discussing medical issues that affect relationships. @ChristHeadstone 4/


@ChrisHeadstone is the Senior Pastor of the HeadStone Church in Ilupeju which he oversees with his wife, Funmi a practising Pharmacist #ListenUpNG 5/


President of Headstone Life Dwvelopment Consult, @ChrisHeadstone teaches time-tested principles from God’s word with simplicity. #ListenUpNG 6/


@ChrisHeadstone is also vast in the teaching of other life issues eg relationships amongst others. #ListenUpNG 7/


@ChrisHeadstone is the host of Family Life on TV and has taught personal health management across the world for over a decade! #ListenUpNG 8/


Remember that MTN advert that went under because of the perceived ‘prejudice’ against the female gender? #ListenUpNG 9/


#ListenUpNG Oh yes! It only reflects the mindset of majority of the populace especially in West Africa, specifically Nigeria.10/


Many homes have suffered untold anguish and betrayal because of this. @ChrisHeadstone will be tweeting on this burning issue.11/


With a deep appreciation, join me as i welcome @ChrisHeadstone on today’s session of #ListenUpNG. Welcome, sir! 12/


1. Good afternoon everyone and it’s my pleasure to be invited on this platform alongside excellent people by @KemiOdutayo #ListenUpNG


2. I once met a woman in her early 40’s(Let’s call her ‘Mrs Agatu’) who had four other siblings,2 ladies and 2 guys.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


3. Somehow for her mum,her three girls were conceived before the two guys came along.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


4. According to her their father wqas a very prosperous farmer,also fairly educated.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


5. But he had this mentality that with girl children,it was a mere waste of time spending money training them.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


6. By the time i met this woman, she was a messenger in one of the state ministries.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


7. She had five children of her own and somehow,she was the breadwinner for her now aged parents.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


8. She said her father valued education while they were growing up,but only for the male children.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


9. As her mother didn’t produce male children early,her father spent his money hay days to educate other peoples male children.#ListenUpNG


10. Her father refused to sponser herself and her sisters beyond the primary school level.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


11. By the time her male siblings were to be sent to secondary school,their dad had become sick&lost all his glory.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


12. Now he who had spent his money educating other peoples sons ended up not been able to educate his own sons.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


13. So poor Mrs Agatu read only up to primary school certification level and yet was the breadwinner in her family.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


14. Mrs Agatu’s unfortunate upbringing may have happened some decades ago but then…#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


15. there are many fathers who are still falling victim even today,to the mentality that plagued Mrs Agatu’s father.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


16. Amongst those boys that Mrs Agatu’s father trained were doctors,lawyers and professors now…#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


17. but when the man needed them the most,they were nowhere to be found.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


18. The burden of their parent’s old age fell back on Mrs Agatu and her siblings,who had little or no means.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


19. I shared that story to state the following fact,which is a male child is by NO means better than a female child.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


20. A child is a child so long one takes precious time to bring them up preciously.You reap what you sow most times.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


21. There are countless aged parents out there who are living very large today by the grace of God through their female children.#ListenUpNG


22. Some argue that once the girl child gets married,they forget home.That can only occur if that girl child is not successful.#ListenUpNG


23. I even believe that a girl child serves as a double surety for one’s care in old age.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


24. I am not 1 who believes that one should live life in a way that you are a liability to your children in old age.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


25. What i believe is what the Bible says.A good man leaves an inheritance for his childrens children.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


26. However in the event that one doesn’t do well in life and has to depend on children when old,a girl child is a double cure.#ListenUpNG


27. The reason i say so is if the girl child is empowered,prosperous and successful,she will remember home.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


28. Also if she is not prosperous and succesful but her spouse is,she is still more than likely to remember home.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


29. For a male child however,he will be able to remember his aged parents only if he has what the yorubas call ‘Ajeseku'(excess) #ListenUpNG


30. If he is not able to have excess,most men quickly become belaboured and entrenched in their own commitments.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


31. So the thought pattern that female children cannot take care of you does not hold water.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


32. Therefore i use this opportunity 2 encourage tweeps to disregard the culture that the male child > female child.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


33. Such thinking may have been pardonable in the days of Mrs Agatu but in this day and age,is evil&backward.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


34. No matter who you are,one of the persons you report to is a woman so how are male children superior to female? #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


35. Stop permitting the mentality that a girl child is a loss,it is wrong thinking&our thoughts = our lives.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


36. Put in better effort at training those girls.When the chips are down,a boy can embrace ‘german german'(a life of hustling).#ListenUpNG


37. But most ladies cannot,so it is important that a girlchild be empowered,it gives them a lifetime of advantages.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


38. A woman is a woman,whether your wife or your daughter,and women are multipliers.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


39. And they will only multiply what you deposit into their lives – Reaping and Sowing,remember? #ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


40. Do not be an absentee father or mother.Be there to care for them so that they are molded properly emotionally.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


41. If a lady grows a wellrounded personality emotionally,educationally,psychologically&spiritually,#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


42. Such women are able to compete excellently well on any platform they find themselves,no matter where.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


43. As a close i must say this for men who blame their wives for female children rather than male counterparts.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


44. The following body of knowledge will help you.Whether a woman will bring forth a girl or boy is the man’s doing.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


45. A woman’s DNA is made up of XX chromosomes and a man’s DNA is made up of XY chromosomes.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


46. When the man copulates with the woman,each donates 1 chromosome.The woman donates an X as she is made up of 2 X chromosomes.#ListenUpNG


47. But the man may donate an X or Y,depending.When the man donates an X,the baby formed is an XX,hence a girl.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


48. And when the man donates a Y chromosome,They have an XY,which is a boy.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


49. So this means the man has more to contribute,so if there is anyone to blame,it is the man.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


50. As i close,there really is no one to blame.Children,male or female,should be cared for as God’s gifts.Thank You.#ListenUpNG @KemiOdutayo


@ChrisHeadstone Wow! Thank you so much, sir! To some, this is a mystery and cause for ‘trouble’ in the home. Thanks for demystifying this!


@ChrisHeadstone I pray that God will use today’s session to open some peoples’ minds. #ListenUpNG


@ChrisHeadstone Thank you so much, sir! We appreciate your coming to bless us on today’s edition of #ListenUpNG


Next week on #ListenUpNG @DrOlufunmilayo is our Doc. in the house! WATCH OUT for yet another interesting topic ~ HEALTH HAZARD OF KINKY SEX


See ya!






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